Are Summer Liner Socks Better Than Mens Dress Socks?

Hi guys, I'm Vegard and in todays video you're going to learn about the four main types of classic socks that we have, – how to always pick the right colour of socks for your outfit – and the rule for matching the correct sock type with your shoe type.

There's basically four types of classic socks: – the first type out is the liner sock, or invisible sock as some call it.

– next we have tube socks, which are also called tennis socks.

– we have the quite unusual over the calf socks.

– and the last type is off course the very common dress sock.

In this video we're going to start with liner socks.

These are basically socks that you'd wear inside low build shoes like loafers, sneakers or boat shoes.

These socks are for a number of reasons a good alternative to going sockless, – which is a renowned casual look.

First: the fabric in these socks helps prevent chafing blisters – which is a common problem in shoes that rub against your heels or toes.

Second: the fabric also helps your feet breathe on warm summer days – and thus preventing foot odour to some degree.

These socks are also great for men who are self conscious about their toes, – because they will cover your toe and heel, if you have to take your shoes of in front of others during the day.

These socks by the way, they are considered super casual – and that's because showing bare leg on any sort of formal occasion is considered inappropriate.

That's why you wear liner socks only on occasions – where it's appropriate to wear shorts, or summer pants.

These socks are great.

I love them because they're dirt cheap, – they are comfortable and unlike many ankle socks, – they don't slid down under your heel when you're exercising.

Tube socks are, if possible, even more casual than liner socks – and that's mainly because it's a sports garment.

As we know, sports garments should only be worn to the gym, or when we're wearing trainers, – but we're going to talk more about that later in this video.

A good pair of tube socks should have a wide elastic band, – they should also be fairly long, as most of them are one size fits all.

In addition to that, they should have a thick high-grade cotton fabric, – which will provide for some shock absorption when active.

The third type of classic socks are called over the calf socks, – mainly because that's what they do, they do go over the calf.

I believe that these socks are developed for super formal occasions, – where showing your legs are way inappropriate.

The reason for this is that even when your sitting down and your pants slide up, they will cover you leg.

These over the calf socks are bought solely for this video – and that's because I avoid this dilemma all together by wearing shirt stays – that clasps on to my shirt and socks.

Thereby my legs are kept out of sight, all through the day, no matter what.

If you, by the way, would like to learn more about shirt stays like the ones I'm wearing, – you can check out my shirt stays tutorial by clicking the link on screen, – or down below this video now! The last of the four types of classic socks are these and they are dress socks.

Dress socks are socks I basically use every day, with all kinds of casual and formal pants.

Dress socks, like most other socks, typically come in both plain weave and ribbed weave.

Personally I prefer plain weave dress socks, because they look more formal that ribbed weave dress socks.

I can still use my plain weave dress socks to casual occasions without a hitch.

These dress socks are obviously black, but I do have them in several other solid colours as well.

The rule that helps me decide what colour socks I should choose for a specific outfit, – is what we're going to talk about next.

Here is the super easy and classic way of deciding what colours your socks should have.

The rule is simply to wear socks in a solid colour, that's similar to that of your pants – and here, the key word is similar.

With my black dress socks, I simply wear all my black and navy blue dress pants, – as well as my dark and black jeans.

With light grey and grey pants, I use grey socks like these.

If i'm wearing a pair of khaki coloured cargo pants like these, – I'll probably opt-in for a pair of beige socks like these.

Next we are going to look at how to pick the right type of socks, – depending on what kind of shoes we're wearing.

To make it easy for myself, I've divided shoes into three different categories – and I only use one type of socks for each category.

The categories are: semi formal and formal shoes and boots.

Which I always use dress socks for.

The second category is casual shoes and for that category I always choose liner socks, – if I don't choose to go sockless.

Lastly we have athletic shoes like trainers and for those I always use tube socks.

For me a semi formal and formal shoe and boot, is anything from sneakers to boots.

Basically all types of shoes I would wear dress socks with are: Sneakers like these.

Open or closed lacing leather shoes like these.

All types of casual and formal boots.

Next up are casual shoes.

When I say casual shoes I basically mean shoes that are mainly used for leisure activities.

Classic examples of casual shoes that I would use either liner socks, or go sockless in, are: Loafer like these.

Boat shoes.

And off course, sneakers.

You may have noticed that sneakers are in both the dress socks and the liner socks category What kind of socks you're wearing with sneakers, really depend on what kind of bottoms you're wearing.

If I'm wearing shorts, I would go for liner socks, – however if I'm wearing jeans or a casual pair of dress pants, – I would definitively go for dress socks.

As you also may have noticed, sandals aren't represented in this category – and that's because sandals, with their open toe designs, really don't permit the use of socks.

That basically means, no socks when you're wearing sandals.

The last of the three categories of shoes, are athletic shoes.

As I've already said, tube socks should only be worn with shoes intended for sports.

That's all I had to show you guys in this video, thanks for watching! If you have a request or a question, please post it as a comment in the comment field below, – because I think it's awesome hearing what you have to say! Also, if you found this video helpful, please click the button below and leave a like, – it really helps me out! Now click on this window to watch my next video.



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