How To Fold Socks

(peppy music) – Hi, I'm Kitt.

– And I'm Joni.

And we're the co-foundersof Practically Perfect.

– Today, we are going to beshowing you how to fold socks, this is part of our largerfolding series, and today we're focusing on those funlittle pieces of fabric that hug our feet every day.

– I love the way you said that.

So we have in front ofus 16 pair of socks.

– These are dress socks, just'cause we pulled dress socks 'cause look at the patternsare all so super cute.

– They're so cute! We're going to show you howto fold socks in a way that's easy to maintain, and that willhelp you to find your socks so that you don't have any lost soulmates.

– Yeah.

– See what I did there? – I do.

– Sole.


So as Kitt said, thesedress socks are beyond cute, but we also can just say thatthis is the standard size for even like a white tubularsock that you might wear, and after we show you how tofold these ones we will also show you how to fold a shorterathletic sock, as well as a no-show sock, which is mypreferred sock of choice.

And an extra long sock.

– A knee high, if you will.

– Oh, I will.

(both chuckle) I will.

(music) – Well I think there'stwo ways to fold socks.

The right way, and the wayprobably everybody else does it.

– This reminds me a lotof our bra folding video, if you watched our bravideo in the first set of folding tutorials.

There is a way to fold yourbras in a nice tidy way, and with a smaller profile, but it can do damage over time to the structure of the cup, and so the same with the socks, I think a lot of people seepairs of socks that are put together like this, and Icompletely understand why, because you're grabbinga pair and you know that the two are together.

But I do think it's worthnoting that over time, folding your socks likethis will do some damage to the elastic, because there'sanother element of pulling on the socks, and it's not the best way to take care of the fabric.

So it's similar to the brasin that, we're just gonna tell you that you can do it eitherway and your practical is your perfect, and so by all means feel free to continue rolling and throwing.

Let's just show peoplehow to fold their socks in the other way.

– So this is the way thatyou would fold your socks to protect the elastic.

So you have longevity inyour socks, few are better, less buying.

– Totally.

Okay, this could not be easier.

All we have to do isfold the socks in half, so you're marrying the toeof the sock to the top, and then you're just folding it again.

Voila, so easy.

And look, they even stand up on their own.

Is that cute?- That's kind of impressive.

– I know, I'll just do one more.

I'm literally taking the toe, bringing it up to the top, and folding it in half again.

How cute is that?- So cute.

– So this is a great methodif you just wanna line your socks up in the drawer.

And we're gonna fold allof these socks right now so that we can show you afew other storage options for a collection of socks.

– Let's do it.

(music) (sparkle noise) Okay, so we folded allthe socks, and I think there's a couple differentkinds of socks that we'd like to show you how to fold.

Athletic socks, no-show, knee high.

I'm gonna grab them.

– You know, I think we shouldstart with the knee high because it's so similar.

It's the same method of folding.

– That's a lot of extra fabric.

– Those might be a thigh high.

– They're not, I'm not thatshort, thank you so much.

(laughs) – So really it's the samemethod as a standard sock, it's just that you have more fabric.

So we're just gonna fold inhalf, we're gonna fold in half again, depending— That's it, nope, nope, nope.

– Oh, it's in now.

– I can see it.

– Then I might go in thirds with this one, and I think this is justkind of trial and error as you fold, as to figure out do I need a half, do I need a third? I'm liking that a lot, ina half and then a third.

What do you think, though? You seemed really to havebig feelings about it.

– I don't respectelastic, so, I'm a roller.

(music) – So, I fold the toe up tothe heel, and then the heel up to the middle of the kneehigh, and then this top part gets rolled down just aboutmidway, so it's kind of meeting with the fold there, andthen you just tuck it all in.

– And for whom might thisbe the most practical way? – For me, obviously.

Maybe people who have a lot of knee highs? I think that this is reallyprone to a lot of floppiness and uncoupling in the drawer, and so I know it's not ideal for the elastic, but in termsof keeping your socks together and being able to quicklyfind what you want and grab it out of your drawer, Ipersonally think that this rolling method is the jam.

– Okay.

Options, you have to dowhat's practical for you.

– True.

– Okay.

– And then there's athletic socks.

Do you wanna talk to usabout folding athletic socks? – I do, and I think it'sthe same two options here.

You can either roll or you can fold.

Most people buy these typesof socks in a package, so you have several of thesame pair of socks, and I think that's where you get proneto a lost sock, a missing solemate, and so I do thinkfor that reason a lot of people might argue that a preferredmethod would be to keep these tucked together, and if you'reworried about your elastic, I think that you can absolutelyjust fold these socks in half, or I actually liketo do mine just in thirds, and just kinda line them up in the drawer.

And then the no-show socks.

– These ones are always frustrating.

– These are actually mypersonal favorite type of socks.

– My heel and these socks are not friends.

– This is not a new conversation.

– And it's really frustrating.

I like the look of a no-show sock.

– You like the non-look of a no-show sock.

– Yes.

– Okay.

These little socks I like tojust tuck one into the other, and so there's a little grippyon the back of the heel, and I make sure that I marrythose together so that they're facing the right direction, and then I literally just tuck one into the other.

I always think it lookslike a little boat.

And then I kinda just use my fingers to make sure they're placed thoughtfully.

And then otherwise, ifyou don't like that idea, you can fold it in half.

No-show socks by Joni.

(laughs) – Okay, so we've shown you how to fold all the various socks, I willmention that we have used this drawer insert to organize our socks.

I don't use this specificone in my drawer, but I know you do.

– I do! – But my drawer actually doeshave dividers that are divided literally, literally like this.

It's a great way to keepyour socks separated and file folded standing upso you can see all of them.

And you can also divide it by type, right? You can put your dresssocks, your athletic socks, your knee highs.

Easy to label.

– Yep.

Nice tuiz, I actually don'town this many socks, so all of my socks fit in one section, and so I use this for socks and for undies and foractually little camisoles, so it's nice to know thatyou can sort of use this for things other than socks.

– Yeah, so we will link to this below.

– And if you're a person wholoses socks occasionally.



– We've got a great little trick coming up in a future video.

– Yep, it's an all-time favorite hack.

– It is.

– Yeah.

– Yeah, so stay tuned for that.

Well, we hope you learneda little something today, and enjoyed foldingsocks as much as we did.

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– It's perfect for you.

– Thanks for joining.

(music) – I feel like in every way, you're doing the Joni right now.

– (laughs) I am.

– Keep doing it, I'm liking it.

– Channeling the Joni.

– For some reason I really like it.

(both laugh).

How to Organize Dresser Drawers & Fold Underwear, Bras, and Socks

Hi, guys.

It's Alejandra.

And I'm sitting here inside my closet.

And today's video, I'm going to show you notmy whole closet.

I promised I will get to a closet tour butI'm going to show you guys one half of my closet or like one fourth of my closet whereI keep all of my tank tops, my socks, my underwear and my bras.

And somebody actually requested to see I organizemy tank tops so I'm going to show you that drawer first and then I was going to do thatvideo separate and I realized that's right next to my socks, my underwear, my bras andso I was like, “Oh, I'll just combine it.

” And at first, I was like, “Do I really wantto show my underwear on camera?” But it's not really a big deal to me.

Everybody has underwear so it's not like I'mshowing myself in underwear.

It's just my underwear drawer.

So I'm going to grab the camera and show youguys exactly what I do, how I store them, and give you guys ideas for what you can doinside your own dresser drawers or closet drawers.


So I'm going to show you guys these four drawersright here.

I'm going to start with my sock drawer.

And let me just give you guys a quick background.

So all these drawers are made by Elfa fromthe Container Store.

As you know, I'm obsessed with Elfa.

I have Elfa in nine spaces of my house.


So this is my sock drawer and I divided theminto three categories.

I have my dressy socks then I have my casualsocks, and then I have my fuzzy socks.

Fuzzy socks are those really soft socks thatyou wear at night that keep your feet really warm.

These are my favorite.

OK, so dressy socks.

So all I do is I really just kind of rolledthe socks into a ball and then I stick them vertically up like this.

Now, I can see all my socks right when I openthe drawer.

I love it.

So dressy socks, casual socks.

With the casual socks, I have like every colorof the rainbow because these six came in a pack.

These are all just different colors and Ijust color-code them or I just organize them by color because it just makes it really pretty.

These are my lucky socks.

I love these socks.

They're cute.

I got them in Columbia.

My mom is Columbian so I have family in Columbia.


So I wear these whenever I need luck.


So over here is my fuzzy socks.

I told you about those.

By the way, these are the best socks.

These are my favorite.

These came in a pack of three and they'refrom Brixton.

They're just so nice and warm and fuzzy.


So down here is where I have all of my tanktops.

I love this drawer.

I love opening it because everything is foldedreally nicely.

So you can see here that I organize and storeall of my tank tops by rolling them.

So I kind of rolled them in fourths.

Let me show you guys.

So, all I do is you can see that's doublefolded and then I just roll it again into fourths.

This is really hard, holding the camera androlling.

And then I just roll them like this.

This is obviously messy because my hand isholding the camera but you can see.

All right.

That's how I fold them.


So let me quickly tell you guys about thedividers inside this drawer.

So as I mentioned before, this drawer is madeby Elfa and if you have Elfa or you love Elfa or you've seen Elfa at the Container Store, then you might know that they don't make dividers for their drawers.

I don't why.

I wish they would because dividers just makea huge difference inside drawers.

So what I've done and I've tried adding alltypes of dividers and like nothing seem to satisfy the perfectionist inside of me.

So what I've done that does satisfy the perfectionistinside of me is I've added these drawers here.

This one, let me take it out of place, theseare – they're from the Container Store.

I forgot what they're called but all you dois – it's a really thick piece of plastic and they come in lengths, I don't know whatthe lengths are but you just cut them to the size that you need.

And it looks pretty straightforward and simple, right? It looks like pretty easy like the sock drawerhas it, this drawer has it.

But I will tell you that installing all ofthese dividers took like four hours to like figure out to like recut because it's hardto cut.

It took about four hours to get his perfect.

And I'll tell you why.

If you noticed, these drawers are at an anglewhich makes it very difficult.

So I had to cut this at like a 30 degree angleor something to get it exactly to stick and that's why it took so long.

And then another reason why it took so longis because before I had – this is a liner, before I had the liner in place, I was tryingto stick the end cap on to the – just like the platinum drawer and it kept falling off.

I tried a hot glue gun.

It kept falling off.

And then I realized, “Well, maybe if I getit a liner, it will stick to a liner.

” So then I got a liner and then I stuck theend cap to the liner, it kept falling off.

And then for some reason, the liner won'tstick to the drawer and then it was just a big mess.

So what I did was I – and here's what yougot to do.

You got to glue gun the liner.

It's kind of coming off now.

But you got to glue gun the liner to the platinumdrawer and then you got to glue gun the end cap to the liner.

And then you got to cut this out like a 30degree angle, stick it in place and then it works perfectly.

I've had these dividers in place for likemaybe six to eight weeks now and they just work perfectly.

So although it does take a really long timeto set up, to me it's worth it because my drawers are now divided.

I just want to look at my sock drawer.

Like isn't that just so pretty with all thecolors and like the dividers and everything is folded or rolled nicely? Doesn't that just make you happy to just openthis and like look at that? It makes me happy.

It makes me want to just smile.

So anyways, moving on.

So let me show you my underwear drawer.

And again, I was a little hesitant to showyou guys my underwear drawer for whatever reason.

But yeah, when I thought about it, I was like, “Oh, it's not a big deal.

Everybody has underwear.

” So OK, so this is my underwear drawer, gettingto the point of the video.

I basically fold my underwear in quartersand then I store them by color.

As you can see, I have a lot of pink.

I just realized that I had a lot of pink.

So yeah, I sort them by color so pink, yellow, blue, black, green, purple, black.

And then on this side, I have my bathing suits.

Yeah, so underwear, bathing suits.

And this is pretty easy to maintain.

I mean you just fold your underwear aftergetting it out the laundry and you just put it back where the right color section is.

So it's pretty easy.

And again, I have the divider here as well.

The same thing, it took really long to dobecause it has the same angle.


Now, the next drawer I want to show you, theseare my long-sleeve shirts.

They're all in the wash right now.

But that drawer is missing a label.


So here is my bra drawer.

I have all of my regular bras in this side, regular bras on that side, and then I have all my sports bras in the middle.

And I store them vertically like this so Ican see everything immediately when I open the drawer.

And then again, I sort them by color becauseit just makes it pretty when you open the drawer and then it's functional at the sametime because you can look for whatever color you need.

And as you could see, like in this drawer, things are not folded perfectly.

I told you before at my jean video that I'mnot the perfect folder.

But it's not the end of the world.


That is everything I want to show you guys.

So I showed you my socks, I showed you mytank tops, I showed you guys my underwear, bathing suits, my long-sleeves, not reallymuch in there, and then I showed you guys my bras.


So that's the way I organized my socks, myunderwear, my bras, my tank tops.

Was that weird that I showed you guys my underweardrawer? I don't know.

I was going like back and forth whether Ishould show that.

But hopefully, that wasn't weird.

So if you organize your undergarments in asimilar way or in a different way and you have it on video, I would love to see.

You can leave a video response or you canleave a comment below and let me know exactly what you do and I would love to see it.

If you want more information on getting organized, staying organized, becoming more productive, or anything along the organizational linesthen you can visit my website at Alejandra.


And I will see you guys soon.



The Importance of Quality Dress Socks

Hi, I'm Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project, and here at The Hanger Project welove helping the well-dressed take care of theirwardrobes.

In today's video I'm going to betalking about the importance of quality dress socks.

Now, quality dress socks I think areone of the most overlooked aspect of a well-dressed man's wardrobe.

Easy to forget about, the fine high quality socks make an incredible difference and how comfortable one isthroughout the day.

In this video I'm going to talk toyou about the characteristics that constitute quality.

I'm going to show you some of thefine socks and we carry here at The HangerProject.

And lastly I'm going to talk alittle bit about aftercare and how to make sure that you take the best possible careof your socks after you buy them.

If you have any questions aboutanything I discuss in this video, please ask them inthe comments section below.

I get back to all of thosequestions personally.

Now most people think that over thecalf socks have to be uncomfortable and if you're buying normal ordinary over the calf socks at thedepartment store, they are uncomfortable.

And the reason is because ordinary over the calf socks are knit with very thick cotton.

So this is a Polo Ralph Lauren over-the-calf sock that'smade from 100 percent cotton and you can see how thick this cotton is.

So of course if you put this on yourleg you're going to be dying throughoutthe day it's going to be absolutely suffocating you.

Even worse is this Gold Toe hundred percent wool cotton sock.

Now again, this could be a ski sock.

It's incredibly thick.

It's not made of a fine cotton, it's quite itchy.

So having this as an over the calf sock extending all the way over yourcalves again throughout the day could beincredibly uncomfortable.

One of the hallmarks of a reallyhigh quality sock is that it needs to be finely knit out of a really high quality thread.

And so all of our socks here at The Hanger Project are knit on either240 or 260 needle machines.

Now what that is, is socks are knit on a littlecircular machine and the number of needles reallycontrols how thin of a thread that they're able to use to knitthat sock.

So the general rule of thumb is that the higher the needle countthe thinner and more finesse you have with the actual sock itself.

And so with 260 needles you're able to get an incrediblyfine sock that really all but disappears on your foot and your leg throughout the day.

Now that's incredibly importantbecause a really fine sock is not only more comfortable but it also allows your foot tobetter breathe.

And then also it does not get in the way of your foot in your shoe fitting really nicely.

So if you wear a really thick sock you know you've got a lot ofunnecessary fabric in between your foot and the shoe, and that gets in the way of theshoes comfort really being experienced.

If you're someone that enjoys finefootwear as most of the viewers are on thischannel you should absolutely be wearing a thin finely knit sock that allows you to experience the full joy of a well-made pair of shoes.

The difference in quality betweenthese two socks couldn't be any greater.

And you can see the difference infinesse between our Kirby Allison Sovereign Grade sock and this ordinary store bought Polo Ralph Lauren sock.

Now the difference with wool is even greater.

Again all of our wool socks are knit on a 240 needle machine that allows a really fine merino wool to be used.

This is smooth and soft whereas this store bought sock is thick and itchy.

So throughout the day there's goingto be a huge difference in how comfortable oursock is versus an ordinary sock.

Now the other characteristic of areally fine sock is that it needs to be available in multiple sizes, not just a small medium large, but you really need five to seven sizes measured in the length of the sock in inches.

Now what this does is it allows youto size the sock to match the size of your foot and that prevents any type of unnecessary wrinkling that may occur along the foot itself that createsdiscomfort throughout the day, while still allowing the shaft of the sock to be tall enough to fully extend over your calf.

Now that's important because if yoursock is small you may not feel it in the foot but you'll notice it because thesock itself is not able to extend all the way over the calf and therefore it's going to slidedown throughout the day.

So if you find that your socks aresliding down throughout the day it'sprobably because you're a half size too small.

Another important quality of awell-made sock is that the toes are hand-linked.

Hand-linked toes just means that this is closed manually.

Now this just allows this to be done smoother and with much more finesse and it's just going to not be any additional fabric right here toproduce discomfort.

Now of course all of our socks havereinforced toes and heels and so what you'll find is it's alittle bit thicker at the toes and the heelsjust to create extra durability than the rest ofthe sock.

Another hallmark of a luxury sock is something the Italians call thegambe letto.

Now all socks have a little elastic band at the top that's normally an inch to two inches, right.

But the gambe letto basically extends that one by one ribbing with a little bit of elastic or lycra and additional few inches down the shaft of the sock.

Now what that does is it just allows the sock to stretch like an accordion more easily over your calfs and that's important because youjust feel less pressure of the sock kind of squeezing the calf.

And that creates again a sock that throughout the day is justgoing to be more comfortable.

And lastly one of the most important characteristics of aluxury dress sock that you don't hearspoken about often is that a luxury dress socks should really be 100 percent natural material and there shouldn't be any nylon and a proper dress sock.

The reason is because that nylondecreases durability of the sock itself and makes it less comfortable.

And so if you have a properly made sock from 100 percent cotton or 100 percent wool, or any combination of natural fibers that are knit on a fine high needle count machine and that's well taken care of, it's just going to be morecomfortable throughout the day and not produce any static.

And so this day and age it is harder and harder to go to the store and find a high quality luxury dress sock that's available in more than three sizes that's knit on a high needle count machine and that's made from 100 percentnatural fibers.

Here at The Hanger Project we haveone of the largest most comprehensive collections ofluxury dress socks available on theinternet.

And probably one of the mostsignificant collections in all of North America.

So I'm going to walk you throughsome of the different styles of socks that we have here.

First is our 100 percent cotton 920L Over-the-Calf Cotton Dress Sock.

Now this is knit in Italy using 260 needles to create an incredibly finely knit sock using the finest quality 100 percent Egyptian Giza Mako cotton a lot of people make Egyptian cotton socks but the Mako cotton is from a small island in the middle of the Nile that is producing the longest staple highest quality cotton dress socks.

And what this means is that you'rejust going to get a softer yet more durable cotton dress sock that's made out of Egyptian Makocotton than you will made out of anythingelse.

Now this is really the backbone or a staple of a wardrobe.

We have these knit with a verticalrib and they're available more thanseven different colors.

Next we have our 100 percent wool dress socks.

Now these are knit really using thesame design as our cotton socks but they're made from a reallybeautiful and fine merino wool.

Now a lot of people think that woolis something that you would reserve just for thewinter time but with a really finely knit woolsock like this one that's done on a 240 needle machine, it actually does an incredible job kind of wicking moisture and regulating its temperature so we have customers that actually enjoy wearing wool socks during the summer or transitional season also.

One of our newest additions and one of my favorites is our 70 percent wool and 30 percent silk sock.

Now this is a solid sock with no rib very formal incredibly thinly knit using 260 needles and what I like about silk is that it just adds not only durability to the sock but just a slight sheen to give this sock a little bit of pop.

And so, this is a very plain weave.

Again there's no ribbing or any design.

But with that 30 percent silk it just adds a little bit of sheen that makes a sock really stand out.

This is another beautiful dress sockavailable in multiple colors and should be the staple of anywardrobe.

One of the socks I want to show youthat is easily my favorite is our melange small-dot sock.

This sock is knit with this small melange effect thatjust produces the right amount of texture on the sock itself.

And it's got small dots.

This is easily probably my favorite sock in my entire wardrobe.

I've got multiple pairs of these in this dark grey.

And then it's also available inother colors: dark brown and then also a Navy.

This is my favorite sock.

It's beautiful, it's elegant but you'll find a wide collection of other fancy socks on HangerProject.

com .

With a little bit of special care, a fine pair of luxury dress socks really can last years.

And so I want to speak to you alittle bit about aftercare.

Now there's two components ofaftercare that are really important.

First is how you care for the socks whenever you launder them.

Now if you can hand wash your socks at home that's the best but not all of us have the time tohand wash socks.

So take a look at our video on howto launder socks or the garment care guide that we have on the website on howto launder socks.

We go through a very detailedprocess of how you can take the best care ofyour socks just through the simple practices and how you launder them.

I'm going to review them in thisvideo though.

First and foremost is that you should turn your socks inside out before you're going to wash them.

The reason is because there's alwaysgoing to be a little bit of residual lintin the washing machine machine itself.

So if you turn your socks inside out the inside of the sock is what's going to accumulatethat lint.

So whenever you turn your socks right side out you know the outside of the sock hasn't accumulated any lint that's going tocause fading.

Next, and for that same reason, you want to launder all of yourdress socks alone only with dress socks.

If you don't wantto put anything else in the laundry machineespecially anything that is going to lintheavily because all that's going to do is fade your socks.

Third, wash them with cold water, light detergent, on a gentle cycle.

And then lastly and arguably the most important isto never tumble dry your socks.

What I recommend is buying a dryingrack and exclusively hang drying yoursocks.

The reason is because the heatcauses the breakdown of the fibers.

And so if you're tumble drying your sock with heat, you're going to dramaticallydecrease longevity of the sock itself.

The next thing you could do toincrease the lifetime of a luxury dress sock is to darn it or mend the sock whenever theyget holes.

Normal wear, it is completely possible to wear ahole in the top of your sock.

We have an entire video on ourYouTube channel on how to darn or mend socks and it's really much easier than youwould expect if you're using a darningegg.

The last is how to size your sock.

So here at The Hanger Project all ofour Sovereign Grade socks are sold by the length of the sock itself.

So this sock right here is a ten and a half inch sock.

And what that means is the length between the toe and the heel is ten and a half inches.

We have an entire sizing guide forall of our socks on the website.

And it's very easy to just look upbased off your shoe size what size dress sock you should be wearing.

Having five to seven sizes is really important because it just means thatwhether you're a size 8 or a size 12 you're able to find a dress sock that fitsperfectly, that's not going to fall down yourleg throughout the day and that doesn't bunch up across the foot.

So I hope in this videoyou've learned just a few of the keycharacteristics of a true luxury dress sock and how with proper care and maintenance, even the finestsocks can last years.

If you have any questions aboutanything we discussed in this video.

Please ask them in thecomments section below, I get back to allthose questions personally and of course please takea moment to visit HangerProject.

com where you'll find the largest mostcomprehensive selection of luxury garment care and luxury shoe care products in theworld as well as other products for thewell dressed.

While you're there, please take amoment and subscribe to our newsletter sothat you can receive notifications wheneverwe launch new products, run promotions, as well as our weekly digestsummarizing all the videos that we publish hereon our YouTube channel.

If you liked this videogive us the thumbs up or better yetsubscribe to our channel and turn onnotifications so that you can learn when ever wepublish new videos.

I'm Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project, and here at The Hanger Project welove helping the well-dressed take care of theirwardrobes.

Thanks for joining us.


DIY split toe socks out of old ugly socks

hello guystoday we are going to take two old socks and turn them intobrand new split toe socks so check it outso here is a pair of old sock i found in my drawerthey are pretty old and they will be perfect for this projectjust remember before you start working

on themflip them inside out so the seems are in the inside of the socksand not in the outside that would look weirdand from what i can see it seems like the socks have already been repairedso that tells you how old they are but they are going to look

pretty awesomewhen we finish now im just taking an outline of the rightfoot im going to use that as a guide when im sewingi highlighted the lines with a highlighter because the pen i used wasnt showing verymuch in the camera so now we have this doneim going to cut

the paper and should be itremember to draw the line between your big toe and the resto of the toesbecause we are going to need the line later now using the piece of paper as a guideim going to use a highlighter to draw a line and this is where

im goingto be sewing with the sewing machine when you are drawing the line on the othersock dont forget to flip the paper outbecause you dont want to end up with twoo right socks or two left socksif you pay atention you will notice that the big toe is a

littlesmaller in this sock we are going to have problems with that laterjust a word of warning and now for the fun partit wasnt actually really fun i had to repeat the process a couple of timesbecause i suck at this so yeah there is thatbut all and all it

is a prettystraightforward process you just sew the first part an thentry to leave a good separation between the big toe and therest of the toes because we are going to cut in the middleof the stiches or whatever they call themso thats one down now we are goingto do

the next one again remember to leaveenough space between the big toe and the other toesi am repeatin this because i actually screw the sew in the first placei didnt leave enough space and had to do everything againjust so you dont suffer the same i had tonow we are

doing the second sock that has thebig toe a little smaller and you can see it right awayi mean you saw my toeit was much bigger than that so i am hoping that it streches a little bitso i can actually wear the socks if not im going to cry

deeplybecause now im going to cut the socki should i made it again just to be sure but anywaynow we cut the excess cloth remember to cut from the outside of the stringbecause if you do it in the inside they are just going to openyeah i didnt need to

clarify that i should have speed this up becauseis kind of tedious but this is what i wwas warning youif you actually dont leave enought spaceyou have to cut in the middle and that would leave a holein the middle of the toes and well rouin the little sockand sewing

that back is a little complicated becauseyou have little cloth to work with as you can see im struggling with the scissorsbecause it wasnt very sharp but once you finishyou just take the sock and flip it backand you are done basicallyso here we have the finished product now lets

try them onshall we? so here we are withmy ugly feet now lets try it onyeah as i said the toe was too smalli had to strech it but in the endit actually fit really well it just needed to strech a little bit the second one didntgive me any

problem it actually fited really niceso there you go your owncustomiced split toe socksand now im going to try them on with some sandalsbecause when im in the house or even in the streeti like to look fancy and socks and sandals are the wayto go and as always guysthank

you for watching and see you next time

Get stunning heat free curls using…. socks | Makeba Lindsay | CBC Life

Today I am going to show you how to go from this hair to these bomb delicious legs honey, yes!Today I am going to show you how to go from this hair to these bomb delicious legs honey, yes! We will not be using a curling iron, no we won't.

Get that out out of my face.

We are going to be doing heat free curls with something you have right there in your home and it might even be on your body.

What is that? Socks honey, yes! That's right, socks.

in your home and it might even be on your body.

What is that? Socks honey, yes! That's right, socks.

You are going to need a lot of them so depending on how much hair is on your head, you are going to need about 4 and like 10 individual socks.

Big pointer here is make sure You are going to need a lot of them so depending on how much hair is on your head, you are going to need about 4 and like 10 individual socks.

Big pointer here is make sure your socks are stretchy and 10 individual socks.

Big pointer here is make sure your socks are stretchy and make sure they are thick and fairly long that way you will have room to work with.

So none of those thin dress socks, you want a sports sock.

So as you can see, we are starting out by brushing my hair with a paddle brush getting it nice and de-tangled and then I am going to start with the front of my head.

So you are going tot ake that section and place a sock on top of the hair This is going to make sure you wrap away from your face It's really important that those ends are nice and This is going to make sure you wrap away from your face It's really important that those ends are nice and smooth.

You don't want any fish hooks.

You want to keep it nice and smooth.

It is going to make your curls pop! smooth.

You don't want any fish hooks.

You want to keep it nice and smooth.

It is going to make your curls pop! Now you are just going to continue to roll it all the way up away from your face.

You see it has created a little barrel and then you are going to tie a knot out of the two endsaway from your face.

You see it has created a little barrel and then you are going to tie a knot out of the two ends It's going to drop a little and that is perfectly fine.

We want that We are okay with that.

Then you are going to move onto your next sectionIt's going to drop a little and that is perfectly fine.

We want that We are okay with that.

Then you are going to move onto your next section You are going to smooth it out with your hands and you are going to place the sock on top You are going to smooth it out with your hands and you are going to place the sock on top of the section so that you can wrap away from your face.

You are going to smoothly wrap your ends around and then you are going to roll up and tie a knot.

Another tip that helps is placing your finger there as you guide as you wrap, then removing it and rolling up.

So you are just going to repeat Another tip that helps is placing your finger there as you guide as you wrap, then removing it and rolling up.

So you are just going to repeat this process throughout the rest of your head.

And for those of you with layers in the front, this part can be a little tricky because sometimes you leave those pieces And for those of you with layers in the front, this part can be a little tricky because sometimes you leave those pieces out.

You don't want to leave them out, you want to wrap them in so we are going to start at the bottom of the section the same way and as you meet those shorter pieces along the way, you are going to pull the hair meet those shorter pieces along the way, you are going to pull the hair in with it and wrap it around so the way, you are going to pull the hair in with it and wrap it around so you are going to make sure you really pay attention to the fact that those endsin with it and wrap it around so you are going to make sure you really pay attention to the fact that those ends cannot be neglected or left out They have to be individually wrapped around the sock as well so that they can roll up into the barrel.

the sock as well so that they can roll up into the barrel.

Now that everything is complete, it is either time to go to sleep wake up tomorrow with hair that is laid and slayed or it's the morning time and you wake up tomorrow with hair that is laid and slayed or it's the morning time and you want to go out into the night or it's the morning time and you want to go out into the night The longer these stay in, the tighter the curls so let's get some chores done honey because tonight you are going to be The longer these stay in, the tighter the curls so let's get some chores done honey because tonight you are going to be fly! Fast forward to tonight or tomorrow morning fly! Fast forward to tonight or tomorrow morning and it's time to take these bad boys down That's how you are going to feel after you take these socks down and you've got some bomb curls and you didn't have to use these socks down and you've got some bomb curls and you didn't have to use any heat.

Yes! Winning! So after you've take them all out, it is time to comb them out.

If you wear hairspray, it would be time to spray.

I won't be using any because this holds the curl lovely time to spray.

I won't be using any because this holds the curl lovely and I want them to just kind of drop this holds the curl lovely and I want them to just kind of drop into their own beautiful thing.

This is the look, this is the finished look! Let's take off this robe Well guys I hope you never look at your socks the same way again.

I have given your mismatched Well guys I hope you never look at your socks the same way again.

I have given your mismatched socks new life so use them.

the same way again.

I have given your mismatched socks new life so use them.

Use them well.

Alright guys socks new life so use them.

Use them well.

Alright guys Until next time, kisses! Use them well.

Alright guys Until next time, kisses! .

Are Socks with Sandals Ok? – Agree to Disagree

There was a month where I alsowore socks with sandals.

During that month, I had sex with a woman, and I got my nipple pierced.

I didn't know who I was.

Now, I just know who I am.

Socks with sandals.

Okay?Or not okay? Not okay.


Not okay.


I think we can agreewe all like sandals.

But what's so niceabout socks with sandals, is that you canwear sandals longer.

Look at his feet right now.

I think they look fine.

I mean, his are goofierthan most.

He looks like a pedophileat a fifth graders' soccer game, just walking aroundwith binoculars.

It's true.

It's true.

I mean, aesthetically .



I don't think that's true.

Aesthetically, are weon board with this? I really like it.

I think it's .



one, I think it's functional.

It looks good.

I feel like I could be ona Patagonia magazine cover, if they made a magazine.

This is like .



I like itbecause it's anti-style.


And that's kind of cool, these days.

That's the problem.

I think you guys are bothfalling for the trend.

Right? Because it's beenpopularized by Justin Bieber.

Tyler, the Creator.

Tyler Creator.


David Beckham.




Oh, all when they're all havingtheir mental breakdowns.

Here's the thing: rich peoplecan do whatever they want.

You, sir, cannot.

Also, David Beckham looks good, because he's got that face.

That's .



you're falling for it.

You're like, it looks good.

He's got a great face.

He's got the face, and .






Jordan's unattractive.

Okay? Fine.


That doesn't meanthat he can't wear- Not true.


Okay, come on.

Well, we'll let the commentersdecide how good looking I am.



I trust in the commenters.

Socks with sandalsis for everyone.

If anything, it's a unisex outfit.

Okay? Anybody, man, woman, gender fluid- Don't.

Please do not usethe word sex, associated with those, at all.

Because that has never happened.

Sorry, when was the last timeyou got laid? You don't have to answer that.

No, he does.

When was the last timeyou had I'd happily answer that.

Full penetration with someone, with your sexual preference? Well, I personally, I count going solo.

So I'm going to saythis morning.

Thank you for makingmy argument.

And what's wrongwith having sex with yourself? Yeah, that's a choice you made, just like those socks and shoes.

And just like that hair.

Those are your choices.

There as a month, where I alsowore socks with sandals.

During that month, I had sex with a woman, and I got my nipple pierced.

I didn't know who I was.

Now, I just know who I am.

Conceptually, this doesn'tmake any sense.

Would you wear a thongover your leggings? That's what itlooks like to me.

[crosstalk] that's what itlooks like to me, every time I see this.

It's likea thong's over yoga pants.

I've never worn a thongin my life.

You never wore a thongin your life? Never a thongin my life.

And you're going to weara thong on your foot? Yes.

As someone who wearsgranny panties daily, I don't expect youto understand aesthetic.

How do you knowI wear granny panties? Because you don't wear thongs.

Oh you just go- Oh, I don't wear underwear.

That's disgusting.

I wear two pants.

You must have the worst rashes.

No, they're fine.

Her rashes are fine.

A topical cream, twice a day.

That's a lot.

You could avoid that, by just wearing one pant.



Poop stains in your pants? Do I have poop stainsin my pants? No.


I shit in my underwear, like a grown adult.

I put in on the floor, and I shit in the underwear.

That's wrong.

Oh, I'm sorry I don't usemodern plumbing.

How are we supposed to trustyour opinions on modern day fashion, and what's rightand what's wrong, if you are shittingon the floor, on the underwear? That's right.

I'm shittingon the underwear.

That doesn't make it any better.

The underwearis for shitting in.

I understand how it works.

Can you shit in thong underwear?No.

So, you're dumb.

Who hasn't shit on their ownunderwear before? Mm-hmm (affirmative).

We all have lived- Raise your hand if you've shiton your underwear.

No one.


No one has ever done that.

Studies show, 50% have shiton their underwear, so.



This study.

You two are children.

And this is a child.

This is a child.

This is a child- We're young at heart, thank you.

That is not a child.

But if you want children, I'm telling you I can provide.

I can send you samples, or .



Samples? You'll send me samples?Of what? Your DNA? Test tubes, yeah.

Like, warm test tubes.

Of what? Of my Jordy juice.

Your Jordy juice?Yeah.

I can't believehe just said that.

It's what comes out, when I do happy time.

Okay, just date Jordan.

You can cut the sexualtension with a knife.

A scientific study showsthat 50% of people want you to date Jordan.

Just date him.

Okay, I will have sex with you, if you suck my big toe.

Right here? Right now.

I .



oh, wow.

You have to suck the big toe.

Which one is the big one?How do you know? Are you .



? Fuck you.

I mean, that one's largerthan the other .



No it's .



the big toe.

It's usually bigger.

You don't knowwhat the big toe is? Well, girth-wise, this one's bigger.

But this one's taller.

That's so mean.

And you have a little- Okay, just suck my toe, and I'll suck your dick.

Let's go.


Do it.

Okay, here I go.

Yeah, here you go.

Just do it.

I'll do more, if you want.

That's enough.


How was that? It was actually really .



It was good.

I really liked it.

If you think about it, you couldn't have done that if she was wearing socks.

Which, for me, would be a plus.

I feel like I could've maybegotten in more pleasure out of suckingon the sock as well.

So it's sort of like a striptease, kind of, in a way.

Where it's like, you don't wantto suck on a titty right away.

You want to suckon the outside of the bra.

I don't .



Well, that's .



you signed upfor that, so get ready.

Ultimately, shoeswithout socks are bad, because your feet smelllike crazy.

Sandals without socks are bad, because your feetget super cold.

But the perfect, beautiful union, like you and Jordan will soonhave, is socks with sandals.

That is a marriage that willstand the test of time.


Thank you.

You're welcome.

Okay, just because Jordan'sunattractive, doesn't mean .



I shit my underwear.

Who hasn't shit on their ownunderwear before? On it? I'm having an out of bodyexperience.

Should I lick your vagina first? What? Let's pause there.


Loom Knit Socks: Quick and Easy Heel and Toe

– (exhales loudly) Let'stake a deep breath.

Loom knit socks, theheel, oh my goodness! It can be a little scary.

Someone says wrap andturn and do short rows, like, oh, my goodness! What am I gonna do? I used to be all thumbs.

I would drop my stitch.

I didn't like lifting upthe stitch and doing a wrap.

But now you can substituteall those wrap-and-turn heels with this simpleheel right here.

It's actually called, now don't freak-out, it's called theGerman short row.

But it's actually a lotsimpler on the knitting loom than on needles.

So let's dive right into how to do the heel.

You use that also for toes.

So have no fear.

Whether you havean adjustable loom or a non-adjustableloom, you can do this.

We're gonna do it right now.

If you wanna longer tutorialon how to do a custom fit, I have one for you.

Just click on the linkin the description below and we'll get thatto you as well.

All right, have funmaking your heel.

(upbeat jazzy piano music) Welcome to GoodKnit Kisses.

We're all about helpingyou stitch your love and love your stitches.

The heel or the toe are worked in a technique called short rows where you're workingback and forth instead of working in the round using half of the number ofpegs required for the leg.

So only the pegson one long side and then the shortstationary side, not the slider, are worked.

So beginning at the starting peg you're gonna work aroundto the last peg, okay, on the short side.

And then you don'twork this peg.

You're actually going to dosomething called wrapping.

All right, so I'm gonna showyou what we're gonna do here.

And then you're gonnawork back and forth and continue going.

This is where thatnumber came in that we talked abouton the calculator for the seven thatwas on my number.

It's 1/3 of this number here.

So I'm using 20, so I'mgonna put seven here and seven here, and thenthere's gonna be six that are not worked in between.

The best way to do that isyou can mark your last pegs.

You're gonna mark the 20thpeg here, half of your number.

Whatever that number is foryour cast on, put that here.

Ah, all right.

And then I'm goingto mark seven pegs in for part of my short rows, so one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

Okay, and then place mystitch marker for the peg and come here, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

And these are the ones thatreceive those short rows.

The ones in the middlejust get worked as normal.

There's nothingwrapping on here.

All right, so we're gonna begin.

And I'm not gonnashow you all the pegs, but this is how we start.

We're just going todo your knit stitch.

Starting at the starterpeg go all the way down until you get to thelast peg that's marked.

So go ahead and knit yours.

Pause your video, andI'll meet you there.

All right, so for theGerman short row method, instead of makingthe wrap and turn where we would liftup this stitch here and place a wrap on itand put this back down, we're going to actuallyknit that stitch.

So go ahead and work it.

And then we're gonnapull our yarn forward, and we're going to tugon that yarn, okay? And then you cansee that there is, there are two lines here.

Let me hold this this way.

See these two lines here? Okay, that is going tomake our wrap for us.

And then we're going towork that next stitch.

Okay, so that's considered awrap for the German short row.

Now you're just goingto work all the way back to the starter pegand do the same thing on the starter peg.

So go ahead and knitall the stitches.

Pause your video, I'll meetyou at the starter peg.

All right, we areat the starter peg.

Go ahead and work thatstitch and then pull back to do the wrap for German row.

And then we're going to knitthe second stitch and move on.

So you're just going tocontinue working back and forth up until right beforethe wrapped peg, and then make thatone a wrapped peg.

So I'm gonna workfrom the starter all the way to this peg here.

And then we'll work back tohere and make this one a wrap.

So you're just gonnakeep going back and forth until you have gotall of them wrapped up to these markershere, all right? Pause your video, and I'llsee you when you get there.

Okay, you've now wrapped2/3 of all of the heel pegs.

And I've already pulledback on this one here.

This is the one that I ended on.

So now you're gonnawork the unwrapped until you get to thefirst wrapped peg.

So do that now.

So I'm just leavingthat one wrapped.

Work this one and that one, keep going.

And it'll just bethat first marked peg.

Whoops, that stitch, okay.

So for the Germanone, we are just going to actually work allthese stitches over, okay? It's gonna be a little tight.

Okay, work that over andleave that alone now.

We're gonna workon to the next one.

And normally wewould lift these up and then wrap andturn, go back again, because we're actually gonnabe expanding and increasing so we had to decrease down.

Now we're gonna actually beincreasing back up again.

But we wanna wrapand turn this one.

So we're gonna actuallygoing to knit this and then pull backagain on these stitches so it's actually really, really tight, okay, not to break your yarn though, and then work thatnext stitch, okay? And then work theunwrapped until you get to the first wrapped over here, and you're gonna do the same.

So let's do that, okay? (soft scraping and rustling) All right, so this ismy first wrapped stitch.

We're going to knit it, a little tight, okay, and then go on to thenext wrapped stitch.

And now we're increasing.

We're going to wrapthat one again.

So then we pull back, okay? And then we work thatother stitch here, the one that was marked.

Okay, now we're just gonnacontinue doing what we just did.

We're gonna work the unwrappedall the way to this one that has the three.

You're gonna knit this one over, and then we're gonna workthis one and get three on it and then go back.

So you're essentiallydoing the same thing.

You're just gonna widenit until you have got, till you're onto the last ones where you've got thethird one on there.

And then we're actually goingto work this stitch here.

So meet me back whenyou get to this point.

All right, see you then.

Okay, so as you can see, this is the short rows where we had decreased andthen we had increased, okay? So this is sort of likewhere the heel pocket goes.

And then we're on our laststitch which is wrapped.

That's one where wehad wrapped the third and then gone back.

So you're going towork this one now.

And I've also, by the way, I've already got this one where I had put the third wrap, where I had knit this one andthen put an extra wrap here.

So anyway, we're back overhere on the short side.

We're gonna knit thisstitch, all the wraps.

And then go ahead andwe're gonna wrap this peg on the opposite side.

Okay, so knit itand then pull back.

And we're gonna work one moretime toward the starter peg because we wanna do thesame thing over here and wrap this peg here.

All right, so pull back, andthen we knit this stitch, okay? And then work our way back.

All right, so pause yourvideo, and I'll meet you back at this point, see you soon.

Okay, so we are back to thisside where the starter peg is, and we're going tolift those wraps over.

And if these are too tight, you can try and dothem one at a time, and that works too.

And then go ahead anddo the wrap and turn on this last one hereand pulling it back.

Okay, and thenyou're gonna start working these stitches as well.

And then you're gonnacontinue to go around and make the rest of your sock.

Now you can also reinforcethese corners here.

It's a little harder withthe German short row.

The way you're supposed todo it is you go to the back of this stitch here, the adjacent stitch that's not part of the heel, and you grab the previouslyknit stitch from the back.

And then you place iton the starter peg.

You place it here.

Now it's a little harderbecause when I start doing that, it pulls this off.

But you can just bea little bit careful and gently place it.

It's very tight, so I mayhave to work this one again.

Yeah, then we pull back.

Okay, and then that makesthat one a third wrap there.

Okay, so now I comeback to the starter peg.

And we wanna continueworking in this direction, so we're gonna go aheadand knit these over.

That one that was the reinforcedand then that first stitch.

And then we workall the way down until we get to thislast peg here, okay? And you can reinforce it.

You can go ahead and do it now, where you grab this last stitch and try and place it here.

But you can see thatit's really hard.

So if you can't get thatreinforced, it's okay.

It really is okay.

So I just reinforcethe one that I can on the German short row, whichis usually that first one.

It's just a bit easier.

So you just continue workingon what's the sole of the foot right where the heel was made.

So all those stitcheswhere the heel was made, that is the sole of your foot.

And when you passthat last peg there that was marking the sole, that's actually your instep.

And that's actuallythe top of the foot.

So you just continue knittingthe length that you need for your foot untilabout an inch and a half, two inches shy of thetotal length that you need.

And you'll work that heelsection again to make a toe.

It's exactly the same.

Then you can sew orweave the toe closed.

You can bind off firstand then sew it together.

Or you can take it offwith some scrap yarn and sew it together ina grafting technique.

And that's all you need.

I hope you like theGerman short row.

(jazzy upbeat piano music) Thanks for joining us today where we help you stitch yourlove and love your stitches.

See you again soon.


How to Wash Dress Socks | Kirby Allison

Hi I'm Kirby Allison and welcome to my home.

In this video I'm going to discuss with you my techniques on how towander our high quality luxury dress socks.

Our Sovereign Grade Luxury DressSocks will last you a long time if youtake proper care of them.

And in this video I'm going to showyou exactly how to do that.

If you have any questions duringthis video please feel free to ask them in thecomments section below.

I get back to all those questions personally.

Many people think that a really highquality pair of finally knitted dress socks can't last a long time and it couldn't be any farther fromthe truth.

High quality luxury dress socks are by design fine.

But it doesn't mean that they haveto be delicate.

With a little bit of special care and attention you can keep yourdress socks looking great for years.

With the technique that I'vedeveloped not only will you increase the longevityof your socks but you're going to preventthem from becoming fuzzy and developing lint.

The proper way to launder your socksis the one only launder them with dress socks and nothing else.

Second, turn them inside out before you wash them.

Third, ensure that you wash them ona delicate cycle with cold water.

And lastly always hang dry your socks and never dry them through a dryer.

The high heat of a drying cyclecauses the natural fibers of a fine sock to break down prematurely.

And also the elastic band at the top to lose its last to city.

So in addition to improperlaundering the second most common reason thatpeople have to throw away their socksprematurely is because they fail to clip theirtoenails and they wear holes in the end oftheir socks.

But now of course this isvery easily avoided by just keeping yourtoenails trim.

But if it does occur don't throw away a pair of perfectly fine socks.

You can simply fix the hole bymending or darning it using a darning egg a needle and some thread.

And we have a video here at thehangar project on our YouTube channel showing youexactly how to do that.

Actually enjoy donning my socks.

I find it quite therapeutic and it's surprisingly simple.

So here I am with my laundry basketthat I keep in my closet.

Now this laundry basket is dedicated to the items that I'm not launderingfrequently.

Basically my shirts and my dress socks.

So I like to sort through here doingtwo things.

First, all my dress socks I'm going to turninside out and just quickly make sure thatthere's no holes.

Now, I like to match my socks to ensure that I have a proper pairbefore I put it into the laundry machinebecause there's nothing more frustratingthan sorting all your socks out after you've laundered them to discoverthat you're missing a sock.

So sorting through my socks.

Also this is a great opportunity to ensure that you don't have any sports socks or any other socks that might lint that you're going to include yourdress socks.

Again one of the most importantthings that you can do to keep your sockslooking new is to launder them only with dress socks and turn them inside out.

Here's a dress shirt.

I like to set these aside and sort which dress shirts and my goodness send a re FabricCare which are primarily my Charbrayshirts and then which shirts am I going tolaunder locally.

And those are normally my Hemrajani.

And then here you can see I left apair of collar stays in this shirt.

So, that was a mistake.

Normally I remove these at the endof the day but sometimes a pair slips past me.

And I like to just inspect the shirtbefore I sent it off to the dry cleaners.

So I'm going to set that aside and just continue working throughyour socks turning them inside out.

You might be inclined to cut acorner by not turning your socks inside out.

But I can't stress enough how important this is to keeping yoursocks lint free and preventing them from lookingfuzzy.

So you'll probably notice that inmost of my videos I prefer to wear a white dressshirt.

And that's because there's nothingmore versatile or elegant than a nicely pressed white dress shirt.

I've recently been adding a lot ofCharvet white dress shirts to my wardrobe.

And this is really something I feellike with age and experience I've come to appreciate more than I didwhenever I was young.

So once I have a matching pair I'llthrow these on the floor.

But as I'm sorting through my socks and turning them inside out you know keep them on my knee or separate until I pull out a complete matching set.

I find that ensuring that you have amatching set before you put them in the laundrymachine really saves you a lot of thefrustration that occurs whenever you realizethat you don't have a complete set.

Also I'll wash all of my wool and cotton socks in the washingmachine but I really do prefer to hand wash my cashmere socks just because again cashmere is quitedelicate and that extra level of care that you can get just washing them byhand really makes a big difference injust preventing them from becoming fuzzy tooquickly.

So I'm at the bottom of my laundrybasket.

And as you can see I've got two socks here that don't have thatmatching pair.

Inevitably this happens every singletime I'm going through my laundry basket.

And so what I'll do is I'll putthese socks in the washing machine and get those started and then I'll take these twoupstairs and spend a little bit of timesearching for the missing culprit.

Whenever I launder my dress socks athome I like to use a really high quality laundry detergent.

It's important to not just use ahigh quality laundry detergent light laundrydetergent and so the Laundress is a companybased in New York that is really developedsome exceptional laundry detergents.

And what I like about it is theyhave a really large range of detergents for veryspecific purposes.

So whenever I'm laundering my socksI really prefer to use the detergent thatthey have just for darks because it's going to do the bestjob preserving the colors that I want to keep in my socks.

Another the detergent that I appreciate from the Laundressis there wool and cashmere shampoo and I use this exclusively if I'm hand washing my cashmere socks.

These and all the Laundress products areavailable on hangerproject.


Click the link in the description toshop all the laundress products that we sellhere at Kirby Allison's Hanger Project.

Now that the socks are done with the washing machine the laststep is to turn them right side out and then hang them up to dry on aproper drying rack.

A simple dry rack like this oneright here is an essential accessory for anyone that is doing the laundry at home.

As much as you can avoid the dryer with your clothing the better.

Just the high heat and the temperature of a dryer is just hard on the natural fibers of really anything.

So the more that you can avoid thatthe better.

So again while I'm doing this I'mtrying to match the pairs and so I'm turning them right sideout and you can see if there's any residual lint in the washing machine itself it's going to collect on the interior of the sock because you turned it inside out.

So whenever you turn it right sideout you're going to see that there's nolint accumulated at all.

I like to smooth my socks out just so that they dry flat and then just simply hang them likethis.

Okay so now that I finished turningall of my socks right side out and I've got them paired and matching pairs then I'm going to allow them to dryovernight.

Now once they've dried I'll come back and I'll put the pairs together.

I like to roll my socks by folding them in half and then rolling them all the way down over the shaft and then what I do isI just put them in my sock drawer like this.

So as you see, just with the little bit of deliberateattention to your dress socks you can dramaticallyincrease their longevity and keep them looking new throughouttheir entire lifetime.

Properly laundering your dresssocks, the proper way is not difficult, it just requires a little bit ofextra time and attention to detail.

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Our Sovereign Grade socks are knitto the highest specifications in Rome by one of Italy's oldest sock knitters.

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A fine pair of shoes deserves if not demands.

Find socks and of course please visit KirbyAllison's hanger project where we have thelargest most comprehensive collection of luxury garment care and shoe care accessories in theworld as well as our sovereign greatluxury dress socks and our LaundressDetergents that I talked about in this video.

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I'm Kirby Allison and thanks for joining me and my home.


✅ TOP 5: Best Heated Socks 2019

Are you looking for the best heated socks? In this video we’ll break down the top heatedsocks available whilst comparing them for price versus performance.

Before we get started with our video detailingthe best heated socks on the market, we have included links in the description for eachproduct mentioned, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budgetrange.

Starting off at number 1 we have the GlobalVasion Rechargeable Heated Socks.

For those who hate the winter's chill, theseare the perfect pair of socks for you.

Not only do they come up to your mid-calf—keepingyour ankles and lower legs warm—but they're thick, plush, and comfy for hours of wear.

The material is breathable yet wonderfullywarm, and the fabric is quick-drying to prevent sweaty, stinky feet.

Made of a proprietary blend of cotton andSpandex, they have just enough elasticity to be comfortable while still being supersoft.

The padded heel and toe not only makes walkingmore comfortable, but increases the durability of the socks.

No worn or ripped toes or heels thanks tothese bad boys! The heating element is built into the upperforefoot of the socks, with all of the heat concentrated right on your forefoot and toes.

This is great for people who get chilly toes, though it doesn't do anything to heat the underside of your foot or around your ankles.

However, when the heating element is on, you'llnever have to worry about frosty toes.

The socks come with a built-in 3.

7-volt powersupply that runs on 2 Lithium Ion batteries.

The batteries are fully rechargeable and willdeliver up to 6 hours of consistent use before needing to be recharged.

The heating element has three settings—medium, low, and high—that allow you to decide just how toasty warm to make your toes! At $43 per pair, these are some of the best-pricedheated socks on the market! They offer great value at a fairly affordableprice, and you can trust that they'll be the most durable of the electric socks on themarket.

At number 2 we have the Lenz Products HeatSock 1.


Be warned: these are NOT active or sportssocks.

While they're thin enough to be used outdoors, the heating elements aren't designed for active use.

You're better off using them indoors, in yourwalking shoes, or under your business clothes.

They're slim, lightweight, and comfortable, and will keep your feet VERY warm.

The socks are made from a blend of 49% polyester, 29% polyamide, 7% polypropylene, 7% merino wool, and 5% elastane.

The synthetic fibers offer good breathabilityand elasticity, but the wool will keep your body heat trapped nice and close to your feet.

The socks are quick-drying, reduce sweating, and are beautifully useful for outdoor and indoor use.

The heating element uses an RCB 1200 lithiumbattery pack rather than regular batteries, which actually helps to extend the lifespanof the batteries surprisingly well.

You get up to 14 hours of use before needingto recharge the battery in these socks.

The great thing about these socks is thatthey are Bluetooth-enabled and can be controlled via your Android and iOS smartphone/devices.

You can adjust the three heat settings fromyour phone, turn them on/off easily, and program a few basic settings to ensure maximum performance.

If you're looking for fancy wearable tech, these are your top choice! At $300, these are the priciest pair of heatingsocks you'll ever own! However, aside from a few quality controlissues, you'll find they're also the most reliable, high-tech pair you can use—perfectfor staying toasty warm over the winter.

At number 3 we have the Autocastle ElectricBattery Heated Socks.

If you're planning on getting some winterhiking in, hitting the skiing slopes, or braving the chill for a bit of camping, these socksare your best friend.

Made of a blend of cotton and Spandex, theyare an excellent thermal base layer that will keep your feet toasty warm even without theheating element.

They offer good elasticity and comfort withoutbeing too heavy, and they're built for active outdoor use.

The material is surprisingly quick-drying, with a breathability that will keep your feet from getting sweaty or swampy in hiking bootsor ski boots.

Perfect for men and women who tend to sweata lot! The heating element is built into the forefootand toe of the socks, but it's slim enough that you won't notice it as you walk, hike, or ski.

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On the downside, the battery pack itself (insertedinto a pocket at the calf of the socks) is too bulky to fit inside a tight ski boot ortall boot.

Starting at $43, these are some of the best-pricedelectric socks on our list.

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If you're going to be riding your motorcyclethis winter, you'll need these sock liners.

While not actual socks (you'll need to wearnormal socks beneath the liner), they'll be worn inside your boots and will help to keepyour feet toasty warm.

The sock liner is made of a blend of cottonand synthetic materials that will keep your feet warm without making them too sweaty, and the fabric is quick-drying and moisture-wicking.

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The sock liner doesn't use a battery pack—instead, it has two cables intended to plug into your motorcycle's 12V power supply.

You can get a full day of use from them, andthey'll heat your entire foot—toes, soles, ankles, even your lower calves—thanks totheir full-foot heating element.

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At $100, these are a pretty well-priced pairof heating socks.

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And for our final pick at number 5 we havethe Hotronic FootWarmer S4 Universal.

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The heating element focuses on warming theunderside of your feet, making them the perfect addition if you've already got heated sockskeeping your toes toasty warm.

At $200, these are definitely on the pricierside of things.

However, they're suitable for any type offootwear and activity, making them a good investment if you're prone to cold feet whileplaying, lounging, and working.

So that sums up our top heated socks of 2019.

We hope you enjoyed.

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Until next time have a great day.


Crochet Socks for Beginners: Toe Up

In today's tutorial we're going to do a family pair of socks.

This is for children 2–4, child 6–8, ladies 5–6, ladies 7–8 and men's sizes.

Let's do that next.

Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as well as Yarnspirations.


I'm your host Mikey.

Today we're going to work on some socks.

And this is the family socks.

This is the smallest size version of 2–4 years of age.

There's many different sizes available for the entire family.

Today I'm gonna be breaking down the steps in being able to making socks.

In the tutorial format I'm gonna show you the child size version because everywhere we have to move stitch markers around and et cetera is all done at the same points.

And the same kind of information for all of them, so I only have to film out one tutorial because once you see it it's great.

So wether you choose a kind of a fun yarn like this one here.

This is the Sunset Strips and uh, this is the Kroy Sock Yarn.

Or wether you go Kroy's Sock yarn FX, this here has a slower transition just like you see and it really does a great job when you look at it from this perspective.

So let's get started and let's start looking at this tutorial in more detail.

Throughout today's lesson we're gonna end up back on the chalkboard.

And the chalkboard has all the different steps involved with making the pair of socks that you see on screen.

So obviously you're looking at the adult size version.

The size that we are doing as a child size which is what I had in my hand earlier.

So we're gonna go through the introduction and then we're gonna go through each one of the steps.

There are six different steps from the toe, toe growth.

You have the instep, you have the ankle to the cuff, you have the cuff and then you come back and do the heel.

So in-between each one we're gonna come right back to the screen and then restart.

So let's begin for the introduction of the pattern review size substitutions, stitch markers and more tips.

So here is our pattern and it's available on yarnnspiration.


There's a link in the more information of this video if you'd like to access it.

And you will see that there's different sizes available from 2–4, 6–8, lady's sizes and then men's.

And so you can see that they're represented by a color and those colors are represented in the pattern when you see a multiple of instructions like so.

So for example chain six and then six, nine, nine and ten.

So you're thinking, okay, which one am I doing.

So you look at the diagram, you hook here and you say okay, I'm doing the child size version 2–4.

Look for the color.

It's six.

So what I like to do is once I commit to a size I like to go through my pattern with a highlighter and highlight every time that you see instructions with multiples like so indicating all the different sizes.

I like to highlight the one I'm gonna do.

This is really critical I think even when you're doing like uh, um, maybe a lady size half way through the middle, if you highlight that and you go through you pattern first you will not probably screw up like you could if you if you don't.

So its just one of those things that I think that you should really do.

Again, this is a personal choice and it's really up to you.

So what we're going to be doing in today's tutorial is that I'm gonna be doing the child size version.

The 2–4.

And I'm gonna be saying chain six.

So the steps involved in-between each one of all of these are the same as far as moving stitch markers around and being able to take you're information.

So for example.

I get to round two and it says, one single crochet in the next four, I've highlighted it because that's what I'm gonna do.

But if you're doing other sizes and you'll just follow which one it is that you're working on.

So when it comes down and you want to do for example up here.

It says that we have to complete the sock until its 3 1/2 ” in length.

But the other sizes are 4 1/2, 5 1/2, 6 1/2, 7 1/2 and what you're looking at here is all the different sizes.

So any time there is a decision to be made on which ones that you're working on just look for the one you're working on in the brackets and that makes it a lot easier.

So you can substitute the information but substituting the stitch marker locations and everything its all pretty much the same.

You just have to look to this diagram, this pattern in order to follow.

So what, when you look at it then from this perspective when you eliminate all of this extra steps out like this.

This pattern is really not that big uh, because its having five different patterns on one.

If you eliminate just the size you were doing, the next four is that this pattern would be a lot smaller.

So let's review then and let's do for size substitution we've just done.

Let's look at the yarn as our next option.

So or you sox you have four options when it comes to yarnspirations.


Remember they are the makers of Patons and Bernat yarn.

So what we have here is that the Patons here, Kroy Socks here, is just the regular brand of Kroy.

So you can actually find solid colors if you wish or you can find really interesting mixed combos.

This particular sock today I'm gonna use this because this is pretty funky stuff.

And let's turn this over because I know you're gonna email me and ask me what that is.

That's called Sunset Stripes.

And so this is a really kind of a funky kind of yarn.

Now Patons also has a Kroy FX where the colors transition really slowly.

And so you see that available on their web site and so the different colors that they have is really kind of, the tones really kind of work into each other and really quite nice.

So these Patons ones are all considered 75% wool and 25% nylon.

And because of that these have wool in them.

So people that have wool allergies, this may not be an option for you but Yarnspirations also has Benat Sox which is acrylic.

So this has acrylic and, what is the blend here.

I have kind of forgotten.

So it's 60% acrylic and and 40% nylon.

So it's the nylon in these particular that make uh, crochet socks worth it.

So because it's made of nylon it can stand the wear and tear.

If you've ever use and afghan a short time frame You'll notice that it gets all scuffy and pilly.

Because this has got nylon in it these socks will last you years.

And so you'll see that there's different colors in each one of these lines.

There's one line here and another line here and then the Bernat Sox.

So wether you're allergic to wool then you can do Bernat Sox.

If you're looking for warmth and you can handle the wool and this is another option.

So there are lots and lots of color choices and that's completely up to you.

So lets review the stitch markers.

So you're going to notice I left in the stitch markers that I used when I made my little prototype here.

And the stitch markers really help you to be able to keep balance and keep your counts.

And I just left them in there as I had to make decisions as I, as I went along.

So you can see that here and this is actually pretty cool.

So what I like to do for stitch markers, you know there's fancy doodads on the market but I like just honestly just using some spare yarn and we're gonna use those as our stitch markers.

These stitch markers, I wouldn't even do the pattern if you not even gonna consider to do stitch markers.

Once you get to a certain point it says, crochet to the stitch marker and then do this.

And then crochet to the next stitch marker and to that.

So if you don't do stitch markers then you don't know where you're gonna go.

So, it's really important to have stitch markers and to keep count throughout your pattern.

If you're not gonna count or you don't have the desire to count then the sock is not meant for you because you gotta do two of them.

So it's not like a one off item like a hat.

So you need to keep your counts to make them um, accountable.

You are also going to need today is a tape measure in order to measure as you go along.

It's really important that you have one of these in order to keep it in balance.

So let's get ready today.

I've got my Patons Kroy Socks.

You need two balls for the child size all the way to the ladies and the mens size you need three balls of this.

You can substitute the Bernat Socks if you wish in order to do this particular pattern.

There's more yardage on this but because this is made of acrylic and not wool.

Acrylic is cheaper to manufacture so you'll notice the price for this is almost in half of this but that's because its wool versus acrylic.

So you're also going to need a 3.

25 mm, size 'D' crochet hook today.

As full disclaimer, you may see it.

I'm actually using a 3.

5 which is change the actual um, sock dimensions.

But because I've already done it with that I wanna do the second one of that so I can maintain it.

So if you're gonna change anything make sure that you keep it equal.

So let's begin at the toe section.

And at the toe section we're gonna start off right away.

We're gonna create a flat to so if you actually look at it from this point of view it's gonna create flat just like this.

And then we're gonna start expanding so it looks like a triangle at this point.

So once we get started the we are going to moving our stitch markers up in order to do the growth of the toe.

So we're gonna get started right on the toe first and move our way up.

So leaving a little bit of a longer string than normal.

I want you, we're gonna use a darning needle to hide that in the end.

I want you to create a slipknot.

And insert you hook in.

So remember I am doing the toddler size so just substitute the information on pattern in order to keep it.

But all the stitch marker information and everything that we're gonna be following today is accurate for all sizes.

So I'm gonna be chaining six so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

So we're gonna hold here for just a second and then we're gonna start doing a complete revolution around the top of the chain and the bottom next.

So starting second chain from the hook so just count it back so 1 and 2.

And going into the back loop only of the, of the chain.

Okay it does a nicer look and I want you to single crochet that one.

And then it says to single crochet the next three okay for this particular size.

So 1, 2 and 3 and I'm going a little bit slower then normal today.

Think I'm just waking up.

So we have this last stitch that's available to you, the last chain.

And in the last one I want you to put three single crochets in there.

So that's gonna cause it to wrap around.

So we're gonna do 1, 2 and 3.

Now notice how I kinda just kinda just switched around the chain.

So now I want to go along the backside along that same chain and back through.

So what you want to do then is that you wanna do one single crochet in each of the next three.

So just working your way back along the bottom of the chain because it's turned over.

Put down the straggler so it's down on top and trap that into position and you got 1, 2 and 3.

So what's gonna happen to keep this in balance.

Let me do third one.

The camera angle that you're seeing it at and where I'm sitting behind the camera it not really convenient for me.

So I'm a little bit struggling.

So the very first one we started off with we wanna put in two single crochets into that first one to complete the revolution going all the way around.

See the three on this side where my thumb is moving.

So there should be three on this side, you've done only one as you moved along.

And you wanna put two into the final one.

And that completes that kinda turn-a-round.

And then you gotta slipstitch to the top first single crochet.

So before you move on to the this process.

I need you to do a check and you are going to notice that you're, there's gonna be a total of twelve stitches going all the way around.

You gotta make sure there's twelve before you move you move on from this process.

Again the other sizes are there for the stitch count.

So you need to count back.

So just looking back underneath.

So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

If you do not have twelve and you're supposed to then you need to stop here because something is wrong.

So what you're gonna be noticing as we move along in this pattern, I'm gonna let this straggler fall out because I've buried it.

Is that you're going to notice that this slip stitching line that's here is going to be along the bottom of the sock going all the way up.

Just, do you see it? It's just slight and so what we're going to be doing is that every time we're gonna be doing a slip stitch we're along the bottom.

So I assumed when I did this pattern is that I thought slip stitching would carry up through the side and up but it carries right through the bottom.

And so because it's on the bottom it's out of sight out of mind for whoever's wearing it.

Let's move along to the second round.

Then we're gonna play with stitch markers next.

So let's move along.

We're going to start up by chaining one and in the same one as the join you wanna put a single crochet in.

And for the toddler size then we have to do single crochet into the next four.

So you gotta physically count that out.

So let's go to the next one for 1, 2, 3 and 4.

And in the next one what you want to do is put in three single crochets into the next one.

So let's do that three so 1, 2 and 3.

Now hold here.

The middle one that you just put into there you want to just come back, pull this out and grab a stitch marker and you want to mark it.

Okay, it's not the one that's right underneath it.

It's the second one back.

Okay, that's the middle one of the three, mark it with a stitch marker.

Just pull it through and you need these stitch markers in order to continue.

So do not, if you don't want to commit to stitch markers then turn off the tutorial now.

Because this is the only way to keep this in balance and to be growing properly.

So now you're gonna continue along and you're going to do the next five of single crochets.

So 1, 2, 3, and then do the next one, this is 4 and 5.

So the next one is going to have three single crochets into it.

Okay, so let go to the next one and there's gonna be three in this one so 1, 2 and 3.

Just like that.

On the second one of those three put another stitch marker in on that side.

Okay, so now you have the other side, and so these stitch markers should be opposite to each other.

I think moving stitch markers, I think are what kinda stalls the whole process.

But it's these stitch markers that save you that save you at the end of the day.

So now you got you hook back in.

And so you will see that the stitch markers are opposite to each other.

Do you see that? So we're gonna continue along and then um, one you get stitch marker in then you just slip stitch it to the beginning one that you started with.

And I want you to do a physical count now just to make sure your good.

Okay, so in this particular round you should have a total of sixteen.

So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16.

So I have sixteen in a round.

If you do not have that then stop.

You need to just double check where you are.

Because once you get this started these counts make a big difference.

So let's continue along for round number three.

So in round number three we're going to then chain up one and we're gonna single crochet into the same one as the join.

And you're gonna continue to single crochet in each stitch until you hit the stitch marker.

So this is where these stitch markers come into play.

I'm not physically counting.

I have double checked before I moved on that the last round was correct.

And right where that stitch marker is I wanna place in three more single crochets AND I wanna move that stitch marker then up to the middle one of the new three in order to keep that in balance.

So here I am in the stitch marker and I wanna just move the stitch marker out of the way.

Don't take it out of your project.

Leave it in.

So 1 and then 2 and 3 and what I want you to do is come back to the second one of those three just going right in.

Grab a piece of that stitch marker and just pull it through.

Don't pull it all the way through.

Just leave it so you can see the line.

Just like there and then put your hook back in and I want you to continue then around.

So just one single crochet into each.

So, I'm not even counting because I don't need to and it doesn't tell you to.

Just tells you to look for stitch markers.

And at the next stitch marker that's coming up, the one after this one you want to put in another three.

So just move that stitch marker out of the way so you can do it.

So three single crochets into that one and move that stitch marker then up to the middle one of the new three.

So 1, 2 and 3.

And then go back to the second one of that one and pull through a piece of that stitch marker through 'cause you'll use that next time.

And continue, and you have two stitches left.

I can see that there's two stitches left as an experienced crocheter.

So I'm gonna finish those two with a single crochet and then join it.

So right here it looks like you have two stitches left to this point but you don't.

This is the carry over.

This is leaving over.

So make sure that you don't count that as a stitch and just literally go to the first single crochet and join it with a slip stitch like so.

Okay, so this is going to be the conclusion of doing the toe.

And now we're gonna do toe growth from this point forward.

So let's move on to that part of the chapter.

So now we're gonna move along on my chalkboard to the toe growth.

We're gonna expand the front of the toe to be larger.

And before we get to the instep where the instep is just a solid round and around.

Let's carry on and to do toe growth next for chapter number two.

So let's carry on in the tow growth.

This is round after round number three of doing the toe.

And what we're going to do is five more revolutions now of the exact same thing of what we've already earned.

So we're gonna do one single crochet into each but except for these ends we are going to put three single crochets in and mark the middle one and then carry on and then come to this one do three, mark the middle one and then stop.

And we wanna do five revolutions of this.

You're going to notice that this is going to expand this circle uh, several times in order to do so.

So let's get you started.

I'm gonna do round number one of five with you.

Remember the other sizes is the repeating of 6, 7, 8 and 8 um, in order to carry on for those sizes.

So make sure you're just looking at your instructions for those.

So for the toddler size it's only five so this is one.

So I'm just doing one single crochet into each.

And on a sheet of paper or even on the pattern itself which I did, write on there rows one, two, three, four and five and check it off as you go.

So I'm here at the stitch marker once again and I'm just going to move the stitch marker out of the way.

Put my three single crochets there so 1, 2 and 3.

Come back to the second one, okay, move that stitch marker into the second position okay, actually the stitch marker is on the other side.

I gotta pull it through.

So I weave these stitch markers in.

As much as I over the years have boughten those doodad things for stitch markers.

I just find spare yarn is easier to find um, and it's easier to work with as well.

So the middle one is marked so I'm just gonna carry on around with just one crochet into each.

You're going to notice it's gonna build beautifully as the front of your toe takes shape.

And you're gonna wanna honestly fold it out so the middle is facing towards you when you go to crochet as well.

So coming around to the other side you wanna just move the stitch marker out of the way.

Putting in your three single crochets there so 1, 2 and 3.

Okay, move that stitch marker up to the second one of those three.

These stitch markers are the answer to this particular pattern.

Okay, and then carry on until you get back to where you get back to where you started.

So this stitch um, slip stitching will be in the center area of the sock.

It's not a 100% in the center so don't expect it to be.

But every now and then you want to double check.

So every revolution that you do around at this point is gonna grow by three sorry by four stitches.

Okay so what we had in the last round is that there was a total of sixteen stitches so now there should be twenty.

And then the next time you do it then there should be twenty-four.

and then twenty-eight, thirty-two, thirty-six and et cetera.

So what you wanna do is you wanna make sure by the time get to your round number five that those increments actually work out to each other and I would physically count it before I move on to get it.

So for myself is that for the child size version we're gonna have a total of forty of these going all the way around once we complete all five of our rows.

So complete the rest of these rows growing incrementally just like I showed you and then when we come back then we're gonna start moving on to the instep but we'll come back and review before we move on to that process.

So I am at the toe and for the size that I'm working on the 2–4.

There should be forty stitches going all the way around.

I'm gonna show you a cheating technique in just a moment but I want tell you how many stitches there are first.

The next child size 6–8 you should have forty-four stitches all the way around.

The next size ladies size 5–6 is going to be forty-eight stitches all the way around.

And ladies size 7–8 and mens will only have fifty-two going all the way around.

So for example, you count and lets just, lets do something.

So you count and you realize oh my goodness I'm short one stitch.

So instead of forty I ended up with thirty-nine.

No big deal you're on the bottom of the sock any way.

So what you can do just one stitch before the final.

Just put in two into the same one here and then into the next one and then join it and then you're back to your forty like you should be.

You can do that for all the different sizes.

Again, it gonna very unnoticeable.

It's on the bottom and it will keep you in balance.

The big trick with these socks is that you wanna make sure the instep is all the same size.

So you don't wanna be messing around with that because it will look different in the span of the sock.

So what happens if you are, have an extra.

So for example you end up forth-one around instead of forty.

Well then you can subtract.

So just going into the next stitch pull through, going into the next stitch, pull through and then pull through both and then those two just became one and then you can join and therefore forth-one just became forty by putting two together and you do that on the bottom as well.

For myself, I was accurate at the time so this is pretty good.

So this is a great way to cheat the technique.

I would not frog all the way back out if it were me because A) I am lazy and B) you don't need to you can pretty well hide that and there's areas in crochet that you can cheat and then you get yourself back.

So now can abandon these stitch markers.

I leave them in just for fun.

Um, but you're now done with these stitch markers and I would, actually know what, leave those in.

You want to leave those in just to help you in the further step.

It doesn't say to remove it and I did kinda use it when I think about it, out loud.

[chuckles] Okay so let's move on to the next chapter and it's the instep next.

So welcome back to the chalkboard.

And we're back to moving on to the step for the instep for number three.

So we're going to move then from the growth of the toe all the way to where the heel kinda meets up to it and then we're going to then work our way up from ankle to cuff at that point.

So the heel in this particular pattern is done at the very end.

But the instep, all it is, is one single crochet going round and around, around, and around until you get to the length that you need.

So let's move along to doing the instep next.

So we're moving on to the instep and and we wanna mark where we are right now with the stitch marker.

We wanna take a measurement from here.

I actually didn't do that the first time around and then I had to measure and I was off So what I want you to do just right where you are right now.

Just go in and out of a few stitches.

So in and just jump over two and back out the other side.

And I want you to create a line in your work with another stitcher marker and pull it through and through and then just move down a little bit further and pull it through.

And this is going to be a measurement line that we need to go from this point.

So the next part of this tutorial as we just go round and around we have to measure a certain distance and the distance is from this particular spot in the, in the crochet project and not from the tip of the toe like I thought originally.

So I'm just gonna leave that in just as myself and you can see I did that the original and we need to go and grow a distance.

So what we have here for my size 3 1/2 inches and then for the next kids size is it's 4 1/2.

The ladies first size it's 5 1/2, then for the next size ladies it's 6 1/2 and for mens it's 7 1/2.

So you're gonna just continue to go and that's gonna take you up until this point.

where we're going to then start doing the division to then go up to here and then we're gonna come back to the cuff after that.

So let's get you started on this and then you're just gonna need a tape measure in order to measure.

And all you're just gonna do, you don't need to move up any stitch markers any more.

You can just abandon those.

You're just gonna go around in complete circles and you're gonna notice that the, the bottom of he sock is gonna form.

So there's no growth or subtraction, so just chain up one.

And it's just one single crochet into each and then just join it with a single crochet.

So remember what we had in the last part of this chapter is that there was forty stitches going all the way around for my size.

You may have had the others sizes and I've already indicated those earlier on this tutorial.

But you should end up with that same stitch all the way back throughout your instep.

Okay so you will never grow and you'll never subtract So I had forty at this point so when I'm done my instep and I do my 3 1/2 inches that is required from from the stitch marker.

The dimensions are from this stitch marker going back once I have that done there still should be forty waiting for me on the other side.

So if I've got forty-four or if I got less.

I know I've dropped a stitch along the way.

And uh, you just have to make sure that you're just watching your stitch counts.

Occasionally what I like to do is every few rounds I like to just verify and count all forty.

Make sure that their there and if they're not then I know to stop and correct because this is gonna be very noticeable if it's a different size on your project.

So just one single crochet in each going all the way around.

Please complete this particular area then for 3 1/2 inches, 4 1/2, 5 1/2, 6 1/2, 7 1/2 depending on what size you're working on from.

And remember that it is from this stitch marker here going for that dimension and not from the tip of the toe.

So I'll leave that with you and we'll come back and we'll review the instep of what you did and then we're gonna move on then to the next part of this tutorial.

So I'm back with the instep and I've now done my 3 1/2 inches from this stitch marker to here.

Now if you're doing the other sizes it's 4 1/2, 5 1/2, 6 1/2 and 7 1/2 and then we're gonna carry on.

So now what we need to do is that we need to, um, make sure that you ended up with your proper count.

So there's still forty around mine and you may have forty-four, um, what were my dimensions.

It's forty-four, forty-eight and fifty-two.

Make sure you still have the right that you still had when you were back over here.

If not just improvise a little bit in order to get it to go.

So we're going to fasten off this yarn.

And what I want you to do is I want you just to fasten off and pull through, the string right here and I just want you to just firmly but not crazily, just go in and out of the stitches.

Weaving this in for about maybe about almost two inches across.

So just in and out of the stitches and in the next revolution what we're going to do is that we're gonna capture that underneath the stitches so that you can, um, so that we can do this together So we're just gonna go in and out, back and forth If you prefer to use a darning needle you can but this will also work too.

And because crochet is about knots really um, it will tighten onto itself so it should never fall out anyway.


So I want to take you to the pattern.

I wanna point out something to you before we move along to the next part of the process because I think it's really important.

So in the next part of the tutorial we're gonna do the heel opening of the sock.

And what I want you to pay attention to that we're gonna come back to when we do the heel.

Is right here.

So the number's thirty-eight, forty-two, fifty-two, fifty-six and fifty-eight all mean something.

And what this is, is that this is the number of stitches that are left in the heel in the opening as we go to close it.

And I think it's really important to recognize this right now so right now when I was up here I actually have forty.

But you will notice here when we go to do this next process that we're going to be skipping over two.

And that's gonna happen for all the different sizes so that it ends up being a different size here.

So forty went down to thirty-eight, forty-four went to forty-two, fifty-four went down to fifty-two, and so forth and so forth.

And so because of that we end up, uh, its just a easier to identify how many stitches are in the heel if you're looking to this number and really kinda thinking about it as you go.

So let's move along on the next part of this tutorial.

We're gonna from the ankle to the cuff next.

So welcome back to the chalkboard.

We're now on chapter number four of the ankle to the cuff.

We are going to create a space then where the heel should go and we're gonna go from where we are right now all the way to the top of the cuff.

The cuff is underside of the jeans that you cannot see and the cuff is really quite easy in itself.

So let's move along to the next part for the ankle to the cuff in chapter number four.

So let's then create the opening for the heel as we move from the ankle to the cuff.

So the underside is going to be is where the heel is going to be.

So just visualize that.

So if you look at the original.

Here is the seam line here.

Here is the cuff.

Okay? So what we are going to do is that we're going to start with the front side and work our way up.

And what we want to do is that turn this over this is the seam line.

Turn it over and found it roughly in half.

So I'm going to ask you to put some trust into the system right now, and grab two more stitch markers and right where its folded in half.

So just look dow at the bottom here.

Okay, so just look, see these stitch markers here they were right in the pockets of, basically it's like a game of pool.

But fold it so that these are kind of right in the edges like this and then just slid your fingers up and you get the halfway spot.

Okay, so what I want you to do, grabbing a spare piece of thread and going right into an edge.

You notice I have not counted anything? Okay, so I'm just gonna go right into an edge and pull through a stitch marker.

Like so.

Leave it there and then come into the other side and just roughly go into the other side and do the same thing.

You not thinking that I'm not gonna count right? You're not thinking that crazy kinda idea.

But what I want you to do now is now we're gonna count.

And you're gonna do this for all sizes but watch what I'm gonna do in order to make it easier for myself.

So I'm bringing back the pattern.

I folded it in half but how am I gonna double check if I got it right.

So it says one single crochet in the same space as the chain one where we're gonna join on.

And then nineteen single crochets after that.

That give you a total of twenty.

So this twenty-one will give you a total of twenty-two.

This one will be twenty-seven, twenty-nine, thirty, okay.

So you're looking at this.

So what I want you to do is that I want you to pull back your project and I want you to count which includes the stitch markers.

So in my case it will be twenty.

Okay, so look at the size that you're doing.

So, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20.

So I'm off by one strand.

So what I'm gonna do is that I'm just gonna move one stitch marker over So I'm gonna pull it out and I'm gonna recount one more time.

Okay, so that's how you're gonna double check.

Okay so let's do that again.

So just double count.

So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20.

So there you are, okay.

So you will have what ever sizes you're working on.

That will be how you're figuring it out.

So I'm looking at the top side of the sock and what we're gonna do is start right here.

And we're gonna and when we, we're gonna go across this row here and then right when we get to the stitch marker.

We're gonna go into that final one and we're gonna do a chain and create an opening space that is on the back the we'll fill in later.

So we're gonna be coming across and we're gonna do a chain which then take us here and this area will be completely missing.

So let's move along to the first round of doing this and let's grab our yarn back up and let's join it back in.

So let's rejoin our yarn.

Do not create a slip knot.

Just create a loop, okay, just like this.

Okay, so no loops, no ties, no nothing.

You don't need it.

So I want you to come in right where the first stitch marker is, slide in and I want you to pull that loop through.

Okay, let the straggler, the loos end just fall down on top of the project.

And you're gonna trap that into position going across.

So you're just gonna chain one, and into the same one you're going to single crochet.

So this is one and then is said to do one single crochet in the next nineteen.

So there's a total of twenty so let's count those out anyway.

So leaving the straggler down on top.

Capture it right underneath.

So we got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 is the final one where the stitch marker is.

So you notice I just dragged that other, starting strand right underneath.

And so what I'm gonna do now is that I dragged it right underneath, you can't even see it.

I'm just gonna safely trim that piece out.

And you'll never see that starting strand.

So now that you've gotten here we need to create a chain to jump over to create the space for the heel.

So for the child size version that I'm working on right now, it's gonna be a chaining of eighteen.

The other sizes are a chaining of twenty, twenty-five, twenty-seven or twenty-eight.

Says to chain loosely, so just be calm with your with your chaining so we're gonna go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 1, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18.

So I'm just going to then just join it to the beginning so just come right over, just keep rotating to where you started and right in the first single crochet I want you to slip stitch in.

So just take you time getting it in.

[chuckles] In my case I don't think its a choice.

So we're just gonna join it there.


It's gonna be a little bit tight because we've joined on our yarn.

So now what you've done is you've gone all the way around.

It just happens to be changing color as I did it.

But now you've got a space for the heel that is appearing in behind.

So what we have to do, is that, did you notice something.

We did a total of twenty or sorry, of ten, of twenty.

So did you notice that we did a total of twenty single crochets.

So we did single crochet in the first one, nineteen in the next.

And then there's a total of eighteen chains.

So you noticed that we've just gone from forty revolutions now to thirty-eight by changing the chain.

And that just makes it a little bit tighter than for the, the ——– ___ of going up to the cuff.

So let's begin the next part of the process and this is just really quite easy.

There's no increasing or decreasing required.

We're just going to chain one and we're gonna do one single crochet into each of the single crochets all the way around until we get to the chain again.

So you can see I'm not really counting, I don't need to.

So what we're going to do on the chain is that you really got to take you time with that chain.

You really gotta do that.

Um, it's one of those items where if you're if you're sloppy with your chain your um stitches when you go to join the heel back in will not look good.

I'm not trying to scare you.

I'm just being honest.

Okay, so one single crochet into each, going into the way to the final one before the chain starts.

The stitch marker will give you the clue as well.

I would leave in that stitch marker where we left it before then it will give you clues then when we go to do the heel.

So don't remove that out yet.

Okay, so here's the one just before the chain.

So in the chain what I want you to do is grab only one strand of string only.

Okay, one strand and I want you to single crochet.

Count those out to be nineteen.

So 1 and 2, sorry it's to be eighteen, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, I'm taking my time.

9, 10, 11, 12 okay, so I grabbed two strands there by accident.

Just only grab one.

There's 12, 13, I keep grabbing two strands there 13, It is so highly important that you take your time with this chain.


And continuing to work across.

You only want a total of eighteen of these things.

And right to the end one.

And then once you have that done.

What you're just gonna do is just join it to the beginning single crochet that you started with.

So now it's gonna get really easy at this point to all the way to the top of the cuff.

So just slip stitch it to the beginning Like so.

Okay, so you can see that this is what it looks like.

You can see that the hole's been left for the cuff oh sorry, for the heel and then this area is the top where you're gonna slip your foot into.

So this is pretty much as easy as it's gonna get.

And what I want you to do is that we're going to then continue to make this area all the way to the top of the cuff.

And let's review that in just a moment.

So as per the pattern you want to just continue just to chain up one in one single crochet going in each all the way around.

You're gonna continue to do that as we go all the way to the top of the cuff.

Or sorry all the way to the bottom of the top of the cuff.

And what we want to do for the size the we're working on, the toddler, um, it is gonna be a total of three inches.

The next child size if four inches, the first ladies, second ladies and mens will be a total of five inches.

So right where you're going to measure is right where the back of the heel is and making sure that you have that inch is all the way to the bottom of the cuff.

They're all pretty much, close to the same height.

So continue to do that and when I come back I will have that done.

And then we'll start the cuff together.

And uh, we'll just quickly then review and then move on to the heel as a conclusion for today's tutorial.

So move on and continue to go all the way around for the dimensions of the top of the area that you're working with now.

So now I'm back.

I may have spent I think about twenty-five to thirty minutes just to do this little space.

This is three inches then then for the toddler size.

If you're doing the other sizes remember it'll be either four, five, five or five.

Depends on what size you're working on.

Now we're ready for the cuff and when we look at the other example here.

So the cuff is just being added.

You see it has ridges to it.

It's actually not hard to maintain we're just gonna start off and uh, get the cuff ready to do and then we're gonna do it.

So let's begin and move on to the next part of this chapter of doing the cuff which is five.

So we're back now on the chalkboard and it's time for the cuff area that is underneath the jeans that you cannot see.

It's a ribbed look and it's not very big and it's really quite easy to do but it's gonna take a few rounds in order for us to get that established and then we're off to the races at that point.

So let's do the cuff next.

So welcome back.

We're gonna do the cuff and this is what it looks like here.

You can see it's a ribbed look and because its a rib it will have stretchability to it.

Leads into the tube area and then goes down, down.

So right now where we are is that we got our three inches done for this particular size.

You will have different sizes if you're working on um, um, size of sock.

And it could be up to four or five inches in this length.

So let's begin and we're gonna start doing the cuff.

We didn't fasten off.

We're gonna keep on going and let's form the cuff next.

So let's begin round number one.

In round number one all sizes will have us decreasing a few time before we start on with the cuff itself.

So it provides it to be a little more stronger at the top so that it doesn't want to slip down on ya.

So we're gonna chain up one and we're gonna single crochet into the first one and if you look at the instructions it says you need to single crochet into the next six after this.

So let's do that.

So 1, and the other sizes are there for the different dimensions for that.

So that was 2 and we got 3, 4, 5 and 6.

So essentially what you have here is seven.

Okay so you single crocheted in the first one and then it says to single crochet into the next six so that gives you a total of seven.

Now if you're doing the other sizes you will notice that there's different denominations there.

So it would have been seven, eight, nine or ten.

So now we're gonna do the decrease.

So we're just gonna go into the next stitch, pull through, and then go into the next stitch pull through, so you got two stitches in a row, and then yarn over and pull through all three of those loops.

And those two just became one to make it smaller.

So for the toddler size it's seven in a row.

So its 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 and then the next two are together.

Again that decreasing distance is depending on the size that you're working on.

So continue to do that all the way around.

So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 and then the next two are together.

You keep doing that all the way around.

So 1, 2, so you'll notice you get all the way around and you just do you two together and wait a minute.

You got some stitches left over.

You got four left over.

And if you look at the instructions you will have a difference of stitches that are left over at the end.

And it will say four, four, ten, ten, or eleven.

And then all you just got to do because you got four left over you just gotta do one single crochet into each.

So when you do the two together all the way around it doesn't equal like a regular hat where the last two stitches would be together.

So just gotta watch our for that.

Okay so that's how you go and now we've just decreased a little bit and it will make it a little bit tighter And now we're ready for the cuff area.

And let's get that started and it gets easier from this point.

So to start the cuff we're gonna chain up one and then single crochet into the same one below chain one, skip one, single crochet into the next one, chain one, skip one, single crochet into the next, please do that all the way around.

So you're skipping every other one with a chain one between them.

So when you get all the way back around remember it's chain one and then go into the last one and before you join it you gotta chain one first and then join to the beginning single crochet.

Okay, so you have the chain one spaces in-between and basically we're gonna get it started.

So we're not ready for the cuff ribbing look yet we have to establish them.

Half double crochets and double crochets in the next one.

Let's do that.

So let's start this round.

We're gonna chain up two and then in the same stitch we wanna half double crochet.

So here's the trick with this one.

In the single crochets below you're always a half double crochet, in the chain one space it's gonna be a double crochet.

Okay, so the next one is a half double crochet because its a stitch.

And then the next one is a double crochet because its in the chain one space between the stitches.

So that's the secret to this one so just do that all the way around.

It's really quite a no brainer.

So just going into each one and just give it the right stitch that it needs.

So it's half double crochets in stitches and double crochets in chain one spaces.

Please do that all the way around.

Okay, coming up all the way back around and I'm just following exactly what I need to do and there's the last half double crochet and remember there was a chain one space before the join.

So the last one is a double crochet.

And then just join it to the top of the first half double crochet there.

Okay? So that becomes established.

You don't see any ribbing yet.

but this is ready now and we're now ready to start the cuffing area at this point.

So let's just do this area and let's show you how to do the ribs.

So the next part is gonna establish the ribbing area and we have to continue to do that next round over and over and over until we get to 1 1/2″ in thickness for the cuff And this is for my size that I'm working on.

Also for the next child size 1 1/2″ and then the rest of the sizes are all 2 inch cuffs.

So to begin this we're gonna chain up two which counts as, um, as nothing and we're gonna double crochet in the same space as the join.

And now here's the thing.

The next double crochet do you that it's in the chain one space right underneath it.

That's gonna get a front post double crochet.

So wrap the hook, going into the side of the post, pop it back out the other side.

Pull through, pull through two and two.

And that just now creates a ribbing.

So the next one is a half double crochet.

So just match it with a half double crochet.

And then the next one is a double crochet so put a front post double crochet.

So wrap the hook, going into the side, pull through, pull through two and two.

Next one is half double crochet so match it.

So just do exactly what you see below and just match everything up so that it works out to be all the way around.

I'm gonna meet you at the end of this revolution and then I'm gonna expect you to get your full cuff done because its just a matter of repeating this.

So the next time do this is that the cuff area of what I'm about to do, the front post double crochet will just go around the same one to make sure that the ribbing actually follows all the way to the top of the cuff.

So continue to do that all the way around.

Okay, so I'm just continuing to go all the way around.

I'm just matching exactly what I already explained to you.

And here's the last one of the double crochet that's in.

So I'm matching that one and then I just join it to the top of the first half double crochet that I started with.

So all the other revolutions are basically building on what you see already.

So you're gonna chain two and half double crochet into the same one.

The next one is a half double, uh, double crochet here, do you see that? And you're just gonna do a front post double crochet there to maintain that rib.

And then the next one is just a half double crochet into that half double crochet.

And then the next one is a front post double crochet to match.

So I want you to continue to do this.

For my size its 1 1/2″ for the height and that's for both the child sizes.

The ladies and the mens are both 2″ for the cuff heights for those two.

Please continue to do that and we'll meet you back and we'll fasten off our yarn together and then we're gonna for the heel after that.

So now I've just finished my cuff.

If I'm on my second one.

I wanna make sure I hold my first one up make sure it is the same.

Okay, so it would obviously be the same kind of coloration.

I just decided to have a little fun with today's tutorial.

I want you to fasten off and now we're gonna grab our darning needle.

Now this is where you gotta be very careful.

So we're just gonna pull the string through and I'm gonna feed this onto a darning needle.

Now here's the thing.

You're cuff has elasticity now built into it and you can ruin it by this strand right here.

So what you wanna do, you wanna hide this in.

Okay, let me just do this.

Hide it in and just don't go too far.

Just go about yea there about four stitches.

Okay, just right underneath and pull through, going back in the other direction for twice.

So that's the second time and then going back in the other direction for a third time.

It'll never fall out if it goes in and out three times.

So now I can safely cut that.

So you didn't want to put that strand too far into the cuff around because once that string will never stretch itself but the the other parts can.

So now this is what it looks like and what's missing.

Hmmm, [chuckles] it's obviously the bottom heel.

So we're gonna move on to that part of the tutorial next and let's begin to do that.

So this is it.

We're now back on the chalkboard and now it's for the final part.

And this is the heel, number six.

And now we're gonna fill in the space.

The heel will go really quickly.

A lot of instructions here on the page but really when you see how it's done [chuckles] you're gonna love it.

It's actually quite quick.

So let's begin to work on the heel next.

So let's begin to work on the heel and what we have for the instructions is right here.

So let's start here.

Remember early on in this tutorial I told there was a secret number of like thirty-eight um, and all of those particular stitches.

You can see it here, so thirty-eight, forty-two, fifty-two, fifty-six, fifty-eight.

So this is what is going in on this particular round so let me pull back the, the sample.

So that number thirty-eight is how many stitches should be right here and going all the way around.

So the first revolution is to get started.

So what I want you to do is that looking at the bottom of the sock agin you can see here is the slip stitching, okay, here's the toe.

And I want you to count over, in this case I want you to count to the tenth.

Now this is for my size, it's eleventh, thirteenth, fourteenth and thirteenth for the other sizes.

So you don't count the one where the stitch marker is already in because that's already god something else from up here.

Okay? So you just move up to the next one and and just go ten.

So here's the thing.

Okay, let me just um, attach my yarn so I don't loose that spot.

So I'm just gonna wrap my hook sorry wrap my loop around my hook.

I'm not gonna tie anything and just pull it through and I'm going to use that.

So because this is the tenth one and we knew that there was twenty going this bottom space if you remember there should be ten stitches left here before you get to this other stitch marker.

Which there is in my case.

So you're right actually right half way in the center of your sock when you go to do this.

That really matters at this particular point.

Okay, so what we want to do is that we want to start off and we want to chain one and single crochet into the same one.

Leave this straggler down on top of the work so you can trap it into position.

Okay, now it says to single crochet into the next eight.

So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and notice I got the straggler down underneath.

That was 6, 7 and 8.

And then we just continue along.

So you see here that you got two stitches left here before we jump over to this chain.

So just jumping over.

So you've got to do the next twenty I believe.

Does it say twenty? Yes, twenty.

You have different ones for the other sizes.

So you got 1 and 2 and now we just automatically jump down okay, so just look down and get the next stitch that's in a row.

Twenty oh sorry this is 3 and now I'm on that beginning chain remember so this is 4, make sure you get two strings on top, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and we got 15, 16, 17, 18 and I'm just looking to where I am so I'm out of stitcher here at 18.

I look to the next one that's available here, this is 19 and 20.

And then it says to do the next, last nine so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

So I'm just gonna – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

And then we're just gonna join it with a slip stitch to the top of the beginning one.

So now we're gonna start playing with our stitch markers again.

So this is what it looks like then all the way around.


So let's begin and let's move on to round number two and you're gonna need stitch markers for this point forward.

So get two of them ready for you.

So get two stitch markers ready for you and let's begin.

So we're gonna chain up one.

And it says to do one single crochet in the same one, so 1.

and one single crochet into the next six for this size.

So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

And now here's what's gonna happen.

The next two are gonna be together.

So we're just gonna insert in, pull through, and go into the next one and pull through, so you got two there.

Pull through all three loops and that was 1.

Single crochet into the next one but wait, watch.

Because you've single crocheted this one I want you to put a stin, a stitch marker right where you single crocheted.

This is so important.

Okay, so put a stitch marker there.

And then I want you then, the next two are together.

So just advancing, the next two, put them together.

Okay, so the stitch marker, so there's two together, two together, with one single crochet in-between and that's where the stitch marker is.

And if you're confused on where you are on this project We're right here.

So the stitch marker then is gonna be the half way point in-between, to gather together.

So let's carry on along the back side and it says one single crochet in the next fourteen.

So let's count these out so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, okay and 12, 13 and 14.

Okay so the next two are gonna be together, so going into the next one and then the next one after that, put those together.

The next one is a single crochet.

That's where I want you to put this stitch marker on this side.

So just grab another one.

Okay and then the next two are together.

Okay, so there is the halfway point established on that side.

And then it say to uh, one single crochet into the last seven.

So you got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 and you're done.

Okay, so then that was just the second round and your stitch markers in.

It gets easier now from this point once these stitch markers are established.

So let's begin to do round number three.

For round number three we're just going to do one chain one and one single crochet in the same one as the join.

And round number three we're just gonna let ourselves take our time and getting bigger for the heel and this is just one single crochet into each all the way around.

So no big deal.

So here's the thing.

When you pass those stitch markers you need to transfer those stitches up.

So that you capture it next time.

The is the only time that you're just gonna do one single crochet all the way around without doing anything special.

Okay so the next one is the stitch marker coming in, pulling through, pull through and move that stitch marker up to that space.

So this is the only time you're just gonna do one single crochet around.

And then the rest of it is just a rapid decrease from this point.

Okay so just carrying on.

We just uh, get our hand pack into position here.

And we're just going to do one, continue to one single crochet into each going all the way to the next stitch marker.

And we'll move that one up at the same time as well.

So this is round number three.

I was kinda surprised when I ran into this in the pattern.

I expected it to be like a really quick decrease.

But when you see the sock done you realize that you know, sometimes you just gotta take your time.

Okay so here's the next stitch marker right there.

Okay, its not this one its the next one.

So going in, do the stitch and then pull the stitch marker up into that stitch.


So then we just make our way back to then the starting point of this particular heel.

Actually we're starting with the slip stitch.

And then we're gonna move up to round number four.

And then round number four is basically the establishing of uh, making it a lot easier as we go around as well.

So four and five actually.

Okay, so coming all the way back around and we join it.

Like so.

So let's carry on and let's go on to round number four.

So now for the duration of the project we don't really have to worry about too much of counting or anything.

So we're just gonna chain up one.

We're gonna look for the stitch markers and we're gonna single crochet ourselves until we get to two stitched before the stitch marker.

And guess what we gonna do.

We're gonna put two together.

In the stitch marker is just gonna be one single crochet.

And then the two after that will be two together.

So here's the stitch marker.

So then the first two will be the two before that will be put together.

Okay, the one with the stitch marker will be just a regular single crochet.

And I need you to move that stitch marker up then.

Once you do that you're really, really relying on these stitch markers to be accurate at this point.

And then the one right after it the next two are going to be two together.

Okay, so then you just continue to single crochet across until you get to the next stitch marker and then the two before it will be together, the stitch marker will be one single crochet and then two together after it.

Okay so looking for the stitch marker, it's right there.

So you got two more stitches to go before I decrease.

Okay, so here it is.

Here's the two I'm gonna put those two together.

Single crochet in that one.

Move up the stitch marker because you'll need to reference it again.

And then the two right after it is gonna be two together as well.

And now you're just making you're way back to the slip stitch.

So I'm going to show you one more time and and then you just gotta repeat this for three more time after I show you.

And uh, basically then take a darning needle which I'll show you how to do um to fasten it and remove all you stitch markers and you're one sock is good to go.

So join it and let's move on to the next round.

Which is gonna be a repeat round for a total of three additional times.

So let's start this round, we're gonna chain up one and it's the same as what you've already just done so just chain up one, one single crochet into each except for right before the stitch markers.

You're gonna repeat this for a total of four times.

Okay, so which includes this particular revolution.

And you're looking for that stitch marker to give you the clues on where to stop.

So here's two before the stitch marker, so those two are together.

The stitch marker is just gonna be one single crochet by itself.

Move that stitch marker up because you'll reference it three more times because you have to repeat this a total of four times.

Well this is the fourth one sorry.

So I guess at this point you have to repeat this three times after you see me do it.

The two right after the, the single crochet stit, slip, [chuckles] marker or the stitch marker is gonna be two together and then one single crochet into each.

So you're running our of stitch a lot quicker now.

because you're eliminating four stitches out for every revolution at this point.

So I'm gonna leave you then to do the rest of this on your own.

Um, so it's just three more revolutions of this.

So here's two right before the stitch marker so put those two together.

The stitch marker is just one single crochet.

Move that stitch marker up so you can find it next time.

So hopefully by this point in the tutorial you see the relevance of these stitch markers.

They really, they can save you a lot of time even they kind of slow you down a little bit it's the only way to stay accurate.

So the two right after it is gonna be two together and then you just go right back to the beginning for the stitch or for the slip stitch.

So continue to do this three more time and then meet me back here um, and then I'll show you how to sew in the bottom heel area.

Okay? So I'll see you back then and uh, we're almost done so just keep on smiling then lets go.

So I've now just finished this and I have a little bit of a space and I want to cut my yarn which I already have and I'm just gonna pull it off like this.

Now I wanna address two things.

I wanna close this off but I also I also wanna close off this side here.

So usually what happens is that you end up with a little bit of a space and so that's where a darning needle come in handy.

Um, it's one of those things with crochet it's really almost unavoidable unless you're gonna do some really fancy footwork going up forward.

So let's jus turn it inside out okay and I can see the hole here.

And the yarn is somewhere to be found, there.

So what I want to do is that I want to look here and I wanna kinda, just before I close this in I can stick my finger and kinda just see how much of my skin is gonna come through.

and I can see that I'm gonna have a big of an opening here .

So what I'm gonna do, this is just my own personal preference.

You can do whatever you wanna do.

[chuckle] So I'm gonna cut two strands because I'm gonna do one on each side.

So what I'm wanna do is that I'm gonna close that off first.

So I'm just gonna create a slip knot.

And this is on the inside and I wanna grab buy darning needle.

And I wanna close that out so just put my needle on there and I would do this on both sides if it were me.

Obviously, you have two sides of it.

So what I wanna do is what I wanna do is slide it into some of the stitch work don't go all the way obviously through.

But I just wanna go through some stitch work to kinda pull it together.

See how much space you can see within there.

That's how much space its gonna be if you're wearing it.

So you're gonna pull it through but when you get to the slip knot just put it through the slip knot and that will lock it.

Okay, and then I wanna go into another direction of pulling this together the other way.

This really bothers me about knit and crochet socks.

This particular area.

So what I like to do is I know it bothers me so I like to just like address it.

So I just go a few times in and out and I'm just making sure that its not stuck to the other side.

And once I'm satisfied with that I'm just gonna tie quick little knot.

You don't want any big, big knots in this thing because you're gonna feel them.

Okay, so just going in and out of the stitches just to lock that in.

Now, the starting strand that we had okay, is right here and want I to do is just glide that in and so then I can cut both of those strands without any worry.

And I'm gonna do this on the other side as well to close that in.

So I'm just gonna glide it through the same colors .

Okay, and I'm staying on this side of the fibers so it doesn't show on the other side.

There you go.

So now I can safely cut that out.

I can cut the other one that we had done.

And I'm gonna do the same on the other side so I don't have to show you that.

Now I'm gonna take the strand that is leading toward the back of the heel and I wanna fold the heel in a way that I can access it.

So I'm just gonna pull it out.

To be flat like this and I'm gonna insert my, so I'm just inserting my yarn through the needle and all I just wanna do it just glide my uh, yarn needle through the stitches itself.

So just matching them up.

It's very much like joining a granny square.

With a whip stitch just over the top.

This stitch will appear on the underside so that it won't be visible to people if you're wearing it.

So go all the way across.

This is the heel area so you might wanna consider just going back across one last time.

You'll obviously get a lot of use out of these socks in this area of the foot.

Once you're done then just glide the needle through.

Goes in like butter.

Goes in one way glide back in the other direction.

Glide it in the other direction one last time.

So if you go in and out three time it should never fall out on ya.

Just like that and you can cut it right down.

So off camera what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna secure the other side.

This is just starting strands that I buried as I went.

So I can get rid of that out.

I'm just gonna go and clean up.

I'm gonna pull out all my stitch markers that I'd used throughout the project.

And then when we come back then I'll show you the final of this and you can see that this turned out pretty good.

So this is remember this is the inside of it.

So you just gotta flip it outside right.

So I'll be back in just a moment.

So this is it.

This is the final.

Look how amazing that is.

Isn't that really cute? And I think it turned out really great.

The seam lines look amazing.

You barely them and I think its a great example of creativity.

You can do this in any size that you want to.

Remember today we went through the toe.

We increased it from the toe.

We did the instep, we did the ankle to cuff.

We did the cuff and then the heel.

And so when you break it down in steps all this is not as intimidating may appear.

So until next time I'm Mikey on behalf of The Crochet Crowd as well as Yarnstirations.

com have a great and I'll see you again real soon.

Bye, bye.


KnitFreedom | Socks | Heel Stitches – Eye-of-the-Partridge Heel Pattern

this lovely textured stitch is calledthe eye of the Partridge stitch and it's a great way to add some interest andsome sturdiness to your heel flap of your top down sock so it makes thisbasically diamond checkered pattern it and it's just a pattern of slipping andknitting stitches on your

heel flap just ignore this this is the edge right hereyou can't really see the pattern here as much but from about here you can reallysee how that checkered pattern comes out and how cute it looks so it's a sequenceof three rows that you repeat while it's actually four

rows two of the rows are justpurling and this is how it goes and I'm going to show it to you the way I'mgoing to show it to you is I'm going to go through the sequence once with youI'm gonna do it continental style then I'm going to go

through it againAmerican style and give you some hints as to some common mistakes that come upwhen people are are doing this stitch so let's get started the sequence startsout with slipping the first stitch and knitting the second one so just slip itlike this from the left-hand needle so

the right-hand needle without doinganything and go ahead and knit the next stitch and we're gonna repeat those twoall the way down to the end making sure that you end with a knit one and if yourheel flap has an even number of stitches you will end with a knit

one and you cango ahead and pull this tight this slip stitch we really want to tighten that upright there where we did not knit it right there so you don't have to leaveit loose like you might want to in other fabrics like mosaic stitch alright let'ssee here we

go so we just knit it so let's go slip knit slip knit slip knit and slip knit good alrightfrom here you're gonna want to turn just like that and if you're working on asock which you probably are you're gonna have the rest of the sock right hereright don't

worry about it just turn your work around leave that part just asit is don't even touch it moving the yarn to the front becausewe're gonna purl go ahead and slip the first stitch on the purl side like thatand then we're gonna purl across these stitches that we have

on the needle theinstructions say slip 1 purl across right a lot of people misunderstand thatand they go slip 1 purl 1 slip 1 purl 1 slip 1 purl 1 all the way across don'tdo that it's not right just slip 1 oops and purl all the way across easier

thisway why do we flip the first stitch of everyrow do you know it's yeah it looks nicer but also because on a heel flap you'regonna be picking up these stitches right and joining them back up to your sockand it's really nice to have this elongated row of stitches

that's so easyto pick up into right like that so that is why we slip the first stitch of everyrow on a heel flap all right the second pattern sequence for the knit side goeslike this slip two just like that and then we're gonna go knit one slip oneknit

one slip one all the way across making sure that we end with a knit twoover here until we don't want to end with a slip that wouldn't work right soknit one slip one knit one slip one and knit too goodeasy right okay you know what to do all

the wrong side rows or all the pro siderows move the yarn to the front slip the first stitch like that and let's pullacross so we've just finished or we're about to finish one whole sequence ofthis pattern am I going too fast okay lovely readyall right I'm going to

show you the same the same stitch pattern one more timethrough oh it's so pretty so ignore these borders to just right here theydon't look as good they're going to be picked up but these are the ones thatlook nice so doing this American style let's go over some of

the questions thatpeople commonly have as we go through this again alright first does it matterwhich way I slip do I have to slip knit wise or purl wise and no it reallydoesn't matter as long as you're consistent what I tell people is that ifyou want you can slip

knit wise like this on every knit row and then slippurl wise on every Pro row I happen to just slip every slip stitch purlwise forme that's a lot easier than having to keep tracking I think it looks fine umhere I think I recommend that you just slip everything

Pro wise but in generalit really doesn't matter alright oops let's do some purling backwards I doshow you this at another video in there in the socks and the different sakebooks in the superstar eBook this for me is a nice quick way towhoops to work back across my work

without having to turn it and retentionmy yarn right so we're just purling backwards now I think you can search my YouTubechannel as well for purling back words although the YouTube search isn't thegreatest all right let's talk about what happens when youdon't remember where you are okay like for

instance I don't remember ifI'm on the mmm the first pattern row or the second row row number three I don'tremember let's do this American style so how can I tell right is I don't like itwhen you guys have to write stuff down cover your notebook with little withlittle

marks about where you are I'm just gonna fix this really quick see howthat didn't come out very well right there there we go she's gonna fix thatwhat we're talking um so what you can do is look at your knitting to find out allright looking at my knitting it

doesn't look that good there we go that's betterall right there's the first stitch I already slipped it so let's look at thepattern here slipped stitches are elongated they didn't get knitted so onestitch basically has to cover two rows of knitting and it gets elongated likethis can you see

them can you see the slip stitches there's one looking justdown one row there's one there's one there's one and there's one and we'regoing to alternate where they are right to make the diamond pattern really showup we're going to alternate where they are so just find a slip stitch

there'sone and say okay this time I'm not going to slip that one I need to knit it rightso just go in it and then count backwards slip knit slip so it lookslike we're on Row three which we already knew because we've been following alongbut slip two and then

knit one slip one all the way across so a similar questionhow do you know if you let's see how do you know where you are in the row rightif you just slipped one or if you just knitted one you can look at them look atwhere your yarn is

and look at what it just did give it a pullsee how it's attached to this loop right here that's part of this loop okay Ijust knitted that I made that loop just now so it's time for me to slip if Idon't remember where I am and I just

slipped a stitch just go ahead and lookat where your yarn is you can see oh it's not attached to that stitch at allit's attached this one so I just did a nip slip nowit's time to knit again and I know it may sound silly but if you're in

yourknitting group and you're chatting happily you're gonna look down and belike where am i what what is it time to do and just look at your knitting lookat your yarn look at where those elongated stitches are there they arethere's our new a lump elongated stitches right there and

they alternatein this lovely diamond pattern so we can Pro one last time I know you guys don'treally want to see me pro-american stop right gonna slip that one no I promisedto be fair here we go got my yarn in front there we go and we can see howthis

looks once we've done two repeats of this pattern another thing to note isthat this pattern looks best when you are knitting nice and snug when you'reknitting with size two needles with fingering weight yarn the I think thatthe tighter you knit this texture pattern the better it looks the

more theslip stitches show up all right all right there we have it this pie ofthe Partridge stitch so try it on your next heel flap LC doesn't look prettytry it on your neck steel flap and it will add a little bit of interest to theback of your sock

Why Dumbledore sees Socks in the Mirror of Erised – Harry Potter Fan Theory

In Harry's first year at Hogwarts, he stumbles upon the Mirror of Erised.

The mirror is a very old device and it is said that no one knows who created it or how it came to Hogwarts but nonetheless Harry finds it and sees his family, for maybe the first time, they're alive and happy In the movies he sees his parents but in the books, he sees more, at least ten people within his family tree After the sad realization that no one else could see his family, Dumbledore comes to see Harry.

Not only does he explain the function of the mirror, that the mirro shows you what your heart desires above all else, but he leaves Harry with some wise words.

“It does not do to dwell on dreams, Harry, and forget to live.

” Then Harry does something quite ballsy.

He asked what Professor Dumbledore sees in the mirror of erised.

Dmbledore's response? “I see myself holding a pair of thick woolen socks, one can never have enough socks.

Another christmas has come and gone, and I didn't get a single pair.

People insist on giving me books.

Wool socks.

” Definitely a curious answer.

The line is a clear misdirect from the real answer and even Harry thought that Dumbledore was not truthful But he kind of shoved it away because it was such a personal question So if Dumbledore didn't see wool socks, what did he see in the mirror? Well, thanks to JK Rowling, we know exactly what he saw.

JK is quoted saying he saw his family alive whole and happy Arianna, Percival, Kendra all returned to him and Aberforth reconciled to him.

Not dissimilar to Harry, he saw a big happy family, which he had lost.

Yes, the question was extremely personal but why lie and lie about socks of all things? Well, I don't think it was lie, rather it's a half truth.

A direct lie from Dumbledore seems very off character to me and he's always very selective, all his words are chosen with purpose and with poetry.

So where is the purpose in the wool socks? We know from the books that Dumbledore's family is a little dysfunctional, to say the least.

Dumbledore's sister, Arianna, suffered an attack from muggle boys as a young girl, which traumatized her.

Arianna was left mentally and emotionally scarred and her magical abilities were severely altered.

They would manifest themselves on rare occasions and usually in randow and destructive ways.

In turn, she required constant care from her mother and brothers.

Because she was unable to control her magical abilities, she was kept away from the public, But it's worth noting that her magical abilities seemed to surface when agitated So I think that her mother looked into the muggle world for inspiration to keep her daughter calm and occupied.

The solution? Knitting.

It was actually a reference that Dumbledore likes to knit as well.

“You mind if I take this? I do love knitting paterns.

” It seems strange to think of Dumbledore, a highly intellectual man, sitting there knitting away I can't imagine that he took up this hobby later on.

Rather I think it was instilled as a child I believe that Dumbledore took up the hobby with his sister to spend time with her and the wool socks is a reference to a memory of his sister and the quiet times they shared within the family when knitting together.

You might be saying “we wouldn't know Dumbledore's backstory until well into the story and many books later on.

We clearly didn't know by this point” and you might be wondering if JK had even figured out his story at this point.

Whether JK Rowling had doubled our story planned out from the beginning doesn't really matter because I think this tiny tim bit to wool socks points to the family connection either way.

Whether it's Ariana in those quiet times or the simple connection to family I don't know about you guys but me and my family normally groaned when we received socks as gifts And usually we got them from parents or family and we never really appreciated them These socks aren't really given to you because you love socks, you're passionate about them They're given to you because you need them and the people giving them to you are trying to take care of you It's a loving gift from family.

Plus you have to take into account what was happening in the Philosophe's Stone right before this moment, it was Christmas time at Hogwarts, And what did Harry receive for Christmas as a present to signify family? Yes, he did receive the invisibility cloak that used to be his father's but he got something else as well He got a knit sweater from Molly Weasley and every single member of the Weasley family got one as well.

“What are you wearing? Oh, mom made it Looks like you got one too!” This knit sweater wasn't made for Harry because Molly was concerned about getting him something for Christmas But rather because he is now part of the family.

That knit sweater is meant to keep him warm through the cold winter, much like those wool socks that Dumbledore describes.

All of these point back to JK Rowling's confirmation that he saw his family and his sister in the mirror of erised.

I love the possibility of the socks being a tiny detail only Dumbledore would understand and I like that it wasn't a lie at all Just an ode to when life was a little less bleak So do you agree, do you think Dumbledore saw those socks because there was a reference to his family? Or is there another connection that I'm missing from these wool socks? As always, thank you so much for watching and a massive thank you goes out ot my patreons With your support, it makes it easier to make these videos So thank you Adam Gray, Jeremy Jacobs, Jennie Alberts, Jeremy Robson, Gabe Mashanda, Trevor Cowen, Gunner Leg'Lynn, Colleen West, Georgia Leafax, [?], Marco Perry and Roland.

Again thank you for your support guys.

As always, thank you for watching.

Please subscribe and I'll see you in the next video.

How to Put Fun Sayings on Socks with Iron-On Vinyl or Cricut Infusible Ink

– Hello everybody, myname is Jennifer Maker.

Today, I am teaching you howto make awesome and fun socks with sayings on the bottom of them, like this, on The Great Maker Show & Tell.

(happy music) So have you ever seen those socks with sayings on the bottom of them? So when you put yourfeet up after a long day, they say things like “If youcan read this bring me coffee, ” or “Bring me tacos.

” They are so cute, andthey're perfect for wearing around the house, especiallythis time of the year.

I, myself, am a great lover of socks.

The only problem with these socks is that it can be hard tofind just the right style, and color, and saying, especially one that's not embarrassing.

But, when you can makeyour own sock sayings, personalize 'em however you want, suddenly all options become available.

You can make socks aboutyour favorite drinks, TV shows, movies, books, sportteams, whatever you want, and this is like, whatever you want to do, when you put your feet up and relax, what do you do? Put that on a sock! So the types of socks that you're going toprefer to wear and buy are going to determine howyou make your sock sayings.

If you buy mostly cotton socks, you're going to want touse the iron on vinyl.

If you buy polyester socks, you're better off with theflexible iron on vinyl, like the Cricut SportFlex, and if those polyestersocks are also white or light-colored, like all of these, you can use Cricut infusible ink.

And between these three materials, infusible ink is by far my favorite, because it stretchesright along with the sock, and it is not coming off any time soon, because it actually dyes the sock fibers rather than kind ofslapping some vinyl on it.

That said, if the sockis just meant to be worn once in a while, any of thesematerials are probably fine.

It's really up to you.

I have links to all of thesocks that I've used here, and the vinyl, and the infusible ink in the video description if you would like to see what I used.

Now, in addition to thesocks, and the material, you're going to need away to cut your material, like a Cricut cutting machine.

You're also going to need a way to press that cut material onto your sock, like a Cricut EasyPress.

You'll also want some parchmentpaper or some cardstock.

Oh, and a lint rolleris really useful, too.

Now, I've made 10 different sock designs that you can use freely, everything from cats, dogs, and tacos, to cozy sayings that will keepyou warm during the winter.

And you'll find them all over on my blog, at jennifermaker.


So let me show you where to find them, and then I will showyou how to cut them out of your preferred material and get them onto your socks so they stay.

To get started, you're going to want toget my sock saying designs, you can get them at jennifermaker.


Look for the red bar atthe top of the screen, and hover over Libraries, and choose Enter The Library.

The Library is where Ikeep all of my free files and designs, there's lots of things here.

The easiest way to findwhat you're looking for is to search the page, and I recommend you just search for sock.

And that will allow youto get what you want, and here that is right here.

You click that, and itdownloads to your screen.

And here is what the files look like after they've downloaded.

What we're going to be payingattention to for this tutorial is the SVG file but you'rewelcome to use the other files if you need them.

Step two, prepare yoursock design for cutting.

First, measure your socks so you know where your sayings can go and what size you should make them.

To do this, take a pieceof white cardstock, fold it in three lengthwise, and insert it into the sockall the way to the toe.

Make sure your sock's bottom is centered so you can see the heel andthe heel is in the center.

And then measure the space on the bottom of the sock with a ruler.

Keep this paper in your sock for later, don't take it out yet.

We'll go to Cricut DesignSpace and pick a design.

So here we are in CricutDesign Space on a new canvas.

We're going to upload the SVG design files that you downloaded.

That's where you click on upload, and upload image and browse.

And you're going to locate theSVG file that you downloaded and click open.

Here are the 10 designsfor you to choose from.

Just click Save.

Then select it and thenclick insert images.

And they will now allappear on your canvas.

Let's make the canvas a little smaller so we can see everything.

Maybe not quite that small.

So here are all 10 designs.

You're going to want topick the ones that you want.

You probably don't want to make all 10.

I mean maybe you do, but you probably don't.

So you'll want to click on ungroup and then you have controlover each individual one and you can hide theones that you don't want or delete them.

I would like to make the mermaid one.

And I want to show youhow to make that one because it's multiple layers.

And that's the hardest one here.

so we're going to hide everything else.

The easiest way I found to dothat is to select everything that I don't want and group it, and then click the eyeicon next to the group name and they get hidden.

They're still on my canvasif I want them later, but for now I don't see them.

So here is our design.

Now we want to make surethat it's the right size.

If you are making thisfor a little girl's sock, you might want it to be alittle bit smaller than this, but it depends on thesize of your sock, right? If it's for you, it's probablya good size right now.

Let's make it about two inches.

I'm just using the resize handle here to click and drag it into position.

All right well this looks good to me, so let's click on make it.

Cricut separates everythinginto these formats for our four colors.

Now there's two importantthings I want to do.

The first one that youcan't miss is to mirror.

You need to mirror your design.

So you toggle this buttonthat says mirror here so that your writing is actually backwards on your screen, and it'sgoing to cut out that way, but then that's going to allow you to put your design on the correct way so that we could actually read it.

So whenever you do either iron on vinyl or infusible ink, you must mirror it.

This is important.

Now the second thing I wantto show you is optional, but I think it saves a lot of time.

So right now, we havethese individual mats with these colors.

It would be a lot faster if we could just put all of these colors onto one mat and have itcut once, don't you think? I think so.

So I am going to actuallymove all of these images over to that black mat.

To do that, you just click the three dots in the upper left corner ofeach of the images on each mat, and choose move to another mat and then select the matyou want it to go to and click confirm.

Then you click and drag itwhere you want it to go.

Just like that.

So there's the hair, let's move the mermaid bodyover to that black mat.

I'll put the mermaid body in the corner, lower corner, and then we'll get the body and we'll move that overto the black mat too.

And we'll put this one over on the side but in the middle.

And everything is mirrored, right.

So now I can put mydifferent colors on the mat in these exact positions, andit will cut all four colors at once for me and itwill be a huge time-saver.

So let's click continue.

And that's basically all you have to do other than making sure you putyour pieces of infusible ink or vinyl in the correct spots.

So you'll want to justlook at your mat preview, and you can hover over it over on the left and match up the locationson your mat preview to the locations on your mat itself when you're placing your materials.

Step three, cut out your sock design.

Using a green standard grip mat, place your chosen materialon the cutting mat.

If you're using iron-on vinyl, it goes shiny side down.

If you're using infusibleink, it goes printed side up.

And be sure to select theproper cutting material in Cricut Design Space.

Load your fine point bladeinto your Cricut machine and press the flashingbutton to begin the cut.

Note that I had to send myinfusible ink transfer sheets back through for a second cut in order for them to weed easier.

To do this, just press the C button after your first cut finishes.

And be sure to press that button before you unload the mat.

If you do it before you unload the mat, then it will cut onexactly the same lines.

If however you unload themat and then reload the mat, chances are very good that your second cut will not be in the exact same place.

Step four, weed your cut design.

Be sure to carefully weed your design by removing the excess material around it.

If you're weeding iron-on vinyl, it's helpful to use anweeding too and be patient.

If you are weeding infusible ink, it's recommended that youemploy the cracking method.

To do this, peel the cuttingmat away from your cut design, which is what I always recommend anyway, then slightly bend and roll the cut paper until you hear a little cracking sound, which happens as the cuts separate.

Don't worry if your design liftsoff the liner a little bit.

After you crack your cut design, just take away the excess paper and you'll be left with justyour design on your liner.

Now to layer infusible ink, you want to actuallyremove the colored layers and put them all together onto one liner.

just like I'm doing with the mermaid here.

You can't press eachindividual layer separately after you've put them on, because it will start to harmthe ink that's already there.

So you want to layer everything in advance and then press everything as a whole.

And it's actually fasterto do it that way anyways so it all works out.

Step five, position yoursock on the pressing mat.

With the folded piece ofcardstock still in your sock, position the sock with the sock bottom up and the heel closest to you, so that your design is readable when you can see a person's feet up.

It should be in the sameorientation as mine is here in this video.

Step six, place your designon your sock and press.

Now cover your sock with parchment paper and preheat it for 15 seconds.

Be sure to also run alint roller over the sock to remove any stray fuzz.

Now place your sock saying design in the center of each of your socks.

Cover again with the parchmentpaper and press again.

If you're using infusible ink, press for 40 seconds at385 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you're using iron-on vinyl, check the Cricut heat guideto see exactly the temperature and pressing time for yourmaterial and your vinyl.

Step seven, let yourpersonalized socks cool.

Let your socks cool beforetrying to peel up the liner.

Once cooled down from hot towarm, carefully pull the liner and enjoy your cozy new socks.

So here's a sock with iron on vinyl and here's a sock with infusible ink so you can see how theystretch differently.

And I think the infusibleink works a lot better for socks, but you use what you have.

I think in the end theyall look really cute and these are going to makewonderful gifts this year, and I think that you will enjoy them too.

Now if you make the iron-on vinyl socks, you're going to want to mostlyjust lounge about in them, or I think that the vinyl wouldeventually start to wear off with all of the walkingabout and the abrasion from the floor and your feet, right? Now when you go to wash them, I suggest that you turn them inside out, and this will help keep them looking good for as long as possible.

If you make the infusibleink socks, on the other hand, you can do pretty much anything you want that you would normallydo with socks that is, and they should stay good fora really long time to come.

If you have any questions about how to make yourown personalized socks, let me know, I'm happy to help.

Just leave a question below this video or come on over to myCricut Crafter's group at jennifermaker.

com/cricutcrafters, where you're going to find awhole lot of other crafters who are happy to help.

And for those of you who don'thave a Cricut cutting machine to cut your vinyl or infusible ink, I'm giving one away right now.

You can enter for the chanceto win your own Cricut over at jennifermaker.


And I think that's everything today.

Tomorrow I'll be back to show you how to make window clings, because when I asked yesterday whether I should make thesocks or the window clings, window clings had almost as many requests as this tutorial, so we'remaking them tomorrow.

And remember, I amalways, always interested in what you want to make.

If you can tell me what you want to make, I can show you how to make it.

Until next time, this is Jennifer Maker reminding you to craft a life you love.

(happy music).

TALES FROM THE INTERNET | The Mystery of the Missing Socks

– Well you look lovelytoday, you damn stallion.

(horse whinny) – You look like, a toy at the most expensive toy store in New York City.

(cash register sound) – Woahhh, we're talking FAO Schwarz? – That's the name I couldn't think of.

(upbeat music) – Guys, welcome to the show! (laughter) Ahhh! (car crashing) This show, we're gonna pull ridiculous shit that we find fromR/relationship advice on Reddit.

And we're gonna use someone else's plight to have a laugh.

And that's what we do on the internet.

– I'm doing sign language.

– That's what we do on YouTube, we use, we make laughs at others expenses.

(growling)(screams) This comes from “Whattodobedroom”.

I don't even know whereto start with this, I'm dumbfounded.

She just stormed out of the house and I'm sitting on the bed asking myself a lot of questions.

I live a pretty normal life and I thought, so did my girlfriend.

We've been together for a few months, and after things got seriouswe moved in together.

We started sharing a lot of the household responsibilities.

But the one thing she was adamant on doing was the laundry.

That's a plus to me, – Yeah.

– That's like uh, Holyshit are you serious? – Well obvously he's leading to something.

– She would come home and find me in the bedroom gettingthe laundry together and would quickly ask meto go do something else.

This is where it takesa turn for the weird.

– Please.

– I hope there's a Theremin sound.

Yeah you know a theremin?It's the thing that goes (imitates a theremin) – [Camera Man] You canmake a really cool sound.

– Yeah! – Thank you! It's a whistle with a hum in it.

– I can't do that sound.

– Just whistle, can you whistle? (whistling) – I can't whistle like you can, Angel.

– Okay well try it onemore time, thank you.

(whistles) There you go, wonderful, perfect, absolutely A+, you get a gold star.

– Where's the theremin part? – Now add a hum.


(whistling and humming) – I can't do it.

– Keep practicing that.

(whistling and humming) This is where it takesa turn for the weird, use the theremin please.

(theremin sound) I keep all my socks and underwear in the bottom drawer of my dresser.

I also go to the gym frequently, so I always keep a good supply of clean gym socks ready to go.

This morning when I wentto grab a fresh pair to pack for the gym, I noticed there were several dress socks, but no gym socks.

– This guys fancy.

He'sgot separate socks.

– Yeah, he takes care of himself, yeah.

– For the gym or the dress? – I went to check the laundry basket and it was empty, so I checked the washingmachine and the dryer, both were empty.

(gasp) I couldn't figure out whereall of my gym socks had gone.

I couldn't figure out whereall of my gym socks had gone.

And this is the kind ofguy that would notice his gym socks were gone.

If his gym socks weregonna go out to dinner he would make sure they were back by a certain time.

So I did a very natural thing of asking my girlfriend what had happened to them? After all, she's theone who does the laundry all the time.

She was silent.

Turned red.

When I went after herto see if she was okay, she wouldn't talk to me.

I told her I wasn't mad, I was just looking for my socks.

She kind of mumbled, uh I don't know.

I still wasn't mad of course, but I was super confused.

Socks don't just disappear.

What is this? David Copperfield? So I asked her again, even laughed about it, and she just looked at me and got mad and said, I'll buy you new ones.

– Dude.

– Well obviously she did it.

– Dude- Well obviously she did it.

– Well yeah, what do youdo? Do you keep pushing? – Yeah.

– You keep pushing? – We are supposed to be inan intimate relationship.

– Are you gonna tell me.


yeah, yeah.

– You're not gonna tell mewhat happened to my socks? Your gonna cheat on methe next day I don't know.

I couldn't trust you for shit.

– That's true, if your notgonna tell me what's up with the socks.

– With my missing socks.

– Then there's zero trust.

– Yeah like.



– Trust is broken.

– What did you do? You know, Jerking some guys off.

– It's very simple.

– In American pie.

– Jerking guys off? – I never understand the whole jerking off into a sock thing.

– Oh.

– Did you ever understand it? – Well, I don't have a penis, oh.

– Like what the fuck are you doing.

You're literally jizzing into your socks and then what? – Wash them! – The first thought thatwent through my head was she had somehow managedto destroy my socks while washing them.

I thought the sight of that was actually pretty funny, so I joked with herabout ruining my socks.

Wrong, thing, to say.

She started immediately crying.

Like full on sobbing.

At this point, I don't careabout the socks anymore, I want to know what'swrong with my girlfriend.

I sat down next to her on the bed and put my arm around her and I asked her if she was okay.

“Honey are you okay?” Is what he asked.

(Sobbing) She was just saying she was sorry and that she would buy me new socks.

I tried assuring her again it was okay, even went as far as to say I would buy new socksand she didn't have to.

I sat with her for a few minutes trying to calm her down and eventually had to get ready for work so I told her I loved her and got my things togetherand I left for the day.

– Oh, this started their day.

– On my way out I grabbedthe garbage to take outside.

(intense music) When I got outside I liftedthe lid off the garbage can and I noticed a small plastic bag sitting on top of the garbage.

(intense music) Huh what is this bag of garbage? I could see through the bag, kind of the semi-see through ones.

There were socks! (slow motion)Oh my god! Since I was sure she had somehow managed to ruin the socks washing them, I wanted to see for myself.

– Oh no! – I opened the bag and immediately regretted my choice.

– Oh no! – There, inside the bag covered in what looked like poop.

(laughs) Hmm, that looked like poop.

As soon as the smell hit me, – Oh no! – I knew it was poop.

We don't own any pets.

We don't have any kids.

Who's poops was on my socks? – What if she pooped into socks? (laughs) – And then put um' onand went about her day? – Oh god, I cannot, I cannot.

– I couldn't go the rest of the day wondering why my gym socks were covered in poop inside aplastic bag in the garbage can.

I grabbed the bag andI walked back inside.

As soon as my girlfriend saw the bag, she flipped out and started yelling at me.

She said I shouldn't begoing through the garbage and that it was a disgusting thing bringing that into the house.

I asked her to calm down and that I just wanted an answer as to why there was poop on my socks.

I wasn't blaming her of anything, but she started accusingme of blaming her.

That's when it clicked.

I don't know what it wasthat lead me to ask this, – Oh god.

– But everything leading up to this moment had just been so crazy.

I asked her, is this your poop? So now I'm sitting on my bed with a bag of poopy socks on the floor and a lot of questions in my head.

The only conclusion is that she used them after going to the bathroom.

Which that alone hasits own set of questions above everything else.

I sent her text asking her to come back.

She hasn't responded yet.

I don't even know what I'm gonna say, when or if she gets back.

– My first thought is, is it a medical condition?Is there something going on? – Is it a fetish? – Is it a fetish?- Yeah.

She texted me back andshe's clearly embarrassed, but felt she owed me an explanation.

– Well she's coming to her senses, she had a very emotionalreaction all morning.

– Somethings up, why'd she do it? – I.



– Why'd she do it Alana? – I don't understandwhy she did his socks? So I think maybe, could anaccident happen that many times? But if she's alwayspicky about the laundry, this is not the first few times.

– This is some good deduction from you.

(door opens) – Oh.

– Before you find out, I just wanna watch.

– Oh great, Joe's coming in.

– [Joe] I think the toilet paper was out and she wiped her ass.

– Okay, all right, that's Joe's deduction.

She said she didn't wantto talk about it in person and that they can discuss it over texting and not bring it up in person.

– [Alana] This is a deep set issue.

She's troubled.


– Is this your poop? That's what he said to her, straight up.

– [Both] Is this your poop? (laughter in background) – Give me different ways to say it.

– [Joe] An over the top, stereotypical Cholo.

– An astronaut up in space and some poop just floats by you.

– Uh, honey, is this your poop? In space? I flat out asked her if it was a fetish, that's where I would go, I'd be like, is this a fetish dude? I will not be with that person, I'd be like, poops the line for me.

(Alana laughs) Poop is the line, wanna do pee stuff? We'll talk about it, but poop is out of the question.

♪ Poop is the line ♪ ♪Rock your body on time ♪ ♪ Okay I believe you ♪♪ Poop is the line.


♪ – Uh its not a fetish.

(cheering and applause) There you go, so it's not a fetish.

She confessed to using the socks after going to.


aftergoing to the bathroom.

I found the reason shealways does the laundry is because she was hiding the fact that.



Drum roll please.

(drum roll) (drum roll) (drum roll continues) She uses socks to wipe her ass.


Ahh That's how she wipes her ass.

– She uses gym socks, not work socks.

– It could be worse, I guess.

I'm trying to find the humour in it now, I'm trying to find the humor in it now, but I'm still weirded out.

Sounds like this guys gonna stick it out.

– The way that she handles stuff, There are so many red flags here.

There are so many red flags here, I don't think this sock thing, will be the only thingthat is a big problem.

– So are you, what are you gonna do? Are you gonna break up with this person? – Oh if I'm him? – Yeah? – That's all I wanna know.

– If I'm him, I'm blind by love, I'm not gonna notice and then a year laterI'll break up with her and I'll be so upsetI didn't do it sooner.

– So you would hold on to.


– Because your still blinded by love its the beginning of the relationship they just moved in together they've only been dating for a few months.

He's gonna stay with her, but later, he's gonnaneed to break up with her, because more things will come up.

– Okay well here's why I love Reddit, because when your on sub Reddit like because when your on sub Reddit like actual therapist and actual physiatrists and actual doctors responding and that's what we have right now! We have a therapist who says, – Oh my gosh, please.

– It sounds close to OCD or Coprophobia or Coprophobia which is.


– Is that poopy-phobe? – The fear of feces, yeah.

– Yeah.

– Fear of poop If it's literally just isolated to feces and nothing else, it may be more of a phobia.

Either way the treatmentis essentially the same, exposure therapy.

Which the next comment says, “poop on her hand”.

(laughter) Look, I think we had a great time.

We talked about poopy socks.

We had a great, we put our two cents in.

What a great time we had Alana.

– Wow, I had a great time.

Thank you for holding my legs.

– I'm glad that we talkedabout poop on the sock.

I'm being triggered.

(screaming) (upbeat outro music).

Be Proactive With Green Socks – LIVE

hi everyonei'm Vone Kevitz knit and crochet designer for one-of-a-kind makers whoDare To Be Original and oh what a week what aa week I'm gonna give you a coupleof seconds to find me hopefully somebody joins me today and this doesn't becomelike crazy minor love by me and it's always more fun when you guys join so besure to say hi yeah so it's been a very very interesting week hey Sarah heySarah just show you hi I'm going to take a couple of seconds Kathy thank you forjoining oh good we'll have some fun today um have some fun todaygood good all righty how do we how do I get it to disappear okay so yeah it'sbeen a fun week you guys let me know how your week has been see if you guys wereyou know a whirlwind or not but I want to start with a little prayer dear Jesusthank you for another amazing hour that I'll get to spend with my beautifulcreative friends and for anybody that catches this video long after this verylife that we're doing right now may you bless us with grace open our hearts openour minds to to love to understand to be compassionate to be to be like embracedwith and and enveloped with great thoughts and great support and greatcompassion for because we are here doing our best toserve each other to serve and to be the best versions of ourselves and and andLord please police open our hearts and our minds forall the goodness that you have to offer in Jesus name Amen alright well let'sget crackin Tammy also glad you can join yay hey sodid you guys see the title so how was your week did you guys two guys have anyidea what that title is about or all the fun stuff in the show descriptionbecause I've never haven't done one in I haven't done one of these in a while andall I'm gonna open with a disclaimer because you know it's yo you know you'rein for a good hour if I'm opening up the video with a disclaimer the last time Idid a disclaimer video who is Ravelry and so here we are right I feel like I'mdoing these like every six months or so but last January in 2019I um I woke up you opened my eyes to so much I didn't I did which doesn't saymuch Kathy considering I'm very you know I'm very sheltered and very protectedfrom the world I I like um I usually keep my head down and just roll and solast January I opened my phone and I picked up an Instagram at 2:00 a.


inthe morning which is oh no no no no I've never done it since then I have neverpicked up my phone at 2:00 a.


since that day in January 2019 because Ilearned my lesson I used to do it all the time and clearly that was the lasttime I did because I never want that to happenagain so maybe that was the shocker I needed was on the Instagram feed was theKnitting community is racist and I was like what's this about right because I'min the Knitting community and for five years or at the time that would've beenfour years I was running a dare to be original Facebook group which I knewalmost a thousand knitters and crochets and artists and artisans and joy makersand painters all kinds of creatives all kinds of amazing loving creators thatsupported each other and loved on one another from all over the world of allcolors and creeds religions backgrounds like everything we were all there theonly thing we excluded was when we were at all girls club and no boys that'sjust that my comfort level because I'm your admin and believe me I get slackfor that but I always say you know if you guys want a boys club go open a boysclub I don't care so that's why I that's how you found me or you hope you foundme through the round three that's six months later where were six monthsbefore that right and so I want to start with the disclaimer is that's mydisclaimer is that I am NOT very um I'm very sheltered in a way where I doprotect my world I'm very open to the world that I'm open to but I don't gofishing for things you know what I mean like I love hard I'm I dare to beoriginal Facebook group I love hard the the DMS that I associate with the humansthat I interact with I love hard and if I get to see you and I'm talking to youand a personal conversation I love heart all over you because I Iknow you I get I'm I'm I like authentic relationships I don't like like numbersjust to have numbers I don't follow to followI don't expect you know and I mean like I just I hate those follow games whereyou follow me I follow you I'll follow youif I want to follow you and you can follow me if you want to follow me butI'm not gonna follow you so you could follow me and then you unfollow me and Ifollow you like that is like first grade I'm Way past first grade if I don't lookat this if it's that obvious to you so I don't do any of that on the Internet Zoeso when I saw that it was a very jarring post and I and I didn't like it soimmediately I put up a video right I put up a diversity video which the link isin the show description that's the very first video I did in January and I spokemy piece about that situation and at the time I didn't know the situation Ididn't know the start of it I didn't know what had like what was progressinglike where did this guy I kind of just saw that and I reacted the way I reactedand in the best way that I could and then I then I later found out theinitiative like what happened like between the blogger who the real bloggerwas and what the actual blog was and I actually read the blog I checked outsome of the accounts that all related to the blog everything I I was well awareof all that after the fact after that diversity video and I thank the Lord Ithank the Lord every day that I didn't know the situation I thank the Lordevery day that I was naive to that situation because um I um I read theblog and I thought that blog was as benign is that the right word is benignthe correct word before I go using it cuz I've been attacked from misusing myEnglish you know in my Ravelry when I said Advent instead of avid and so Ilearned that little boy very very quickly it was I didn't know avid but Iwas nervous so I said Advent and when she attacked me for that um but I won'tmiss use that word again cuz you know once she gets slapped on the finger ofin the hand publicly you just you know you move on so benign is innocent rightbenign is innocent good that I'm using that correctlyI thought her blog the initial thing that started this whole crazy wholecommunity knitting community is racist stock as far as I'm concerned like asfar as I figured out or found out that that blog was as benign as drinking thisclear glass of water okay as benign as drinking this clear glass of waterand yes I muster color to I know I mustered color to has benign as thatthat's and when I did that diversity video I didn't I didn't know thesituation so I spoke on my heart and then after I found out this situation Ididn't come back and say though I see you guys they get excited they were bothnapping and now now that they know I'm live this is what happens I think theyget live you know you're gonna sit down or I reach for I reach for my waterbottles pretty its water bottles water people this is another clear baby sodon't come after me people they'll come after we internet so umstop benign is a great description thank you so yeah I found out after and I Ididn't I didn't come back and make another video you know what I mean Ijust let it go okay and some people might say why didn't you come back youknow you you might and I'll answer that question I will answer that question bythe time this hour is over so I found out there and yes that that article thatstarted this whole thing in our world in our nyan crochet world the the worldthat I love so much that I still love so much it's because I love it so much thatI'm now doing my third controversial video every six months I'm likeclockwork now but yes that that blog was as benignthis clear glass of water and also this water spring for the dogs Liberty that'senough Ledo and yes I mustard color too okay so I didn't come back and respond Ijust let it go and then you all saw the Ravelry video because seven months lateror six months later I pick up my phone after my driving if you didn't see thatvideo that link is also in the show description and that's probably how themajority of you guys found me so that was a hard week because I Sunday drivinghe remember that driving prayer poem that I read I was like yes this is gonnabe a beautiful day we're gonna take on the world and then I go and read onInstagram again I love how I get my news on Instagram toosomething's got to change about that so Instagram tells me that Robley puts outa new policy saying all Trump supporters are unambiguous ly support for openwhite supremacy right so you know I'm not gonna reread that that's where we'reneither here nor there on that situation and you can watch the video on that butif you do watch the video right and you're still calling me a whitesupremacist you need to watch the that fourth video link that I have down thereonly after you watch that fourth video with Pat gray and featuring the bishopwooden who who who is speaking to the woke wo ke I didn't I don't even knowwhat is I don't I don't know why I should have looked it up I didn'tresearch wo ke but Bishop wooden was speaking to the people that calledthemselves woke so watch that video you know with Bishop wooden it's the best 12minute minute video of your life it's the best 12 minute videoeverybody go watch it watch that and then come back and call me whitesupremacist okay but you only get to call me a white supremacist after youwatch that 12-minute video alright so if you're watching this video you only getto call me a white supremacist after you watch that 12 minute video okayso that links below that's that's the number that was the fourth link so buttoday here we are right so so we've werecovered from Ravelry and we've met and you know what was it as of right nowthat robbery video I think just hit 15, 000 views nine hundred plus commentsyou can go read them they're all there I didn't take it I didn't take a singlecomment out there all there all nine hundred plus comments and then 136 rightnow a thumbs down on that so fingers crossed that doesn't that number doesn'tget to go also that video all right can you can you link it later I believe it'sthere it's in the show description I'm not sure if you can see it but youshould be able to see it on that YouTube video but once this YouTube goes live itwill be there too so once this live turns into a youtube video it goes likemaybe you can't see the description right now you know maybe you can't I'mnot sure I heard the walk used by the blacks meaning alert or aware likethey're awake right that they woke up yes then they need to watch that videobefore they come back and call me away it's a promise for leaving Ravelry andfor standing against robberies policy so only then can they call me thatotherwise they can't call me I will only accept white supremacist after theywatched that 12-minute video it's the best 12 minutes of your life I highlyrecommend it I want that video to go viral like I wanted all over the world Iwant that video to go viral before they come back and call me know it's a fellasokay see the link you must look okay it mustbe later on and I've never I put it all in there and I didn't know if it wasgonna pop up but it will pop up on the replay because it's all loaded up inthere so meanwhile we recovered we've regrouped who we met we engage withbrand new people like the YouTube channel grew the Facebook group butthere to be original Facebook groups crew that my Instagram went from thethree digits into the four digits and I'm like hunky-dory because I've gotsome brand new friends that I've been so close with I've had such intimateintimate relationships with all of you creators from that video from speakingmy heart and I and that was the scariest time I like that was the scariest videoof my life I'm gonna be honestly that was the hardest week and it was hardafter but the support and the love and and everything it just it um reallyreaffirmed me of my faith in what the Lord was doing and I can't imagine likehow much the enemy tried he tried so hard that week to keep me from goinglive and doing that video I can't tell you how hard he tried to scare me tothreaten me to keep me from going live and doing that video and after therewards that I reaped from that video I know why he tried so hard I know why ifyou can close the live chat box you can down drop down menu and see all thelinks there oh look at you Laurie Laurie's getting so good with thecomputer man so good with your technology I swear you're beating me onthat whole thing so Laurie says you can get the link but I don't want you guysto leave me don't leave me go check those videos out after a minute and thenbe sure to comment because I read every comment and the best way if you want tohave a conversation with me the best way to find me is on Instagram send me a DMon Instagram let me know which video you're talking to referring to and thenif I'm already not connected with you that's the best way to connect with mebut because I get a lot of spam so I won'tand if I don't know who you are what you're referring to so unless you referthat you've watched something of mine that were you're a real human being youknow then I won't even respond so and the majority of you have reached out tome that way and that was the best way to get a hold of me some of you have gottenme through me with Facebook and that I can't go like weeks without seeingFacebook I run a dare to be original Facebookgroup but I rarely go into the Facebook group conversations it's hiddensomewhere it's not as obvious it's not as intuitive as Instagram when you damme so the best way is Instagram or a facebook Messenger facebook Messengerlets me but if you're doing to the Facebook fan page that's the worstthat's the worse I think I responded six months in one of the messages and I feltreally bad about that so here we are six months later and and I'm featured in ablog I'm featured in a blog which is the third link that I put in this video andthe blog oh shoot I should have left it open ratsoh wait oh I have a way of accessing my blog I need it to access that blogactually it's kind of silly of me that I didn't but here we go I found it I foundit so I'm going to refer to the blog it was by a beautiful friend that I've justmet this week who I just it's refreshing soul and she you know so she I don'twant to update right now and lose everything so you guys can still see meright cuz right now I'm looking at my screen so I can talk to you I want toshoot this I don't want too many things open and here we go I'm going to copythis I want to get off Firefox how do I do this however it is copy and I'm gonnago to Chrome and open this up you guys can still see me right let me know ifyou can still see me and I want to shut down Firefox I don't want too manythings open because I don't want to I don't want are we all so good doing thatdoesn't cut off the live stream but the commentdisappeared and now I forget how to go back oh boy uh Laura Laurie do you knowhow to get can we guide can we guide Ellen back click back to lie chat ohgood Alan came back look at that you figuredit out yourself that's why I love this group so much this is why I lovecreators we figure things out right we don't let things hold us back we don'tlet problems stop us so the article sack mocking and green socks you guys can goback and read it I've read it admittedly I have joined one of the suckhashtag sock mocking hashtags on Instagram it is a harmless way to pokefun at the insanity that is going on in the noona community community right nowread bullying an article that she refers to let me see what's wrong what's wrongwith green socks and I promoted this and this live with green socks cuz thereason why the prayer this morning is I'm trying to keep myself very uh I'mtrying to be adult about this so I don't want to laugh too hard at the insanitythat is going on in our world so hashtag stop mocking is the famous hashtag andso the blue mouse nets posted on a picture of clean socks on her Instagramand she had just basically saying that she had put a YouTube video up speakingher thoughts about what's going on in the Knitting community and how shedidn't like it and I had watched that video I had watched that video a coupleof days before I found out about this article before I found out about KingFeatures so I mean this off for a minute Hynde us per minute so y'all can stillsee me good and so I watched the blue mouse's video coincidentally and Iwatched it and um and I will come back I will come back come back to that videoin a minute but she basically says it's clear so somebody and so she inthe blog you guys can go check this out yourself and I highly recommend you guyscheck everything out by yourself because never take my word or somebody else'sword only when you know something only when you know something okay only whenyou guys see a first hand can you guys make your own thoughts and process itwith your mind in your heart and then really like otherwise you're justpuppets you know so don't just take my word for it do everything yourself doyour own research and everything so you can have your own phone form your ownthoughts so basically somebody says it's going tobe clear if you still follow this person which is the picture of the green socksand or don't even know what this is about you can no longer be my friend soshe crossed off my beautiful friend who wrote this blog crossed off who it iscuz we're not about Doc some people and I really respect that and that's what Ilove about this side that's what I love about this side of the aisle wanna behonest with you which is very opposite from the other side of the aisle becausethey're all about detoxing and they're all about sharing names and they're allabout putting names out on lists and everything and I'm sure my name will bevery much on that list very soon if I haven't already been if you noticed Icovered her username because I'm not interested in calling out people justpointing out their behaviors kudos to you kiddo so then this person writesanother person responds back I'm assuming it's stories or something ormaybe it's maybe it's an actual post I don't know I like the picture of greensocks sleepily I did not read what I had just put heart on my heart on sobasically what she liked I'm sorry I do not agree with her I wanted to make thatclear and thank those who politely started a conversation to help me learnthank you I prayed I prayed for this I prayed prayed I liked a picture of greensocks sleepily I did not read what I had justput my heart on I am sorry I do not agree with her I wanted to make thatclear and thank those who politely started a conversation to help me learnthank you amen she basically says that you have to becareful now who you like what you like on Instagram or you face a wrath youmust toe the line you must agree with what you told and she goes on and onbeautiful she visits um she refers back to the Sauk nations Sock'em editionspage and tuk-tuks Tuscan its page Tuscan its I believe was referring to thebenign blog that I was referring to that started this whole thing I believe rightand Sock'em atisha was revealed to me during my Ravelryvideo so when my Ravelry video came out I was in the middle of all thatcraziness and somebody is said to juice here what's going on with a competitionand and so I watched what happened because it is oh I was aware of what wasgoing on there I wasn't fully involved in it I certainly not completely engagedwith it I saw enough of it to know firsthandlike to see if with my own eyes what was being done what had happened I watchedhis pose I saw the poem it was a beautiful poem and I saw and I watchedwhat had happened and um and I kept a distance tab for on it for just a littlebit for just a little bit but I remember when that happened and I looked at myhusband and I said honey I'm like this is crazylike it's so bad there there honestly so this is right after robbery this isafter everybody's called me a white supremacist this is after Ravelry calledme a white supremacist and then said well other people who called me awaits apromise this was going on and I'm then I watched hishome and what was going on with him and her like don't turn on themselvesthey're feeding on their own he here he was he's been he's been championing withthem for so long that he even came up with that diverse niti hashtag that theyused so well to champion champion their cause and one poem that didn't speak inthe same language that they thought I don't know I don't know I don't know allI know is it was a beautiful poem because he was being very clever andvery witty and very smart and very adult and very compassionate and very kind andhe was trying to mend and heal and patch and and make whole again all in thepositive direction and they just basically cut him down to the point ofwhat what were they waiting for was you know it was just insane to watch that itwas really sad it was really sad and I and the reason why I say I only did itfor a little bit because I can't stay in that world just like back in January Ipopped in so what happened with that benign benign blog and yes I am mustardcolor to that benign blog and I stepped away and so just like robbery I steppedaway and I've engaged with my family here I've engaged with you guys andwe're moving forward what creating we're building and we'remending and we're moving forward and I feel so my heart goes for what they didwith him because they will feed on Europe they will feed on their own youknow and so I know when our wait 30 minutes in I haven't gotten to thecontroversial part yet I have sadly not gotten to the controversial part of myconversation I've been nervous I've been nervous about this but not about whatI've said thus far not in the first 30 to formyeah the nerves have been hit the nerves are gonna come in just a few minutes soshe featured me as one of the videos because that's how she came across mydiversity video and she like how did I miss that that that video of when I saidwhat I spoke about in January before the July before here we are a whole yearlater she's like go watch that video and so I was like really feel that I gotfeatured so that for therefore it it got some brand new eyeballs to my channelbrand new eyeballs to me I'm going Kevin's name crochet designer forone-of-a-kind makers who dare to be original and so this so here we are andwhen I say they they feed on their own you I'm sure you guys all know what I'mtalking about right you saw what happened with him in that diversityhashtag and and there was nothing wrong it there was there was if anything thatthat poem that was it's all about unity it's all about trying to mend and healand go forward and moving forward and then I discovered in the middle of allthis which I totally miss I totally missed this because I'm not fishingremember I protect I protect my glass of water I protect it I protect my glass ofwater I make sure I drink clear clean filtered water every day all day longsounds like a lot of folks need a lot of prayers I'm stubborn enough to letpeople would be stupid and feel sad for them but they can't reference biblescriptures with understanding I don't listen if they can't reference biblescriptures of understand I don't listen for hitch Laurie preached so I justdiscovered in the middle of this whole new round now because with this wholesock thing this whole green sock thing because I think the tide is turning Ithink people are getting sick of it right they're getting sick of thisand insanity so now more people are talking out more people that were afraidbefore are talking out loud and speaking their mind going this is insanethe invading community is getting it insane if we don't get a grip on thisright we don't get a grip on ourselves this is insaneokay and so more people are coming out and I guess that's where the blue mousecame when her voice was she so I found out that what did the women's March justhappen or the women's March just happened with with the pink cat hatswhich I thought the pink cat hats were still going around because I remember itbeing very crazy during my dare to be original Facebook Google about thosepink cat hats and and now they don't like it they don't like the pink cathats because they don't like the color of pink I found the article and I guessthe article was written back in 2018 so it was like way so it was during thatwhole time so was it the time that the pink cat hats came out and we're verypopular there were people you can't probably the problem is you can't reasonwith crazy amen amen you can't reason with crazyand that's why that's why I'm here doing this video right now that's why I'm heredoing my third controversial video right now six months apart like every sixmonths like clockwork I'm hoping this is the last one I'mhoping there it is the charm I'm hoping this is the last one so I found out thatarticle said that they don't like the color pink hats because it represents acertain race because we're not all pink I'm not sure but then the you know thethe cat hats are also disrespecting the people that aren't pink colored andthey're disrespecting the transgender becausethey're cat hats I'm gonna keep my mouth clean cuz if you guys roll with me youknow yes they say that not okay oh good god I can't even I can't even you you'regonna have to go find the live chat I'm not clicking on you Verathat's how clean that's how clean I like to keep my video but yeah they don'tlike the color pink and and now they don't like the cat house either becausethe the P for the cat hats is is offending the people who don't have peas so the very item that they towed it tostand there you know to stand there big ideals on is turning on themselves and Ididn't really I it's happening right now but I didn't realize it because nowthey're getting mad because it's two years later and if you're still wearinga pink cat hat you're really in trouble with them I'm assuming I'm assumingright and I'm guessing this is where the rest of the people are coming up andspeaking out going this is insane because they're turning on themselvesthey're they're feeding on themselves okayand so here we are here we are and we're now at the green socks and and and it'sokay if you like green socks you never you never have to apologize for likinggreen socks on Instagram because I'm a we're in a fast-paced world sometimesI'm not reading your art I'm sometimes I'm not reading your comments sometimesI'm just giving you hearts because I I love you and I want to support you butsometimes I don't have time to read all of my beautiful friends comments so oncein a while I'm gonna click on pictures that I have no idea what the picture isabout but because I know it's you I'm gonna click on it cuz I'm gonna give ita heart and and show you some love right and sometimes I don't knowyou're saying and that's that's that's only because I want to show you somelove but I don't have the time to read everything you know there was one justin the same just in this past week there's a dear friend of mine that putup a picture and I was like oh my god you have not changed you have not agedtoday I literally wrote that in the comments I saw her picture clicked onthe light and I just jumped right in the comments and you have not aged a day Ithought I'm being sweet I'm being supportive I'm giving my friend acompliment who haven't been talked to and forever and then I moved onwell then later on that day she calls back and she says in the comments ohthat was a throwback picture that was from ten years ago of course I felt likeI felt like an idiot oh like oh my god I'm so sorry well then you really did anaged a day if that picture was ten years old I just basically Jojo obviously overthen you really didn't aged a deer after all you know because I innocently likeda picture because I'm supporting him a friend and I didn't read what she hadwritten who bugs you you do I'm not feeling sorry for you because you hadgone already you had gone already so let's see where we aredid you watch I did watch round rabbit I did reach out to her it's her name Ididn't reach out to her she's very sweet she made the pink hat and the plod andit's more diverse because it's more diverse variegated pink and wasapplauded and was applauded because it was more diverse I'm gonna be honestwith you when I read that article which I'm not referencing because it's theyspell out that P word which I'm not referencing on my YouTube yeah but Iread that article you could probably find it you just type google it and Ifound I popped right out by 2018 when I read that article I laughed I haven'tlaughed so hard in all my life when I read that article and I didlaughs he didn't laugh and we still haven't gotten to the controversial partof my video yet so I'm gonna say her for the last 15minutes okay here's my controversial video here's my controversial part of myvideo the part that I'm nervous about the part that I'm honestly shaking againI'm finding myself shaking again the green sock guys the green sock I get itI get the green sock and I get what it means and I get what it um what itrepresents and and how silly we've gotten haha silly we've gotten with thehats with hashtags with the blog's with the attacks I get it and the people thatwere quiet are now feeling like okay this is ridiculous we got to stand upfor this so so we're gonna stand up with green socks I get it but have you guysever read seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey it isthe best book shout it out to me have you guys read itcredit reddit it's so stupid that you have common sounds to have commentsomeone is useful cause of comments and if you have a common cause a commonsymbol is useful yes I get it so have you read The seven Habits of HighlyEffective People by Stephen Covey oddly enough I've listened to it on my audiobook twice cuz it's so good it's so good I read it I listened to it at thebeginning of 2019 it probably is the reason why it helped me with thatthat first diversity video because you know that whole talk about about youbeing responsible for yourself you know I think I think it had just come fromthe the principles of this book and I was fresh in my mind because you know Istarted the book never finished oh go back because Ievery adult in the human race needs to read this book if you're old enough tovote don't have to drink old enough to drive old enough to join the army andwe're in and fight for your country and die for your country you need to readthis book and it's a powerful lesson in personal change is the subtitle so sevenHabits of Highly Effective People powerful lessons in personal change bystephen r.

covey and forwarded by Jim Collins which is the author of good togreat which I just finished good to greatwha-hoo that was a great book but that was a that was a tough one too to gothrough this big big big so seven Habits of Highly Effective People and I want totalk to you about habit one habit one which is the most the most the mostimportant one and habit seven habits ever I just Ithink oh maybe because I'm already good at habit one that I probably I needbetter help it habit seven but habit one is be proactive and hence the title willbe proactive with cream socks okay I'm still talking about the hats and socksfrom me you were just a joke and I thought it would only last a couple ofdays and that's the goal of this video is that it's only gonna last a couple ofdays because I'm gonna get to a point where I might hurt your heart and Idon't want to hurt your heart I need I prayed that we have open heartsand open minds today so what I don't want from my beautiful beautiful friendsI want you to I want you to love on green socks if you love on green stuffespecially because Saint Patrick's Day is coming up very soon and I don't wantmy Irish friends to come out at me and say that she's against greenhouse andgreen socks you know what I mean I'm not saying that I want you to love on cleansocks if you love green socks I want you tomake queen socks if you need a pair of green socks I want you to sport greensocks if your outfit calls for it if the green sock brings you joy if it makesyour heart dance I want you rolling around in your greensocks okay if it makes your dance if it makes your heart flutter enjoyI want you all over those green socks but but but but if it's less than makingyour heart dance with joy and you're doing it just to prove a point andyou're doing it just to voice an opinion and you're doing it just to flame thefire because it feels like a strong torch right now because the tides areturning and it's giving you a little bit of a strength then I need you to listento me I'm cueing myself ten minutes but maybe I can go a little longer because Ireally need to drive home this point I really need to drive this point home noone can hurt you without your consent Eleanor Roosevelt this is all in Chapterone coincidentally I had in my head I was like I think I need to relist intoseven habits and go for the third time around I don't know why and I had thatdesire before this green sock just right before I finished all my other books andlike I'm trying to finish why can't why we sleep and that thing is a Doozer so Iwas like I need something else to go in between I was like maybe I'll justdabble back into seven Habits of Highly Effective People and get and for somereason I was like so I started listening to to the first chapter again and it'sbe proactive and then it started to really hit me and I'm like oh my godLord you are speaking to me again this is thelesson I needed this is the lesson I needed and and and this is the lessonI'm sharing because I love my makeup community I love my makeup community youknow and and I have met so many amazing human beings just in this week alone somany ridiculously talented talented talented like skills mad skills beyondlike brioche with like crazy like talented skills including that 24 yearold beautiful lady that did that video and posted that green sock including herbecause she said something in that video which I watched I watched the wholething she said something in that video that that you don't understand what I'mtalking about the green socks the the the article is in the link as soon asyou're as soon as you're done the article is in the link as soon as myvideos done you can check out that article what's going on in the makeupcommunity what in the Navy community but it's up it's now the other way it's thetide is reverse she said something in that video that really really hurt myheart it hurt my heart so much that I'm here making this third video it hurt myheart so much that I'm here talking to you guys about that video and it is notwhat you think it is she sit in that video that she works I believe she is sotalented and so gifted and doing what she loves so much that has connected sowell that she is do it was doing it full-time and because of this toxicwaters that we've been swimming in that she's been swimming in forever sincelast year she's been swimming in it I have not because I protect my glass ofwater I protect my glass of water so I have not been swimming you know I didn'tstill going on I don't I don't pay attention to it I'm I'm the people Ilove on the my maker community where were amazing human beings trying to doamazing things in the world she said because of that such a toxic world thatshe's in right now that she's going to take a step back from her dream life ofbeing a maker and a designer and she's gonna go get a job and then step backand go work for somebody else and maybe make a pattern or two right around whenshe feels like it and that that breaks my heartI breaks my heart to a million pieces anytime we think that the problem is outthere that very thought is the problem because we empower what's out there tocontrol us in other words what's outside has to change before we can change andwe can't change others so we just end up stuck notes I took from be proactivelesson one habit number one habit number one any time we think that the problemis out there that very thought is the problem because we empower what's outthere to control us so if we think that the problem is out there that's thatthought is the problem because we've allowed what's out there to control uswe give that power out there and when you allow that to control us in otherwords what's outside has to change before we can change and we can't changeother people so we get stuck so how so it's like a snakebite he goes to talkabout like a snakebite that hurts you but it's not the bite it's not thesnakebite that kills you it's chasing the snake that drives the poison it'srunning away from the snake chasing the snake that drives the poison to theheart so it's the faster you run with the poison with the bite the faster yourun with it inside of you the faster it goes into your heart and that's whatkills you okay so when I heard about that first post in January and I made myfirst diversity video I felt the bite the Knitting community is racist I feltthe bite and I immediately knew what to do I'm not gonna run with the poisoninside me I'm gonna remove it I'm gonna take it out I'm going to get rid of thatpoison that that bite just put me in so I made a video and I said you guys we'reall autonomous beings there's nobody more privileged than anybody else we allget to choose we all control ourselves and anytime you let somebody else likeyou take other people's opinions of you and you reflected upon yourself you'venow given the power to them if somebody says something to you that you disagreewith you're somebody's opinion of you means that much to you that you willchange yourself you've given the power to them and when you give them the poweryou have no control the only person that you can control is yourselftake the power back or don't give it away at all right I don't want you toapologize for what you're born with what you have only apologize when you don'tshow up your best version for yourself right that was my firstvideo I removed the poison but because I love the community I could just removethe poison but no I didn't I I love my community that I had to show them how toremove the poison okay I had to show them how to remove the poison I saiddon't let this this crazy blog and this toxic environment toxic people and thepoison after you just got bit there don't let don't run with it and don'tlet it get into your heart and kill you don't let it kill you remove it rightand a lot of you they saw the video and you guys removed it and some of youseeing it now it's brand new and you guys hopefullyremove it okay and then I got bit again I got bit again with Ravelry when theytell me that because I voted pro-life I'm now a white supremacist unambiguously I'm now white supremacistand so I got bit again and I ran for a little bit I ran for a little bit withit almost like girl and I was like I need to take this out I need to removeit so I left Ravelry but I could have just leftI could he just left quietly you know cause like I said I'm not an advocatewas breaking my heart to leave Radley but I knew I had a lot of makers thatlove that platform so I wanted them to know why I was leaving I wanted them toknow why I was standing against it and so I ran with the poison for a littlebit I did I ran with the poison for a little bit and it almost took a leg italmost took a leg but I came back and here we aretides a turn pink hats a law which is ridiculous but didn't affect me becauseI'm not wearing it so I didn't feel that sting the bite now is the screen shockbusiness because even though it's um even though it seems like it's on ourside if even though it seems like I can i when I promote it as sayingyou can wear green like you can like it and laugh about it and like this isgoofy guys you can wear it you don't need to apologize I mean it I mean itthat's the truth you don't need to apologizefor what you like honey Instagram if somebody is going to threaten yourfriendship over something stupid don't give them the power take the power backtake it back right but the bite the bite right now is the symbol of the greensock for us the bite right now for me is this green sock it's a bite and eventhough even if you don't run with the poison cuz the faster you run with itthe farther you go and the faster gets you alright it's gonna kill you even ifyou walk even if you crawl the poison is still sitting in you it's still runningthrough your veins you know what I mean does this make any sense it's stillgoing through so you're still like carrying the torch of some sort likeit's still going through your veins my point of this video is to get the poisonout remove the green sock don't follow it don't don't jump on it make you standvoice your opinion you don't even cuz I want you just Iwant you to speak your heart like I love all the videos that stand up like Iloved everybody's video I loved I loved round rabbits who was completely I evenreached after I said oh my god I even shared in my stories like she's like mynew favorite human right now you know I mean and we're the dead opposites we arethe she's like my sister she's just like my sister they march in the same Marchand we're the same pink color he has like she's just like my sisters and youknow how I feel about my sister I adore her I adore her and I respect her and Isupport her and I'm proud of her and I'm proud of my new friends that are youknow I mean that are standing up and they're really acknowledging thecraziness but don't leave the poison in youthat's my message in this video be proactive with the green sock and removethe poison does that make any sense guys I don't want I don't want to be wrappedup in it I don't want the poison to sit in me so I do this video I'm gonna sayit and it's ridiculous and I get it and I'm happy and I'm proudof the people that that are you know what I mean that are all with it but becareful how long and how far you run with it that's my only onethat's my only warning to all my new friends to all my new friends that I'veseen be careful with how long and how far you run with itbecause it's just like the green hat it's just no green Sun it's just likethat pink hat a pink cat hat it's just like that but now it's green socks sowhat do you think Ellen are you still with meonly I'm only asking out I think us Ellen knows what's going on and Kathy didn't you see just wanna make sure Ididn't read it read it a long time ago Kathy it's time to revisit that bookjust like I revisit it I just wanna make sure I didn't miss anything I haven'tread it or haven't heard of it she hunt juniper oh my god seven Habits of HighlyEffective People just a touch just to touch base let me see let me see if Ican do it real quick I don't know so he talks about he talks about seven Habitsof Highly Effective People the first one is be proactivebasically we're responsible for ourselves if the problem if we think theproblem is out there then that very thought is the problem because weempower what's out there to control us amen Ellen amen if you yes Nick greensocks if you like the color green but don't make green socks to join thebandwagon and that's my controversial video of todayyes joy just to join the bandwagon that's my controversial video of the dayand and trust me I I know I got them I got the bite I'm appreciative despite Iactually this bite I actually liked this snake bite I likedthis snake bite like woke me up the snake bite was like yes tides areturning people people are acknowledging me insanity of this whole thing rightmaybe well I'll get some a light maybe I'll get some of my maker friends backthat you know have opened their eyes and says this is nuts can we be friendsagain can we make and create again can we can we like express our talent andand do what we've been put on this earth to do and crush it with our hands andour mind and our heart can we not let stupidity get in the waywe let so many other things get in the way you know what I meanlet me tell you if you're not following me outside of these crazy three threelittle times you know like I can come around here and do these three littlevideos there if you're not around me any other time the only thing I talk aboutall the time every I'm live every Saturday we're here knitting we'recreating we're we're working on ourselvesI'm here every Monday at 6 a.


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live sick they yeah rolling out of bed literally Sarah's just rolling out ofbed me hey sometimes I'm a little I'm up a little earlier I don't know a showeranything but I'm up or sometimes there are times where I just wrote literallyroll out of bed but and we show you what it looks like how we're gonna start theweek what we're working on you know what's the quote that we want to focuson this week that's what we're doing and the owners are we're doing it live isbecause we want people to come along and go this is what it looks like guys youwant to join us this is and all that I talk about 24/7 is how do i improvemyself how do I get out of my own way to show up my best version cuz I got a lotof problems I had a lot of issues I got a lot of barriers I got a lot ofblockage that keeps me from being my best version and I work very hard allthe time one week I think I got it the nextsecond wash I'm starting all over again I'm back at square oneI'm crawling again and I'm starting all over again yeah it's pretty crazy it'spretty crazy exactly exactlyar-are la is the highest pronounce your name parlez that's a beautiful name whatwhere's that even from I don't think I've ever seen that is it are LAbeautiful so yeah I've gotten that's all they I doI can't imagine like it's I'm fighting myself all the time I'm not showing mybest version there's no way there's no way there's no way we could be it's piglatin Solara oh I love it love it I always wish that my sister andI learned Pig Latin so we would have a language of our own growing up but Ithink we tried to create languages but we were never successful probablybecause we were so different and we didn't realize it at the time yeah so yeah I it's a struggle trying to get outof my own way let alone letting everybody else I can't imagine living mylife being guided by other people's opinions of me and I'd certainly knowwhat I want for you guys that's certainly not what I want for you so wesaid right so in habit I'll just come up come out quickso there's three two sections so there's three sir like a full circle right threeparts habit one number one is be proactive you control you it starts fromthe inside out if you live your life based on your ownprinciples and not let the outside world dictate your your world so that you'renot running around doing their own thing you know being like boom boom boom boomlike they said to hit go here they said to go here like what happened withRavelry and all of a sudden I didn't do anything for like three months because Iwas like fixated on what's going on Ravelry and then you know like with youknow the little things you know the other things that you let the worldaffect you and control live your life based on your principles okaygo from the inside out because if the problems out there then that's already aproblem you've given the power out there take it back so you can control it andwe all have control we all control ourselvesyou can't blame anybody else for what you're going through what you're in themiddle of it's nobody else's fault but your own once you accept that then andonly then can you move forward and get better and grow and get out of whateveryou're in habit number to begin with the end in mind basically he says that ifyou don't know where you want to go like at the end game what what does the endgame look like then you don't know where you're going so if he quits it – you'reclimbing up this really really high ladder you're just going and going andgoing going and then you find out that your ladder is not even in the rightplace so where were you climbing for because you didn't begin with the end inmind you didn't see where so he says figure out at the end what the end is soyou that you know what steps to go – right you wouldn't go in a car and notfigure out where you're gonna land so you could type in the address for Googleright you wouldn't just go unless you wanted to go for a ride and have nowhereto go and a lot of people wander through life like that including me including mebut I'm working on I'm working on my end game so I know where I want to go so toround that off in your interpersonal habit 3 he says yeah this is the privatevictory he calls it private victory put first things first so this is how youmanage yourself so now that you've you're proactive you'reresponsible you go and you begin with the end ofmine you know where you're gonna go and then he says first things firstbasically do what is important first and don't be a slave to what's not importantbegin with the end in mind okay roles and goals terms put viciousnessfirst so if that was the only habit and then I stopped and then I had to getready for my green sock live okay so three habits are for the dependence soworking on yourself the next three habits are for the public victoryso the almost private victory you own these three you're golden you're goldennow we're going to have before you're going for the public victory so the nextthree habits are for the public you think win-win I can go into detailsabout that but maybe another time you think win-win so basically you you it'snot just you winning the next person the other person has to win too and thenhabit six of synergize you work together you know like me and doing creativevideo interviews with other channels you know because we're synergizing we'rewe're helping each other we're both winning you know and then habit five orhabit five escape edifice seek first to understand then to be understood ohthat's a bad winter skip have a five is seek first to understand then to beunderstood so basically be quiet and listen to what the other person saysbefore you speak your thoughts and then habits sick six is synergize so once youmaster those value master public so master your private but be proactivebegin with the end in mind put first things first privately publicly thinkwin-win seek first to understand then to be understood and then habit sixsynergize right and then the seventh habit is the one that circles the wholething around seventh Abbott is the one that wraps it all around and that issharpen the saw we quit what is the dude if you have 24hours to cut down a tree would you know any mean with an axe you're gonna spendthe 24 hours to cut down a tree no the guy says I'm gonna spend 23 hourssharpening the saw if in my last hour boom I'm gonna cut that tree down soeasily basically improve yourself perfect your skills learn grow improveyourself work on yourself and that's that's my cool that's that's what I'mbusy doing that's what I'm busy busy busy doing is working on myself so thatI'm growing it so I show up the best version of myself so that when I have todo something so I have to show up somewhere like these hard videos come onI had to come on and I try to help and lead and share with my friends with thepeople that I so so care about and I don't want you guys to get wrapped up inthe crazy nonsense of everything because it's already so hard to be your bestversion it's already so hard you know Aaron to tell you it's hard to show upyour best version every day you can you guys got your own you guys got your ownbaggage you guys got your own drama like I do you know what you're working on youknow what's defeating you I know what's defeating me I know what I'm working onthat's alright that's enough that is enough what is this very Saint Francisof the cc's who me you might have to delve in a little bit on that okay Ithink I got everybody well Laura it's nice – nice to meet you and and learn anew language so if you guys like this video please give it a thumbs up if youhaven't subscribed please subscribe and and share this share this I actually Iplead that everybody shared this more than the other ones only becausethis one this one I'm talking to home base you know what I mean this messageI'm really talking to home base on and and home bases home bases where my heartis you know what I mean home base is where my heart is and so I want my homebase to really get this message because I don't want you guys running aroundwith the poison even though it feels like steroids you know what I mean eventhough this poison feels like steroids that's making you run a little fasterjump a little higher skip another beat you know it feels good but even that hasa backlash and a toll and it will take a toll it will take a toll because everypendulum swings every pendulum swings you know and I don't want to see youswinging the other way you know what I mean make me an instrument of thy peaceyes yes thank you avoid the yes there you go how large can that be thepromotion that you share watch this video and avoid the roid rage will thatbe will that be a good problem watch this video and avoid the roid rage yeahthat's good I don't want I don't want my sweet friends having roid rage Iremember in the eighties they used to do as public service announcements likethose public movies like they played in school it was back in the back in theday before you know before internet we used to learn our life lessons fromthose those videos I remember the one with a guy had um he was on steroidsbecause he would want to play football and andhe was on steroids and it's one of those high school ones that's that st.

Francisof Assisi oh I love it I love it making make me an instrument of thypeace that's the prayer that I had before I started this video it's theprayer that I had before I started this video umpeace peace but that roid-rage that he's so he's taking steroids and he had thehe had a beautiful girlfriend and then he took this dairy and then he had hehad like this like painful zits and I remember that was backlash and that wasthe part that resonated with me wasn't the fact that he was gonna have a heartattack because his heart beat so you know he's taking he was OD'ing on onsteroids to be a football player this is like one of those PPS trying to say noto drugs and I think directed to the guys but I remember him having zips biglike painful zits because it was steroids like mess with your hormonesyou know I don't want my beautiful community living community to bebreaking out with big painful zits when they don't have to I want to save youfrom that so ya avoid the roid rage thank you forjoining me I'm sorry this is a little too long I think I might hung up on thefirst part a little bit too much I hope the first part I'm still alive afterthis but I'll be okay if it gets a little rough because I don't give peoplepower over me and I don't want you guys to give peoplepower over you steroids are the subsets of hormonesreally that make sense that's why they broke out so badly and that's the partthat we resonated with me that's why I was like I'm not taking steroids I don'tI don't know I cool but that means I was like I don't need to my worldoh good times good times guys thank you thank you for joining god bless youhopefully I'll see I'll see you guys nextSaturday and then we can go back to some fun stuff and if you guys want we candownload a little more but this is the book that I'm actually reading right nowthe obstacle is the way this is the physical book I'm reading this is theaudiobook that I am listening to and B school starts on Monday so I reallygotta get my buddy here alright guys I don't want to end with steroids so letme find a good one let's let's end with Ellen's what you read from the book tounderstand more than to be understood make an instrument of thy peacegod bless guys why.

✅ Best Waterproof Sock Reviews in 2020

Best Waterproof Sock 2020 Reviews 1.

Dexshell Ultralite Waterproof Socks Coming in a Hi-Vis Yellow color, these sockswill look amazing on your feet.

They are designed for everyday wear and aresuitable for biking, trekking, dog walking, jogging, running, and hiking.

The outer shell is made from 96% nylon, 3%belastane, and 1% cuff elastic.

The smooth interior comprises of 70% cotton, 30% nylon, whereas the lining is made from Porelle membrane.

It’s ultra light, 100% waterproof, highlybreathable, and windproof.

The socks don’t shrink, fade, or expandeven after several washing cycles Waterproof Sock Positives: Very waterproofGood quality Easy to put on and take off 2.

MudGear Compression Socks – Best WaterproofSocks Finding the MudGear Compression socks in thetop 10 best waterproof socks in 2020 review was expected.

I mean, the brand is one of the most respectedand this pair is one of the manufacturer’s best.

The sock is famed for the good quality, sturdiness, reliability thanks to the 63% Nylon, 28% Polyester, and 9% Spandex fabrics.

It also scores highly for being very waterproof, windproof, and long-lasting.

It’s perfect for men and women and can beadorned when walking, jogging, skiing, running, trekking and in many other activities.

Waterproof Sock Positives: Superior constructionSuper comfortable Versatile and reliable 3.

Waterproof Skiing Breathable Socks As you have noticed, there are quite a bunchof products from RANDY SUN.

This is because it is a market leader in high-qualitysocks.

Sure, this product features a unique designthat makes it versatile.

Similarly, it features three-layer constructionsmaking it breathable and waterproof.

The strong adhesive three layers ensure thatno water molecules get into the socks.

Sure, this amazing product is suitable foroutdoor sport and various harsh environments.

Another thing, this sock is perfect for militarytraining and snow sports enthusiasts.

Waterproof Socks features elasticated anklesand insteps for a comfortable fit.

Lastly, the multi-layer moisture design wicksaway moisture keeping your feet dry.


Unisex Waterproof Breathable Socks This is a gift product that you can purchasefor your loved ones.

Sure, this sock features high-quality materialsfor ultimate durability.

Waterproof Socks features a breathable andwears resistant fabric to keep your feet comfortable.

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Most importantly, this is a unisex productthat anyone can wear.

Again, the function and stylish design ofthis product makes it a must-have for many people.

Unisex Waterproof Breathable Sock is availablein different sizes and colors for you to choose from.


Waterproof Breathable SocksJust like the previous models, this is a versatile sock for you.

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Waterproof Breathable Socks This best product features high-quality waterproofnylon.

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In addition, this product features a perfectultra-light cushion sole for great comfort.

Another thing, this is a versatile sock.

Sure, it is perfect for all outdoor activitiesin a harsh environment.

Furthermore, this is a machine washable sockfor easy cleaning.

Besides, it is available in various sizesand colors to choose from.

This is a premium waterproof Breathable socksdesigned with layer-construction for ultimate comfort.

Lastly, it features high elasticity and decentthickness.


Dexshell Coolvent Mid-Calf Best WaterproofSocks With this pair of Aqua Blue colored socks, you’ll no longer worry about wet feet or the irritating soggy feeling.

Thanks to the high-quality material that comprisesof Nylon, Elastane, and Cuff Elastics, this sock is very comfortable, flexible, and easyto wear.

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Waterproof Sock Positives: Very warm and comfortableEasy to wash and dries fast Excellent quality and construction Final thoughts! Choosing the best waterproof socks isn’ta piece of cake.

In this review, we have simplified the widerange of options and given you Top 17 best Waterproof Socks in 2020.

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Knitting Tutorial – Socks on Flexible Double Points (aka FlexiFlips)

In this tutorial, we're going to run throughthe techniques used in my new sock pattern written for flexible double-pointed needles.

And really the techniques used in this sockpattern, you can use any kind of needles, you can use DPNs or nine-inch circulars ormagic loops or whatever but, magic loops, just one magical, but this pattern is writtenespecially for flexible double-pointed needles, also known as FlexiFlips by Addi, but nowthere are other brands.

Just last week I released a video on optionsfor different flexible double-pointed needles and I have two, this, that makes my thirdvideo on flexible double-pointed needles, but the other two are titled FlexiFlips becauseup until very recently, Addi and their FlexiFlips are called Crazy Trios outside of North Americawere the only needles, we're the only ones available but now other needle manufacturershave gotten into the game.

Anyway, you can use flexible double pointson any sock pattern.

My hope is that with the handholding thatI'm going to do and in the pattern I'm very careful about where you are, what stitchesare on what needles, what happens next when you're working the toe and the heel especiallyto get you comfortable with using these needles so that you can use these needles with anysock pattern that you encounter.

That's what I'm hoping and I hope you enjoythe pattern as well, because I did pick a toe and a heel that works especially wellwith these needles.

Now I don't want to talk a lot about theseneedles because I did just release the video last week where we kind of take a deep diveinto them and the different brands but I will say that as a knitter I really like them, I really like working with them.

And as a knitting teacher I really, reallylike them because they do solve a lot of the problems that people encounter or complaintsthat people have about working with double-pointed needles, working with magic loop, workingwith nine-inch circulars.

You just don't have a lot of those issues.

And you watch that video, I talk about itmore.

Just click the little eye in the upper right-handcorner to see that video, I'll also put a link to it in the video description field.

So this pattern is written entirely for flexibledouble points, holding your hand, showing you the techniques and how to do it.

These are my socks here, finished socks.

This pattern is written for both men and womenand it is advanced beginner-intermediate pattern.

I'll say this, if you are comfortable withthe basics and you've never knit socks before, this might not be the greatest pattern.

I will actually give you a link to a patternthat I think is maybe a little bit better for your first pair of socks.

But if you've knit socks before, that's fine.

If you've knit socks, you have some sock experience, this is probably a fine pattern to use.

The last thing that I'll say about these needlesis that we have, you know, different brands coming into it, it's likely the price is goingto drop on these a little bit because they're pretty expensive, you know.

A set like these is close to $30.

But if you're using them for socks, and reallythat's what they're the best for.

Their best for knitting, you know, small diametercirculars, circles, but using them for socks, you're not really going to need to buy the12 size set of them.

there isn't even a 12 size set.

But you won't need, you'd maybe just needone or two sizes for the socks that you're knitting.

So they do end up being, you know, not soexpensive when you think about the fact that there are actually six needles here, right? And if you're using a nice brand, they'rewell made and you know, probably worth the price.

Anyway, that's enough of talking about theseneedles, If you want to get your pattern to follow along, you can click the little eyein the upper right-hand corner to go to my website.

I'll also put a link to my socks on flexibleDPNs, a link in the video description field below.

And I'm gonna walk you through all the techniquesused.

And next step we're going to get started withthe cast on.

We are ready to get started with the caston for these socks.

First I want to give you a closeup, tell youabout an experiment I did while I was knitting these.

Let's take a look.

Here is a shot of my finished socks, and theexperiment that I did with these is to solve the question over two needle sizes that arecommonly used for socks, 2.

5 and 2.

75 millimeters, and you're talking about a quarter of a millimeterdifference.

I wanted to see what is the difference.

And so I knit this pair because there's oneclippy on here.

This was 2.

75 and this was 2.

5, the bottomone is 2.


And I'm gonna flip these over and line themup to show you, I mean, the stripes ended up being different, that's for sure.

But we are talking about maybe three stitches, the whole width, not even that two stitches, the whole width of the socks different.

The 2.

75 or slightly, slightly, slightly bigger.

So when you are trying to figure out whatsize needle to use, I will, both of these socks fit me, they are a legitimate pair, no problem.

They both fit me.

But if you want a slightly wider sock, use2.

75, you want to slightly narrower sock, use 2.

5 or you can use one size on each socklike I did here.

I don't recommend it.

This is another pair that I'm knitting.

I actually, this colorway is a from Turtlepurl and it's a Christmas colorway and I cannot think of the name of it right now.

It might actually not be for sale right nowsince Christmas is over but I know this one is from Turtle purl and is called TickledPink.

This is the socks that I'm getting right now.

So first up we need our flexible double-pointedneedles and our yarn.

I'm going to be using bigger yarn and thickeryarn and bigger needles to demonstrate this so that you can see what I'm doing.

We're gonna start with Judy's Magic Cast-Onwhich is perfect for these needles.

We're gonna start at the tippy tip of thetoe, Judy's Magic Cast-On.

First thing you want to do is make a slipknotand get one of your needles in there.

And then take a second needle and line itup with the first.

And you don't have to leave yourself muchof a tail, you do want to leave, you know, I'm gonna leave about 10 inches here, it'sgonna be way more than I need, but that's fine.

So you'd want to set yourself up like thisand you want to have your left-hand fingers in the yarn like you're doing a slingshotcast on, and I'll demonstrate that slower for you.

The two strands are hanging there, take yourpincher fingers and put them between and open your fingers and then grab those two yarnstrands with your other fingers to create some tension.


Judy's Magic Cast-On.

Actually, you know what? I've released a slow-motion version of Judy'sMagic Cast-On.

If you are just doing this for the first time, I'll give you a link here.

Just click the little eye in the upper right-handcorner or look in the video description field to see my slow-motion Judy's Cast-On.

But here, I'm willing to show it slowly, but, I mean, the other video's dedicated to this.

So, the Slipknot is on what I'm going to callthe back needle and we need to put a stitch on the front needle.

To do that, we're going to reach the frontneedle up to grab the yarn coming from my index finger and now we need to put a stitchon the back needle.

We're gonna reach that needle down to grabthe yarn from my thumb then back to the front needle, reach to grab that yarn from my indexfinger, reach.

I don't think I ever thought reach while Iwas doing this, but it's actually easier to do faster than slower.

I'll slow it down again though, I'm actuallydoing it tight.

I'm going to use the yarn on my thumb to puta stitch on the top needle or the back needle, the yarn on my finger to put it on the frontneedle.


And you'll follow your pattern for the sizeyou're knitting to get that number on the correct number of stitches, and that's whatI'm gonna do for now to demonstrate this.

I'm gonna turn the work.

And we already have a right and a wrong sideto our work.

You see here, this is smooth and you see herewe have what looks like purl bumps.

This is the wrong side, this is the rightside.

I have my working yarn and my tail over hereon the side of the work earth, the not left side of the work because I just use rightto mean not wrong.


I'm just going to twist these two yarns togethera little bit, secures it just a tiny bit, and then pull the bottom needle to the cord.

We aren't going to be using our needles likethis for very long but just this very tippy tip of the toe, I want those stitches on thecord.

And now we're going to knit across the stitcheshere and this is the very, very fiddliest part of the whole sock, the first few rows.

All toe up socks I think are like this.

But it does get easier.

It's kind of slow going because you saw howtight I did this cast on.

I think I do it a little bit looser when I'mnot trying to do it so slowly.

When you get to the end, turn the work.

Again, slide these bottom or front stitchesto the cord, and we're just going to knit across these stitches on this needle.

Knit that stitch.

And then from here on, the rest of the stitcheson this needle are all twisted, so we're going to knit them through the back loop.

Instead of putting our needle in like this, we're going to put it into the back loop just for this cast-on row.

Everything is different for the very tippytip of the toe.

And then this last stitch is the slip slipknot.


The very fiddliest of the fiddly things isbehind us now, still a little fiddly, not quite as bad.

We want to keep these stitches on the cordand you can see now even better like this is definitely the right-hand side of the work, this is definitely the wrong side.

Right? Correct? Right means too many things, now that I thinkabout it.


We want to start increasing, and this firststitch and the last stitch on the needle and the first stitch on the next one and the laststitch on the next one, we're going to KFB or knit front-back.

So I put my needle in, wrap it, and then don'ttake this stitch off the left needle.

Put your needle into the back loop of thatstitch and give the working on a tug because we're switching from one needle to the next.

Wrap it and pull it through.

And that's a KFB, we're gonna do it againhere at the end of this needle.

The last stitch, work a normal knit stitchbut leave that stitch on the left needle.

Get your tip of your right needle to the backloop of that stitch, wrap it and pull it through.

Now we flip our needles around and we do thesame thing on the other side.

Again, keep those stitches on that cord justfor now.

It's making our first and last stitch is prettytight but we just want to make it, I just did a KFB there.

Yes, I just want to make sure that we havereally good tension with no loose stitches in the tippy tip of the toe and we have sofew stitches.

Again, KFB here.

And now the next round we're just going tonet and the way that we know that we're at the beginning of the round is that our tailend is here next to the beginning of our round.

The space between these two needles is thebeginning of our round and our tail end is right there.

So I'm just gonna knit across these stitches.

That first stitch, really give it a tug toeliminate any extra yarn between the two needles.

Turn the work and same thing on this otherside.

Extra good tug on that yarn on the first stitch.

We aren't even using FlexiFlips the way thatthey're intended to be used yet because we have so few stitches, but we'll get there.


Turn the work.

We're gonna alternate the KFB rows with aplain knitting row.

So this is a KFB row.

You can go ahead and leave your stitches onthe needle.

This time we don't have to have it on thecourt anymore.

See, it's already getting less fiddly.

And KFB, and turn the work.



And KFB.

And KFB.


Now we're getting to a place where it's actuallystarting to take shape like the toe of a sock, right? You can see that? Just barely but it's there.

And so there are a few things we can do.

Before we get much more knit, you can go aheadand weave in this end so that you don't have to do it later and it's kind of out of theway, you don't have, fewer things flopping around.

And then take a marker or a safety pin andput it here at the beginning of your round so that you know that the spot between thesetwo needles is the beginning of your round.

And you're going to keep alternating increasedrows with plain knitting rounds, just following your pattern for your size, how many of theserounds that you're gonna knit and your stitch count and everything else.

And when you finish the toe, I'll use thisas an example, I take a tapestry needle and a little piece of thin yarn and put it in, after the last round of the toe, just put it in the, you know, one of the stitches inthe last round of the toe to mark it so that I know exactly when the tow was finished soI can count these rounds to make a sock to match, right? Now in my socks here, I did the tone, a differentcolor, so I didn't have to mark the rounds, it's obvious as soon as the pink starts, that'swhere I started the foot, I stopped knitting with the grade, the last round of the toe.

And then I just was able to count the stitchesto make this the socks match.

It's actually really easy to make socks matchwhen you have this self-stripping yarn that lines up so perfectly.

But if you're just using one color, you definitelywant to mark that.

And before we finish up with this section, I want to demonstrate to you like using these needles and going around and around and whatit's like because we don't have enough stitches on here for me really to show you on the sample, so I'm gonna show you on my working sock, my sock in progress and how knitting withthese works.

So I have my, this is the beginning of myround here, my working yarn is coming from the back needle.

I'm gonna squish my stitches on the frontneedle up close to the tip, working yarn here.

I have my back needle with a strong bend init like this You see how that? With regular DPNs that aren't flexible, youhave to have three needles to make these shapes, but with flexible needles, you just need two.

And so just start knitting across.

And you see this last stitch over here wherethe working yarn was coming from it, unlike magic loop, it's on the needle and not onthe cord.

So it keeps you from getting ladders in yourwork.

These needles help you to not have laddersin your work the way that you can get them with magic loop.

This is how you're going to knit the footof the sock as well as the cuff of the sock, just going around and around.


Then you turn your work just like we did withthe toe, squish the needle, the stitches to the front, to the tip of the needle, readyto work it.

The working yarn is coming from the otherneedle.

You put your needle in, wrap it and give ita tug so there is no drag between the two and then just keep knitting.

You know, you might have your hands different, you might hold the needles a little bit different but you'll get into a swing of it and howit works for you.


So we went through the techniques in the toeand that's how you're going to use these needles for knitting around and around and around.

And next up, we're going to talk about thegusset, which is really easy.

We'll cover that next.

Once you finished the toe and the foot, thepattern will tell you exactly where to stop knitting just the regular plain knitting footpart of it to start the gusset increases.

The pattern will tell you exactly for yourshoe size, the length of your foot, where to start doing that.

And actually this is a pretty easy part ofthe video.

Let me go ahead and show you.

Pretty easy part of your sock knitting.

So toe, foot.

You see this line right here? We increase stitches.

A lot of people say that this is what makesa really well-fitting hand-knit sock is to have a gusset like this.

So we're gonna increase to accommodate thewidest part of the foot which is the, you know, the heel here and that's what we'regonna do in our socks.

Again, I'm using thicker yarn and bigger needlesto demonstrate so you can see what I'm doing.

Here is my, beginning of my round is herebetween these two needles, that's the marker for where I finished the toe.

I can also add another marker here to showwhere exactly where I'm starting the gusset increases tip so I can make the second sockto match.

That's actually what I did here.


First thing I'm going to do is I'm going tostart with a make one, right.

So I have this bar between the two stitches, I'm going to pick that up and put my left needle in back to front and then put my needleinto the front loop of that stitch to knit it.

And if you need a slow review of make onestitches, I'll give you a link here and also in the video description field below.

We want to use make one right and make oneleft in the gusset increases, because you saw how nice that line of stitches looks? Yeah, that's what we're after here.

And here we're going to do a make one left, I'm gonna pick up the bar between those two stitches and put my left needle in from frontto back and the knit that through the back loop.

And then just knit across the stitches onthe sole.

All of the action for the gusset increasesis on the first needle.

I don't normally knit over a table like thiswith the needle tapping on the table.


That was the first round of gusset increases.

The second round of gusset increases is justa plain knitting round which you don't have to watch me do, but I'm gonna show you.

We need to add a marker to our work, we needto add two markers so that we separate what is the instep of the sock from the gussetincreases so you always know where your gusset increases are.

And I didn't have you place a marker on thefirst round just because we had enough going on with making one in between the two needles.

So this time, we're just going to knit, thisis like round three of the socks.

You knit one.

And we're going to make one right again, whichis hard because I just didn't make one right on the last round.

It won't be this hard when you have actuallyI can't even do it.

You're gonna make one right and once you worka plain knit round between the two, it's a breeze.

And then you're gonna place a marker and knitacross the instep stitches, and you have an exact stitch count in your pattern and thenyou're gonna place some marker, make one left and then knit one.

And what you end up with, as you keep workingthe increases, this is the beginning of my round, you end up with a lot of gusset increases, your marker, your instep stitches, your marker, and more gusset increases, and the sole ofthe sock just continues to be just playing knitting.

And that's how we end up with that awesomeline of gusset increases on both sides that make such a nice fitting sock.

As you would expect, your pattern tells youexactly what to do on each row and you'll finish the gusset increases.

And next up we will start the Flegal heel.

Once you've finished the gusset increase rounds, we are ready to work the Flegal Heel.

And I will mention again if you the patternand tells you exactly where you need to be and if you're switching colors for the toeand the heel, the pattern also specifies exactly when to switch colors from your main sockcolor to your toe-heel color and back to your main sock color.

So do pay attention to that in the pattern.

But we're gonna get started on the FlegalHeel which is kind of not kind of, it really is ideal for these needles, I'm really happywith how it works out.

So let's take a look.

Here we are with our gusset increases finishedand again I'm working with much thicker yarn and bigger needles so you can see what I'mdoing.

And this is just, I'm only working with afew stitches.

This is the beginning of my round I've knitacross the gussets increases, knit across the instep stitches and knit across thoseand I finished that ahead of time so you wouldn't have to watch me do it.

And I'm here at the sole stitches, the bottomof the foot and this marker is there as a favor to myself because I can't count andtalk at the same time.

You're going to follow your pattern up tothe middle of the heel stitches.

And you'll be counting to get there, I don'thave to because I have a marker that I've placed there for myself.

And then you want to place a marker, I'm gonnause this little ring marker and then follow the rest of the pattern for shaping this heel.

I'm going to knit two together, knit one andturn the work.

Now this is where it gets really differentfrom anything else we've done to this point.

We have the wrong side of the work facingus.

We are working on purl stitches and we aren'tgoing to be working all the way around on all the stitches in the sock anymore, we'rejust gonna be working on just this heel section, so we're gonna turn the work each time.

You want to slip one purl five.

Little awkward, you'll get the hang of it, it's not very many stitches.

purl two together.

Whoops, purl one, turn work.

Now we're back with the knit side of the workfacing us, right? Slip one, knit six, knit two together.

And you'll see there's a big gap between thosetwo stages, that's how you know you're on track.

If you're knitting two together at that biggap, you're on track.

Knit one, turn work back on the purl side.

Slip one, purl seven.

There's a big gap, purl two together, purlone turn work.

And with these decreases on each row, we'reeating up all of these stitches, right? And let me show you what this Flegal Heellooks like.

We are still down here but we're eating upthese stitches and making this shape at the back of the heel that looks so cool and shapingthe whole thing.

And eventually, you're going to keep workingback and forth until you don't have any stitches left on this needle or on these two needles.

We need to start eating up stitches from thisneedle, from the gusset increases that we did.

And that's the next thing I want to show youbecause this is what I recommend doing.

It's pretty handy with these needles.

I have shaped the back of my heel and thismarker at the center back of the heel is the new beginning of my round.

And I need to keep working the, you know, slip one, knit however many, knit two together, knit one, turn work but I don't have any morestitches left.

I need to use these.

This is what I'm going to do.

I'm gonna take my third needle and transferthose stitches before the marker onto my third needle.

And you can go on and take that marker outbecause we're finished with it.

And then transfer those stitches onto theheel we've been working on, this heel.

Yes, the heel we've been working on, the needlewe've been working on with the heel stitches, because we're gonna eat all of these stitchesup with these decreases that we're doing.

And we'll do the same thing on the other side.

Transfer all of these stitches to the thirdempty needle up to the marker.

Remove the marker and then transfer them.

I like to transfer them to the right.

Well actually no, we're gonna leave thosethere because we're gonna come back to.



To we're not, we're gonna transfer.

Actually I think it's easier to transfer themfrom the other side at the end of the row.

It doesn't matter, we'll get there.

I might have to transfer them back.

I will have to transfer them back to my workingones here.

No problem.

Sometimes you think you got it 100% rightbut it's easy enough to fix, right? It's knitting.

That's an awesome thing about knitting.

Okay, now I'm ready to work the next row.

I'm gonna slip one and knit across and thenI'll be eating up these stitches over here.

You can just leave them on the third needle.

And so we have the instep stitches, we'renot going to work.

We're going to keep following our patternto work across the heel stitches.

Keep decreasing at the end of each row untilwe get the Flegal Heel shape.

And then once we get, we'll pull my workingsock back in here.

Once you get the heel finished and here'smy finished heel, you're going to just keep working around and around and around again.

Again, the pattern is very clear about whereto change back to your main color if you changed color for the heel.

Around and around and around again and becausethese are toe up socks, you can pretty much keep going until you're just about out ofyarn and then work some ribbing which is all laid out in the pattern and a stretchy bindoff and you're done.

Now I'm just looking to see if.



That seemed really easy, it was really easy.

We did, we knit the whole pair of socks.

Anyway, this pattern, like I said, is writtenfor these needles.

My hope is that it will get you comfortablewith the needle, so you continue to use them in all kinds of patterns.

But maybe I'll have more patterns in the futurethat are written specifically for these needles.

See how you guys like this one and go fromthere.

I hope you enjoy the knitting.

Good luck.


How Pantyhose & Socks Are made? Visit World Largest Sock Factory

Hey what's up guys.

Welcome to the “Make Your Product in China” video series.

I'm Jing, the founder of Jingsourcing.

Today I'm going to show you how socks are made.

I will bring to 2 manufacturers one is small, and the other one is one of the largest in the world.

Jing: Before you watch this video, if you know me, if you know my company, you probably know that we are based in Yiwu China.

And we have the world's largest wholesale market in our city.

Expect for this wholesale market, our city is also the largest industrial cluster for manufacturing socks.

So for the socks, you are wearing this moment, I mean, the moment you are watching this video, over 90% possibility, they were made here.

I will not be the only one in this video today, and let me introduce my colleague, Annie.

Annie: Hi.

Jing: She will bring you to 2 factories to show you how regular sock and stockings are made in factories.

Annie: Hi guys, I'm Annie, before I join the Jingsourcing, I have been working in the largest sock trading company in the world.

I have 8 years of experience in dealing with socks.

I have supported many famous sock brands like NIKE, PUMA, Uniqlo, Forever 21 and so on for their socks.

Today, I will show you every step of how socks are made.

So let me bring you to a small factory first to see how they make the regular socks.

This factory has about 220 knitting machines here.

They can produce 60 thousand pairs of socks each day.

Usually, one worker takes charge of 20 machines.

Those machines will be running 24 hours a day.

This is the first step of making cotton socks and it is called knitting.

Look, there are varieties of yarns above, the machine will knit them into hoses according to the program.

This is the first process of sock making – knitting.

The technical worker will write the program according to the pattern the customer requires.

The program will be put in the machine by a computer.

Customers can choose the color and patterns as they like.

I'm holding the crafts listing of the sock this machine is knitting now.

It requires a white 3075 elastic yarn.

This is the specification of main yarn and its color.

This is the specification of the yarn used for this sock's white stripes.

This is the specification of main yarn and its color.

This is the specification of the yarn used for this sock's white stripes.

Look, this is the sock made by this machine.

This machine is knitting the sock of 200 needles.

It has a set of 200 needles inside.

It is those needles knitting the yarns into hoses.

Socks of 200, 276 needles will be quite thick.

The more needles, the higher the density of the sock.

But for children's socks, we usually use 96-108 needles, because the width and the size of children's socks are much smaller.

Let's take a look at the adult's sock of 200 needles and the children's sock of 120 needles.

We can see the sock of 200 needles is denser than the 120 needles.

The 200 needle one is also wider than the 120 needles kid's sock.

Now we are in the second process sewing the toe part.

See? This is the unstitched sock hose made in the first process, See the toe part is open.

We are going to sew the toe.

Then put the toe into here.

There are needles inside the sewing machine, yarns are over there.

Usually, we will choose the yarn of the same color with the sock toe.

Like if the toe is red, then the sewing yarn should be red.

As you can see there is a seam in the toe, the machine will cut it off and sew the toe together.

Look this process makes a perfect sock.

We are now in the shaping working shop.

We take the sock well-sewed in the last process here to shape them.

The softness, flatness and other features of socks will be accomplished in this process.

The sock will be put on the shaping board and go through the heated shaping machine.

After processed by pressure and heat, just like ironing shirts, the socks all come out very flat without any wrinkles.

This is a sock shaped, and this is not shaped.

Can you see the differences? The sock went through the heat and pressure is much better than the other one.

This is the last step of producing socks – packaging.

Buyers usually choose packaging solutions according to the features of socks.

Cotton socks usually need hanging tag, hook, opp bag for packaging.

And it is a complete sock that can be hanged on the shelf.

This is a pair of children's stockings.

See it is very long so it's not convenient to hang on the shelf.

It needs to be folded and packaged by a band.

The children’s socks are of demand higher standard in every detail as they are made for babies.

This is the simplest packaging, you just have put it in the pp bag.

This one has a sharp edge on the packaging, but the packaging of children’s sock is much softer.

Jing: This is an ordinary medium-sized sock factory with less than 100 workers, we have seen over 20 similar sock factories on the way we were driving here.

So if you just start sock business, they will be quite good options because their MOQ is small, and the price is always very competitive.

But if you only want top quality, want a factory that has produced for world-famous brands, then the next one is more suitable.

Bonas is one of the world's top 3 largest sock factories and the other 2 are also located in our city.

This kind of factory always have strict regulations, they don't allow any strangers to visit or record videos.

But the good thing is Annie has worked with them before, so she can show us around.

Annie: Now we are in Zhejiang Bonas Group, This is the knitting machine for stocking (pantyhose).

The machine's brand is Lonati, made and imported from Italy.

It’ the best brand of pantyhose knitting machines.

What the advantages of them? First of all, its performance is stable, the pantyhose they produced are of neat lines.

Secondly, they have better productivity, and it is easy for workers to operate it.

Each machine can produce 400 pairs of flat pantyhose or 280 pairs of patterned pantyhose.

Instead of needles, the density of pantyhose is defined by the Denier.

This pantyhose is a thin type, it's of 15 Deniers.

And those are the thick ones of 70, 80, 120 and 300 Deniers.

Pantyhose of any Deniers can be produced by these machines.

The colorful pantyhose you are wearing are knitted from the pure white yarns.

They will go through the process from knitting the hoses to sewing to dyeing, shaping, and packing.

We are now in the sewing division, we have got the hoses from the knitting machines.

Then workers will cut a line at the position of the panty part.

Here's a line marked that workers can cut it easily.

Then, the worker sits behind me will sew two cut hoses together like this, and we can get a pantyhose.

Let me introduce the manager of this division Mr.

Luo to introduce the whole process of this sewing division.

Luo: Let's see the first step in our sewing process.

This is an automatic machine to sew the toe part.

This is the hose that has toe sewed by the machine.

Then, it's the cutting step.

This step needs to be done manually.

To sew two hoses into a pantyhose, we have to cut a seam in the middle from the hose crotch.

This is the hose that has been cut.

Then, we are going to the third step, sewing 2 hoses together.

This is the pantyhose we get after sewing.

On this basic process, we added an automated conveying line, which has saved a lot of lifting labor for us.

Jing: The manager also showed us a new build conveying system, which can automatically send socks to each worker.

Thus the workers don’t need to go back and forth to pick up the socks, and they can focus on sewing to maintain high productivity.

Luo: Now let's take a look at the automatic sewing machine, which can save 80% sewing labor and is exclusive to our company.

See? This is the big scissors that will cut the hose after the worker puts the sock on the board.

We can save 1 person labor on cutting the hose.

This part of the machine sews hose, and we can also save 1 person.

Now we have saved labor of 2 persons.

And this is the last step of this machine, sewing the toe.

3 workers saved.

Here is the dyeing division of the factory.

Pantyhose is dyed with color after knitting, while cotton socks yarns are dyed before knitting.

So let's see how the dyeing process works.

Usually, they put 20 pairs of pantyhoses in one laundry bag, and these bags will be immersed in the water mixed with dye, and be heated.

Let's see how it comes out.

This is the beige color pantyhose we dyed.

Now, let me bring you to the lab for researching dyeing formulas.

Let's go.

Look, these are the dyes we use to mix and get colors we need.

yellow, purple and blue, we usually use these 3 colors mainly.

After we work out the formula, we will put the mixed dye with the socks in the dyeing machine.

You can see other experimental instruments here.

The box is used to identify if the color sample is the same as clients required.

We have got softener here, it is used to make the pantyhose soft.

This is an antibacterial formula.

According to the different selling points or functions of pantyhose, we can add some special additives, like rose essence, or even anti-mosquito.

For dyeing, there are 2 types of color charts to confirm colors with clients.

One is Pantone color chart, and other is Miyama (三山) color chart.

Both of them are internationally used.

This is the Miyama (三山) color chart.

You can see many different color series in the book.

Every color has a unique serial number.

You can choose any color to dye socks.

And the other one is the Pantone color chart.

For pantyhose, the Pantone color chart is more favored, while the Miyama color chart is used for cotton socks.

Look, there are also many color series in the cards.

This is a lightbox to confirm and compare the colors.

Usually, we like to use the D65 light, you can also switch to other lights.

This is used to confirm the accuracy of the color we dyed.

After we dye the pantyhose, we will bring them to this product testing room, to see if the pantyhose meets the standard.

The first one is the color tester, which is used to confirm the accuracy of the colors.

This is shrinking tester, to test how much do socks or pantyhose will shrink after washing.

This instrument is used to test the colorfastness of the socks, it shows how long it takes to fade the color after washing.

This equipment is used to test the elasticity and firmness, it will release 2500 N power in one second to the sock and break it.

Now we are in the shaping division of this factory.

After the dyeing process, pantyhose will be brought here for shaping.

Let's take a close look.

First, the worker will put the sock on the shaping board.

Then other workers will stretch these pantyhose, making them flat.

All pantyhose will be processed by heat and pressure inside this machine.

This is one of the pantyhose that has been shaped, Look, is it flat as if it has been ironed? We are now at the last step of making pantyhose – packaging.

We will complete two tasks here.

One is to check every pair of sock if there are any flaws.

The other one is to pack them properly.

It's easy to check if there are any flaws when there's light under it.

The pantyhose is very thin and transparent, It's easy to check if there are any flaws when there's light under it.

The pantyhose is very thin and transparent, So any flaws or tiny holes can be easily inspected.

Jing: Thank you for watching this video, if you want to make socks in China, please let us know on Jingsourcing.

com, and we will help you out.

If you like this video, please give up the thumb up, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

I will see you in our next video with another product.



Hey guys and welcome back to my channel for another midweek mystery video Now, please excuse this week's video.

It's a little different I feel like I've started loads of videos this year already with this video is gonna be a bit different But I've been getting loads of requests to do an update video Giving you some updated information on some cases.

I've covered in the past.

In the past couple months alone There's been a crazy amount of new information come out some huge cases So I think it's long overdue that I do a video like this.

I'll link all of the cases slash videos I referenced in the video in the description box down below Just in case you haven't heard of them and I think the back there are so many huge updates for me to give here Speaks a lot of the advances in technology at when making every single day, especially in DNA technology Hopefully over the next year or so will begin to see many more unsolvable cases get solved or Other than if I people get their identities back and we're going to start with a Jane Doe case orange socks She was a Texas murder victim She was sexually assaulted and strangled for being thrown over a guardrail next to interstate 35 in Georgetown, Williamson County in Texas It was October 30th or 31st 1979 as she was found naked just hours after her death bar a pair of orange socks hence the name given to her wast unidentified On June 26 2009 teen the Williamson County Sheriff's Office Tweeted an updated version of a forensic sketch of the victim Nearly 40 years after she was found that same tweet also urged people to opt in and share their DNA on public genealogy Databases such as jed match so they could potentially make a connection this was the first updated sketch of orange socks in a while in years and it was joined by a cold-case volunteer who also just happened to be a forensic artist on August 7th a woman saw this updated sketch boren socks and called the sheriff's office The sketch looks an awful lot like her missing sister, Deborah Jackson Deborah had left home in 1977 and her parents never filed a missing-persons report because she was known to have left home before They assumed she just set out on her own and was doing okay I mean we can only speculate at the kind of family dynamics at play here is no judgment her sister provides police with photos of Deborah and a family look at more photos of orange socks and they confirm that the physical characteristics match between them orange socks are very distinctive features particularly long toes and Identifiable earlobes her sister also provided the DNA Doh project with the sample of her DNA the DNA Doh project had taken on orange socks his case in eight forty thousand eighteen and they'd been actively working on the case with The Sheriff's Office since then the DNA Doh project upload the sisters DNA profile to the genealogy database jed match Which then matched with the profile of orange socks They uploaded just a year earlier orange socks was confirmed to be Deborah Jackson at the time for death Deborah was just 23 years old and left home two years earlier in that time She worked at the Ramada Inn in Amarillo and an assisted living facility in Azle both, Texas She also worked at a retail company in the same year.

She was murdered with so many jobs.

She must have met so many people Yet no one ever came forward as recognizing her Please asking anyone who may have come into contact with Deborah during that time to call the Williamson County Sheriff's Office cold-case tip line I leave the number along with the sources in the description box down below whilst We now have Deborah's identity her case is far from over.

We still don't know who murdered her Henry Lee Lucas did confess to her murder and was convicted of it There has been a lot of question as to whether he achieved it or not.

He himself later retracted his confession It seems that the general consensus is that he wasn't the perpetrator and it has been reported that police have found two separate DNA profiles on the orange socks The may points Deborah's killer but the DNA isn't strong enough for testing at this point Deborah being reunited with her identity is a starting point and I hope they can find a murderer as a Closest case once and for all they're halfway there.

The next update I have for you is a case I actually covered fairly recently the case of Paul Franz at Paul Franz act was just one day old with a woman posing as a nurse at the hospital Took off with him the FBI launched a huge search for this.

Mr Chaough and eventually, they returned with an abandoned baby found in New Jersey a baby that had very similar distinctive ears to the stolen, baby Pulled parents Chester and Dora from Zack adopt this baby and raised him as their own leaving him to be pulled Only to find out years later through a DNA test that this was not their kidnapped son The man who would grown up as Paul sets out to find out who he is and find his own biological Family, and he also goes out to find his parents Biological missing son he succeeded in finding his own biological Family quite a while ago and it was announced towards the end of just last year that the real biological Pull from Zack had been found He's now 55 years old and living apparently in rural Michigan, but investigators have declined to provide any more public information than that CBS News has stated that the real pool has children of his own now and it was Reportedly the children who became convinced their father was the real pool from Zack urging him to take a DNA test although other news outlets report that he was actually trapped down a bio DNA so we can't be sure of all of the Circumstances surrounding this Paul has written on his blog foundling pool comm that They actually found the real pool runs out in late 2018 But he desire to remain anonymous and so they didn't go public with the story His main mission has always been to reunite his mother with her biological son I don't think any more information will be released about this anytime soon I just think it's incredible that they did manage to find the real Paul alive and hopefully well Oxygen reports he's currently fighting cancer low Biological pool says that he's been overwhelmed with the revelation and he wishes to remain anonymous Next up we have the case of Rini McCrae.


It's definitely pronounced Rini short for Christina, and it's not Rene I've got a law stick that in the comments in that video Rini disappeared in 1976 the three-year-old son Andrew and it's currently Britain's longest running missing-persons case.

She was last seen on Friday the 12th November 1976 just over 42 years ago She dropped her oldest son at her estranged husband Gordon's house in Inverness where she lived before heading out of the city on the a9 People thought at the time that she was headed to Kilmarnock visit her sister It was actually later revealed that she was going to visit a man could build McDowell who she been having affair with for many many years Only her best friend Valerie knew of this affair And I thought the bill was actually Andrews way logical father and not Gordon Later that night Trinis BMW is spotted burning and laid by on the side of the a9 and by the time the police arrive is nothing more than a Burnt-out shell Rini and Andrew were nowhere to be found For years and years there was nothing in this case pretty much the police searched the surrounding areas and the quarries to no avail Bill admitted to the affair but was never arrested although it seems that he was always the prime suspect in this case I mean he had a motive for her murder He told Rainey that he would leave his wife for her and Andrew, but had no such intentions Witnesses reported seeing that night a man tracking something.

They thought was a dead sheet not far away from this burning car Rini was wearing a sheepskin coat the night she disappeared Others reported seeing a man with a pushchair nearly in that quarry in Dalma Garry's Andrews pushchair was also missing from the scene It should read in the car and it wasn't there in recent years investigation teams have escalated their efforts in reexamining this case Hoping that modern forensic and investigation techniques would lead to a breakthrough The lead detectives bowed leave no stones unturned and they seemed to be really intent on finally solving this case In October 2018 has revealed that a police diving unit have been instructed to scour the depth of lemak quarry Which is very deep with water at this point the original searches in this investigation also very much focused on this quarry But the police got a lot of backlash at the time for their poor search of the area Since 1979 hundreds of tons of earth have been deposited into this quarry from nearby building works So now is only about half the size It would have been when Rainey and Andrew first went missing Making the search now a lot more complicated than it would have been 40 years ago but in June 2019 it was announced that wheels from the pushchair and bones had been found in the After more than 13 million litres of water was pumped out of it Talk of the bones seem to die down quite quickly in the media So I'm going to assume that they ended up being animal bones Nothing to do with the investigation But not of the news outlets seem to really focus on the pushchair wheels, there were definitely the same kind of wheels That would be news on Andrews pushchair and then in September 2019 just a few months ago detectives arrested a 77 year old man in connection with murders bill McDowell It's not been revealed If this arrest was in connection with the search of the quarry or not But just hours after being arrested McDowell made an appearance a court Charged with two counts of murder and attempting to pervert the course of justice He made no plea and was committed further examination and was granted bail as of today January 30th 2020 there is no further Information on this case and I can't tell you when the court cakes gonna be but I'm very intrigued to find out what further comes Out with this.

The next update is on a case.

I actually covered quite recently the case of the McStay family They were a family of four who disappeared in 2010 only should be found buried together in the desert in November 2013 I've not got a huge amount to update you on with this one I think I ended the last video with the fact that chase Merritt who was a business partner of Joseph? McStay had been found guilty of murdering the family and that the death sentence had been recommended Well on January 22nd 2020 just last week.

It was confirmed that chase Merritt has been sentenced to death for his actions He proclaimed his innocence before his sentencing, but the court seems pretty convinced of his guilt I had somebody contact me recently and there's been some new updates and the nickimja staffing case But when I gave it a googol every news article with updated information was in Dutch.

So a huge Thank you to Emma on Instagram for helping me with some translations here So Nikki was an 11 year old Dutch boy who disappeared on the 10th of August 1998 his body was found the next day in August 2000 a teen a 55 year old man called Joss Breck was arrested for his murder After investigators made a DNA match to a tissue and cigarette found near the body I would actually recommend watching the full video for this case We haven't already there's a lot more to it than I can summarize here and it's all pretty important But the latest in this case seems to be that the prosecution's tries to get the charge changed to qualified manslaughter Which basically means that just Breck killed Nikki to cover up for another crime the maximum sentence? This is 30 years and it's believed that brick suffocated Nikki to cover up the fact that he'd abducted him and raped him Breck is holding on to his right to remain silent and it said the he doesn't know Nikki well The new evidence may have come out that witnesses saw Nikki and Brett together on a bike before his death in June Breck wrote a statement about the case that he said would explain everything but he refuses to read it to anyone His lawyer has said that he will read it when the time is right It's all um, it's strange because it seems like he's denying knowing Nikki, but he's also apparently written the statement He says is going to explain everything and I assume that everything means the murder so it's all very strange A lot of people actually think he's innocent from what I can gather but the police have his DNA very nerve body It's all very confusing again.

I'm going to be following this court case very closely the Somerton man This was probably the second or third case I ever covered He was a John Doe who was mysteriously found dead near the shore of Somerton Park beach Just south Adelaide in Australia on December 1st 1948 it was later confirmed that he was poisoned but likely in a suicide This is one of the world's biggest unsolved mysteries if you search mysteries on google This is guaranteed to be one of the first ones that comes up rumors have been rampant for decades He had an unrequited love living nearby somebody he had perhaps father-child with a boy named Robin and Robin actually died in 2009 after having children of his own and now the Sumpter Barons potential grandchildren want answers in October last year 2019 the South Australian attorney-general Granted approval finally for summer to man to be exuded.

So DNA samples could be obtained We compared with that of his potential granddaughter a DNA match will likely not lead to immediate answers as to who he is But it will confirm or deny the long-standing rumors about him fathering a child with a local nurse Which could lead to further answers also? What's his DNA has been obtained It could lead to other potential matches that could lead to his true identity It could be put into a database and things could pop up.

These things can usually take a while There's a lot of bureaucracy involved in excavation But I for one I'm really excited to find out if there's a DNA match between him and his alleged grandchildren and I can't wait to answer this leads to I mean in terms of identifying cheyna John Doe is the Somerton man is Really up there.

He's the one that everyone wants to identify and if this DNA technology can identify somebody who died over 17 years ago who's been identified for 70 years that Is gonna be huge? Talking after cases has also been a small update in the Estelle woman case who was found dead at is Dillon in Norway in November 1970 her death was ruled a likely suicide But there's never been any answers as to who she is or why she ended up where she did there were loads of rumors flying around about her when she was first discovered that she was a spy that she was working for the Soviet Union that she was running away from somebody and there's never been any answers in 2018 the BBC and the Norwegian equivalent NRK published a podcast series entitled deaths and ice valley Exploring this case from all angles.

It's been streamed or downloaded more than five million times awareness like that is invaluable in cases like this and as proven just how valuable awareness is when in 2019 a geneticist with the DNA j project the same people that helped identify Deborah Jackson contacted the death and ice value team to offer help identifying women through genetic testing an Article from last June said that the wheels are in motion but it doesn't seem like there's been anything new since then that same BBC article also spoke of a Handbag that mean found buried about 15 centimeters below the surface about 40 meters away from the Estelle woman's body was discovered The bag had clearly been there for many years and the tree roots had sort of grown in around it The bag was sent to a forensic lab for testing and it's so old that anything that was inside the bag has long been destroyed But the bag itself held up pretty well It's a blue grey bag with red stripes and short straps Similar to the kind you'd find on a chai bag is thought to date back Decades to around the same time that the Estelle woman was found I think made hope to find some form of identification inside but they had no such luck.

That would be way too easy Wouldn't it? But is there a possibility the VSL woman buries her handbag before committing suicide? Could it be worth searching around the area to see if they can find anything else? I mean, they're the experts I'm sure they already have so there are some of the main updates I found on cases I previously covered on my channel If you would like a more in-depth look all of the full videos will be linked in the description box down below like I said If you know any other updates in the case of cupboard then please feel free to put it down below I intend to do these videos more often from now on maybe every six months or so Just keep all of the information as fresh as possible I just want to end this video with a shout outs on my incredible gold channel members Maddy Bernard Alexandra Smith Susan M And Joe Cannon.

Thank you so much all over support You're all incredible people if anybody else be interested in becoming a channel member Then you can click the button below this video to learn a little bit more.

Thank you so much for watching I'll see you next week with a fresh mystery.

Bye guys You.

Storytime with Meagan, from London Public Library, reading Smelly Socks by Robert Munsch

Hi everybody! My name is Meagan andI'm from Jalna Library.

We all miss you so much at Jalna and we cannot wait to seeall of your smiling faces soon.

So, in the meantime, let's enjoy each other from afar.

Are you ready to sing with me? The more we get together, together, together, the more we get together, the happier we'll be.

Cuz your friends are my friends and myfriends are your friends.

The more we get together, the happier we'll be.

I want to hear all of you singing at home with me right now.

I guessnot hearing you, but let's all sing together.

Are you ready? The more we get together, together, together, the more we get together, the happier we'll be.

Cuz your friends are my friends, my friends are your friends.

Themore we get together, the happier we'll be.

Good job, everybody! It's so nice tosing and, even though I can't hear all of your beautiful voices from here, it feelsreally good knowing that we're all singing it together.

Doesn't it?Alright guys, to kick things off I want to tell you a joke.

Are you ready?Okay.

So, what did the hat say to the sock? I'll go on ahead, you go on foot.

Because I love socks! Who here loves socks?They keep our feet warm.

You can make sock puppets out of them and, you know what?They kind of have a mind of their own.

Mine are always going missing in thedryer.

I don't know what it is.

Maybe there's like some kind of secret portalin there.

They just disappear! I don't! I don't even know.

I have no idea.

Speaking of socks, I am going to read us a story today.

It is called SMELLY SOCKS andit is written by Robert Munsch and illustrated by Michael Martchenko.

Are you guys ready? Everybody scooch in.

Smelly Socks.

I'm going to do my best to hold this so everybody can see.

When Tina wanted new socksher mom took her to the only store in town.

“This store only has black socks!”said Tina, “Can we please go across the river and get some really good socks?””We can't drive right across the river because there is no bridge there.

” said Tina's mom, “You know it's a long, long, long way to the only bridge and besideswe don't have a car.

” So Tina went to her grandfather and said, “Can you please takeme across the river in your boat? I want to buy some really good socks.

“”The motor's not working on the boat, ” said her grandfather.

“Row!” said Tina, “We can row!I will row and you can sit in the back of the boat.

” “You will row?” said her grandfather.

“Yes!” said Tina, “Rowing is easy.

” So Tina got in the boat and rowed slowly.

Splash, splash, splash, and the boat wentin slow circles, swish, swish, swish.

Tina rowed fast.

Splash, splash, splash, and the boatwent in fast circles.

Swish, swish, swish.

“This boat has forgotten how to row, ” said Tina.

“You sit in the back andtell me what to do, ” said her grandfather.

So Tina sat in the back and told hergrandfather how to row and her grandfather rowed all the way across theriver.

Then they walked all the way through the town to the big sock store.

I'm pretty sure that store has incredible socks.

Just look at it.

At thestore, Tina tried on socks that were too big, socks that were too little, socksthat were too blue and socks that were too pink.

Tina tried on millions and millions of socks.

Finally she found a pair, a perfect pair of red, yellow and green socks.

Then, since it was almost time for dinner Tina and her grandfather ran back to theboat and this time the boat sort of remembered how to row.

Tina rowed roundand round and round and still got to the other side.

That's a lot of socks.

When they gotback, Tina ran home and yelled, “Socks! Socks! Wonderful socks! These are the bestsocks I've ever seen in my life! Grandpa rowed me all the way across the river toget these socks.

I am never going to take them off.

“Never?” said Tina's mother.

“NEVER!” said Tina.

“Uh-oh, ” said Tina's mother.

So Tina woreher socks for a long time.

She wore them for one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, TEN whole days.

EW! Her mother said, “Tina, I knowyou love these socks.

Just let me wash them really quick.

They will start to SMELLif you don't get them washed.

” “Socks, socks, wonderful socks, ” said Tina, “I'm never, NEVER going to take them off.

” After Tina wore her socks for ten more days, the kids at school said, “Tina, what a SMELL! Change your socks!” “Socks, wonderful socks, ” said Tina, “I am never, never, never NEVER, NEVER going to take them off.

“They even have stink lines.

After Tina wore her socks for TEN more days, a wholeflock of Canada geese flew over her house and dropped right out of the skyfrom the smell.

Two moose walked through her yard and fell over from the smell.

Ducks, raccoons and squirrels fell over when she walked to school.

Finally, even askunk fell over from the smell.

Tina's friends decided to do something.

They allcame to her house and knocked on the door.

Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! When Tinaopened the door, they grabbed her and carried her to the river.

There they heldtheir noses and took off her socks.

Some of the kids held Tina and some ofthe kids washed the socks.

Scrub, scrub scrub, scrub.

All the fish in the riverfloated up to the top and acted like they were dead.

(whisper: I don't blame them).

The kids washed some more.

Scrub, scrub, scrub, scrub.

All the beavers ran out of the river andwent to live with Tina's grandfather.

The kids washed some more.

Scrub, scrub, scrub, scrub.

Far down the river people said “How come the river smells like dirty socks?” Finally the socks were clean.

“Wow!” said Tina, “They look nicer when they are clean!” “Wow!” said Tina, “They smell nicer when they are clean!” “Wow!” said Tina, They feelnicer when they are clean!” Tina put on the socks and said, “I am going to wearclean socks from now on.

” The beavers left her grandfather's house and went backinto the river.

The Canada Geese got up off the ground and flew away.

The fishdecided that they were not dead after all and jumped and splashed in the river.

Tina went to her mom and said, “My socksare nice and clean and I think it would be very nice if you took me to town toget me a nice new red, yellow and green shirt.

” “Promise to wash it?” said her mom.

“No, ” said Tina, “if I wait long enough the kids at school will wash it for me.

” I love that story! How smelly out yoursocks? I really hope that you've changed them since you've been home because, ifnot, yikes! Alright, guys, so I would like to sing another song with you becauseyou know it's what we do.

Uum .



Okay, first of all, I just want to know, did you guys hear that thing about black socks?I heard .



I don't know if it's true I heard, though, that black socksnever get dirty.

Did you know that? I'll tell you how I know.

I learned it from a song.

Are you ready? I've got some black socks.

Black socks, they never get dirty.

Thelonger you wear them the stronger they get.

Sometimes I think I should wash thembut something keeps telling me no, no, not yet.

Not yet, not yet, not yet.

Black socks, they never get dirty.

The longer you wear them the stronger they get.

Sometimes Ithink I should wash them but something keeps telling me no, no, not yet.

Not yet, not yet, not yet.

What do you think? Do you think that they get stronger thelonger you leave them? I bet they get stinkier.


Guys, I found something at thetop of my stairs today and I have no idea where it came from.

It's this treasure box and when I openedit up, it was entirely filled with socks.

I don't understand where it came from.

I don't even .



they're not even put together, they aren't even with theirpartners.

I have a challenge for all of you.

I want you to get as many mismatchedsocks as you can.

You can do it for fun, you can set a timer if you want.

You canrace your brothers and sisters or mom and dad.

I want to see how fast you canfind these pairs and put them together.

See how fast you can put the socks backtogether into their partners, into their matches.

And I want you to comment on the video and tell us how fast you went or howmuch fun you had.

Or even send us pictures of your crazy socks because weLOVE SOCKS! Also I'm going to challenge you to one other thing if you want to.

SoI've got these words on the wall.

The main one here is SOCKS.

How many words canyou think of that rhyme with socks? I've got box, locks, ox, fox.

Write them all down.

Write themin different colors if you want, some rainbow writing.

Colour them in.

Drawpictures, whatever you want.

If you want to share those with us, we would love tosee those too.

So, guys, we're at the end here of our storytime and I'm so gladthat I got to spend some time with you today.

It was so nice to be able to singand read with you and I cannot wait to see all of your smiling faces again verysoon.

So, have a great day everybody.

Bye, I miss you.

Bye guys.


Brooklyn Tweed | How To: Wale Stitch for Hazelfern Socks

[Music] the whale stitch is a three stitch insertion in our hazel firm sock pattern that can give knitters some trouble so we're going to show you how to do it today I've created a swatch here with three instances of the stitch so that I can just show you

exactly that but on the sock pattern this column of three stitches is inserted among other patterning so the whale stitches worked every fourth row to create this chevron column here so here I am on the fourth row of the repeat ready to do the whale stitch and what

what we're gonna do you see down here in the the lower portion of the pattern you have this kind of these large elongated stitches here creating a sort of V out of a central hole this hole here right there and so what we're gonna do is be knitting

down into a stitch three rows below the live stitches on the needle so you're going to knit your first stitch here normally now you're instructed in the pattern to knit into three rows below the stitch on the needle now don't count this stitch in that I'll get in

here with my tapestry needle to show you here's one here's two and the third stitch here is where you want to go you also notice that that third stitch already has a little bit of an opening so it's a little easier to see it then the stitches above

so basically you're going to go into that little opening between this V from the last time you did this stitch you go in there and you're going to work a regular knitted stitch but you're going to double wrap it so I wrapped the yarn around the needle twice

and I come out of that hole and I pull away and you can see that I've got a double app on my right stitch now I'm going to knit the center stitch normally and then we're gonna go back into that hole one more time and do the same

thing with a double wrap you see the second time you go in it's even bigger it's even easier to see because you're sort of pulling it open from that first double wrap this is the trickiest part of the stitch I like to get my left needle in there

first just to help me go in and keep a little tension on my yarn as well as I go in so I don't lose any of the stitches I just made so I'm back in that same position wrapping the needle twice and coming out and then sliding off

so now I've got this first double wrap that Center stitch that I just knit and the second double wrap they're both you see how big that stitch has become because I've got those two now double wrap stitches coming out of it so it's stretching that open and I'm

going to knit the fifth stitch so you'll notice now that what was three stitches when I encountered it is now five although it looks like seven because two of those five stitches have double wraps so I have the first stitch the second stitch double wrap the third stitch

the fourth stitch which is a double wrap and the fifth stitch so all of a sudden my three stitches here have turned into five and I'm going to decrease those five down to three on the next on the next row that I work so I'll show you one

more time I've got my three stitches here I'm ready to do the whale stitch knit one duck down into that hole right there that's three stitches below my live stitch on my needle double wrap and come out now I'm going to knit the next stitch regularly okay I'm

going to go back into that hole use my left needle tip to help me get in there double wrap come back out we've got that one and I'm going to knit the final stitch so again I've got five stitches two of which are double wraps coming out of

what was three before I began this row so now you see if we follow each of these whales will columns up we've got this little cluster of stitches that we're going to take care of on the next row now I'm knitting a flat swatch but this pattern isn't

it on a circular sock so I'm gonna just slide my needle through here so I can show you the next row which is going to be worked also from the right side and the pattern that we're talking about all right so now I'm coming along it's the it's

the round following the whale stitch that we just worked and I run into this cluster of stitches now before I work these I like to slip over and get this double wrap stitch under bold so that it's just treated as a regular stitch so you see I slipped

both of those off and now basically I have the five stitches are more clearly visible with stitch two and four having quite a bit more yarn in them they're looser and so now that I'm here I'm gonna work a knit two together over the first two stitches knit

the center stitch and then SSK on the second pair of stitches and because I just worked those two decreases you can see that that five stitches that I had now becomes 3 and that's completes the special maneuver so here we are again we've got that cluster of what

looks like seven stitches but it's actually five I'm just going to slip over to get these double wraps nice and clean make my decreases easier I'm going to work in knit two together and it's the center stitch and work an SSK and then knit two together leans right

the SSK leans left and that's what creates this v-shape where the elongated stitch that you've made is leaning out in either direction and see now that we've just created another section of these elongated V stitches here and we're back to three stitches above the whale like that and

that's how you do the whale stitch [Music]