DIY Dog Plushie!! EASY Puppy Sock Plush Tutorial! Fun Budget Crafts

Hi guys, and welcome back to Maqaroon I realized that for some reason I've always uploaded plushie videos on Christmas day So I thought this would be a nice tradition to keep 2018 is going to be the Chinese year of the dog So I decided to make this cute

puppy plush loosely based on the emoji If you're new here, then a big welcome and please subscribe to both of my channels And be sure to check out my plushie playlist Which has tons of tutorials for other animals To get started, you'll need some fluffy socks These two

colors actually came in the same set from H&M So, if there's a shop close to you, then you might still be able to get the same ones First, take the white sock Turn it inside out and then press the heel part flat just like this Then grab a

pen and draw a curve slightly above the heel I'll be using black thread in this video because you can see it better on camera However, you should always use the same color thread that matches the sock Begin by back stitching along the line If you've never made sock

plushies before, then I strongly recommend watching this video here Which explains all of the stitches in detail A back stitch is where your stitches overlap each other slightly and this helps it join the fabric together much more strongly Now, cut out your sock just above the curve Turn

the sock the right way around and grab a large handful of stuffing You'd be amazed at how much can fit inside these socks So, make sure you use as much as i'm doing here Start by putting the first ball inside to create the head And then use a

slightly larger ball of stuffing to create the body Once you're happy with the shape, trim the fabric if needed and sew a running stitch all around the edge This is the easiest type of stitch and if you tug on the thread Then you should pull the opening closed

just like a drawstring bag Then, sew another circle across these tiny folds And pull the thread so that everything is sealed completely And lastly, just criss-cross the thread several times and tie a knot to make sure everything is secured in place A good trick for hiding the thread

is to exit somewhere else in the plushie And then cut the thread close to the fabric so it simply disappears into the stuffing Next, take your other sock and draw two avocado shapes like this These are going to be the ears Back stitch along the outline But make

sure you leave a tiny gap at the top Then cut out both pieces and flip them around There's no need to stuff these since the sock fabric is already so thick and fluffy Simply attach these onto the body using a ladder stitch This is where you alternate one

stitch on the head and one stitch on the ear Once again, if you find the sewing techniques confusing Then please watch this video here where everything is explained step by step in detail I'm going to be using beads for eyes But you can also use buttons or simply

glue-on circles of black felt If you decide to use small beads like this Then it's important to attach the eyes using ONE piece of thread This can be slightly fiddly since you have to push the needle back and forth all the time However, this really helps you achieve

a professional result Both of your eyes should look symmetrical and be slightly indented into the plush Afterwards, you can exit the thread under the ear Which helps to hide any loose ends To make the nose,i'm simply cutting out a piece of brown felt and sticking this on using

craft glue Then, I'm using some thick embroidery thread to create the mouth This step is probably the most difficult part of this DIY So if you have any problems with it, then you could simply make the whole mouth using fabric felt instead That method is shown in more

detail in this Pusheen plush video Now take the remaining piece of sock and draw a curve next to the heel Back stitch along the line making sure to leave a small opening at the top Then cut this out and turn everything back to front Once again, there's no

need to stuff anything since the sock fabric is already so fluffy Just attach it to the body and your tail is done Lastly, cut out two circles from the left-over fabric These should be about 5 centimeters or 2 inches in diameter Sew a running stitch along the edge

and then add a tiny piece of stuffing to the center Now, gently pull the thread shut while pushing the stuffing inside with your other hand And you should be able to get a perfect ball like this Make several stitches across the top to hold the opening closed And

then attach this to the body Then, simply repeat the process to make the other foot And now, your puppy sock plush is done I realized that this ended up looking a lot like a bunny So, what do you think? Leave a comment down belong with the emoji that

you think best fits this plush I hope all of you are having a well deserved break And i'm honored that we got to spend a few minutes of the holidays together! You can also follow me on Instagram To see what I'm doing right now on Christmas day This

is Joanna Thank you so much for watching and i'll see you in my next video Bye!