Huggle Slipper Socks Review: as seen on TV products tested! Huggle Slipper Socks

not that long ago I did a review on thisone-size-fits-all Huggle do you remember that I turn on the inside I look likethe abominable snowman now today we're going to be talking about a new line ofproducts from Huggle and they're it's called their slipper socks they lookpretty cool but before we get into that I'm Jeff with Jeff reviews for you andif you're new here my channel is dedicated to reviewing as seen on TVitems consumer gadgets other household goods and once in a while I throw in alittle DIY stuff just for fun if you'd like that and you want to see more ofthese videos please consider subscribing to my channel down below and hittingthat Bell so you notified every time I release a video just like this one nowlet's get to a quick unboxing of the Huggle slipper socks I'm going to takethe hoggle off because it was just too hotalright so let's unbox these socks I couldn't really find a place to open itmaybe at the bottom but I'm just gonna pull them out the top and see what itdoes here alright so they fall out what I gotta cut with the scissors but as myfirst feel of these these are really thick I mean does say soft and luxuriousand they weren't lying I should tell you these are about $12.

88 when I boughtthem at Walmart that's kind of expensive I think for one pair of socks but theseare really really thick if you remember the original Huggle it has this fleecelining well that's very similar to what this is these actually feel a littlenicer now the Huggle here has been washed a few times so maybe that's thedifference these socks do say they're gonna be soft and fluffy many many timeseven after you wash them though there look at that I got the Huggle logo righthere on the bottom I'm soft warm cozy so what we need to do now is we actuallyneed to try them on and well let's see if these little feet grippers actuallywork they say this is one size fits all and if you have smaller feet you justroll down the cuff I guess I don't know what you do if youhave bigger feet these don't these look like maybe they'll fit me but I'm notsure so let's go try them on and see what we got alreadyand then I'm struggling to get the other one on this is what they look like I'llstraighten this out a little on my feet now I do have a size 12 and a half footso maybe these aren't meant for me I do like however the grippy foot on thebottom I feel like this is going to give you lots of traction almost like arubbery feel they are pretty tight coming around my foot yet again thatcould be just because I have pretty big feet I do like that you can roll this upor roll it down this fleece material goes throughout the entire sock so it'sdefinitely gonna keep me warm I wonder if I sweat after a while but this is myfirst look at these I like them I think they're pretty decent especially if youget cold in the winter or those cold fall nights these will be great socks toadd to your collection so these are machine washable so I'm gonna throw themin here to the wash load I'm gonna throw some towels in here so I'm not tooworried about reason I say that is when I wash the Huggle for the first timethat white fleece stuff got over everything so I'm gonna put some towelsin there for if it gets fleece on I don't really care but I'm gonna check tosee what this looks like after I wash and dry them if you liked this video sofar this is a perfect time to hit that thumbs up button down below I appreciatethe support let's see what these look like after they are washed so I justtook these out of the dryer and they're still a little warm I was impressed tosee that you know what they still look good this cable-knit style what theyhave didn't have any tears the fleece that's here still looks good there mightbe little pieces from the towels or whatever else in there but they came offreal quick I was really impressed to see even the silicone base so the anti slipbase was still there and in tact I was pretty impressed now Ialready I already mentioned the price but I want to talk with that again it'sabout thirteen dollars for one pair of socks let me know in the comment sectionbelow do you think that's a little high see I kind of think it's at the higherend of the price point and you might want to wait a month or two when theseget cut in half at least in price I know Walmart tends to do that after about amonth so let me know in the comment section what you think about the priceof these socks now if you remember back to when I had them on they were kind oftight and snug on me even though it says one size fits all now I do have a sizetwelve and a half foot and my wife will probably be the one utilizing these butif you have a larger foot just know that these probably won't work for you theywere soft they were comfortable they are warm but definitely not for people withlarger feet I didn't show this before but I I did like this fleece lining goesall the way through the sock so it will keep you warm and now that I look at itit looks kind of like one of those mints that you can clean the outside of yourcar with so hey if you can't use it for socks you at least got an extra thing toclean your car this was Jeff with Jeff reviews for you and that was my reviewof the Huggle socks or the Huggle slipper socks if you remember earlier onin this video I was wearing the actual Huggle a review I did not so long agomake sure you're logged in because I'm gonna link it right up here in just aminute so you can go check out that review if you hadn't already seen itactually if you already seen it go watch it again it's something but I'm gonnalink right up here so hey I'll see you right up here at that review you'llclick on it.