Learn to Knit Socks part 2 – Heel Flap

okay now you've had a chance to finish up the cuff of the sock and it should look something like this the pattern tells you to do the knit 2 purl 2 rib for 2 inches but really you can make it any length that you like you just have

to remember to make the other sock to match so and I want to show you first how to measure to see how much cuff you have one thing you can do is you can count the number of stitches by counting the v's all the way up like this

or you can take your your ruler and set it I'm putting the last line of five here right at the bottom of the needle and measuring all the way down so from 5 to 3 I have a solid two inches there but usually what I'll do is I

will count the stitches to make sure the two socks match exactly okay the next thing that we're going to get started on here now that we have two inches of cuff is to make the heel flap and this is what the heel flap looks like when you're finished

with it you stop knitting with two needles and just knit back and forth like you want a scarf on one needle now you can see this doesn't look like straight stockinette or straight knitting like you would see here in the rib this stitch is called eye of partridge

I have Partridge yes I have partridge and every other stitch is slipped and it makes it a denser fabric than regular stockinette stitch and the reason for that is because the back of the heel is a high wear spot on socks and so a denser fabric will keep

you from getting holes in your socks so I already told you these socks aren't that great for stuffing into shoes but this is all really good practice because these are things that you will see in every sock pattern that you ever knit so that's the heel flap I'm

going to show you how to get started on that right now so take your your cuff and rearrange the stitches remember here is the beginning of our round because that's where the tail and the yarn is rearrange the stitches so that you have 20 stitches on the first

needle and 10 on the other two and now I don't want to mess up the space here the beginning of my round so I'm going to transfer everything this way and not mess this up so I already know I have 16 stitches on this needle so I'm going

to transfer four two three four that should give me 22 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 yes and I have 2 4 6 8 on this needle so I'm going to transfer 2 from the other one on to hear when you're slipping stitches you always

transfer and slip stitches as if to purl if you transfer as if to knit you're going to twist the stitches now I'm saying always but there's an exception coming up here pretty soon but I'm going to transfer these as if to purl so I don't twist them ok

so here's the beginning of my round 20 stitches on needle 1 and 10 stitches on needles 2 and 3 now I'm just going to work back and forth on needle 1 for now if you look at your pattern the the heel flap is a two row pattern let

me show you how this looks grab an empty needle I'm going to slip the first stitch as if to knit knit the next stitch and that's what the pattern says you repeat that pattern all the way across the whole first row slip as if to purl knit slip

as if to purl knit slip as if to purl knit this is the secret to the denser fabric that I was telling you about it's the eye of partridge stitch I always think bird of paradise it's not paradise it's eye of partridge something to do with birds okay

so that was Row one now for Row 2 we're not knitting in the round anymore we're knitting back and forth so I'm just going to flip it as if I was knitting a scarf just on this needle here the other two needles just going to hang there and

wait for me to come back to them now don't get confused by the pattern here Row one was alternating slipping knitting slipping knitting slipping knitting all the way across the row row two you only slip the first stitch I even put it in caps purl across all remaining

stitches you slip the first one and then purl across the rest that let me show you as if to purl and purl across all of the remaining stitches okay no slipping after the first stitch that's it that is the two row repeat for the heel flap you're going

to alternate those two rows for 20 rows total and then work Row 1 one more time and I always use one of these this is a Cacho row counter this one's awesome because it has a lock on it that keeps it from registering rows when you're not when

it's in your knitting bag you're not using it you want to keep track of your rows it's a little bit hard to count when at least for me it is what I switch from the ribbing to the eye of partridge stitch there's always a question whether it's one

row less or one row more so I always keep count with one of these in fact I'm so awesome that I always wear it around my neck on a ratty piece of yarn and find myself in the grocery store later still wearing it wonder why people are looking

at me funny so repeat those two rows for 20 rows total work Row one one more time 21 rows and when you come back we'll work on turning the heel you