Let's Be Literal About Sock Yarn // Episode 7 // Knitting

hi hello it is it is the countess I hope you're very very well today I am jumping on very quickly because I want to talk about something that's it gets on my nerves a little bit this is something that I spoke about in a blog post a couple

of years ago so I'm just gonna recreate it now in video form and in verse your ever so slightly so let's go let's be literal about sake on so I have a bit of a gripe about sake on I'm quite literal about what sake on is to me

sake on means quite literally yawn is suitable for sock knitting or crocheting which is why on the website I have always distinguished between sock yarn and fingering yarn and we do exactly the same thing here in our studio in Manchester behind me this wall here is everything that

is suitable for sock knitting and then over on the other side off-camera is yarn that is fingering weight that is not suitable at all for knitting socks yes I know I am using the word fingering which is an Americanism instead of 4 ply that opens up a whole

other discussion about plies and which we can do another time let's do that another time but anyway it means I get to say that I have fingering floor which means I'm very very juvenile and it does elicit a couple of Snickers so yes that is what ideas the

terms sock yarn and fingering are often interchangeable and this comes up with problems and as we've all evolved to read the internet in well numbers really cheers the speed of that then I have a numerical list so we'll start with number one number one just because a yarn

is in the region of 350 to 400 and 25 meters in length it does not mean that it is going to be suitable for sock knitting number two merino beautifully squishy it takes dye like a dream however it needs nylon blended in for something I think merino has

a very short staple length very very short which makes it viable to pill when you just look at it it pills very very easily therefore it is not strong number three single ply-yarns should not be used to knit socks so for instance we have T merino here which

is a superwash merino single ply yarn for the love of all things holy do not knit socks with this not only will when you blog will go to block it it will stretch out hugely which is why we recommend always that it is just for Shores however you

need a plied yarn for strength ideally with a nice tight twist so because these single ply-yarns they stretch so much you're going to end up with socks that you're going to trip over and I'm you know I'm the kind of person who will laugh at that kind of

thing you know you probably don't want me to do that but seriously you need that strength you will just wear them the once and that's it just the once you will have holes in them in no time number four yarns made from a long stable length fiber such

as mohair or Blueface Leicester are the absolute dog's bollocks for sock knitting they are very very tough they do not pill very easily at all so they look newer for longer and you don't necessarily need to have nylon blended in you just need a really good twist in

that ply for instance I have a pair of socks here which is designed by Jane Morrison who goes by the name yarnís n' and these are called manhole socks these here are knitted in the colorway urbex on the blue-faced baron fingering the st not have nylon him and

they hold up quite well very very well number five machine washable yarns they have their uses easy care and that is a bonus you can just toss them in the washing machine at 30 degrees and you're gonna be fine number 6 although non super wash yawns they're handy

if you do not mind hand washing personally I hand wash all of my socks even the machine washable ones just if anything to preserve the dye in them for much longer however with a non super wash yarn which is a yarn that has not been treated to be

machine washable you're going to find that the world will felts in high friction places like the heels and even a little bit but at the tone couldn't get away at the toes and even on the soles actually this can make you stronger sock because of the felting however

it also means nobody can steal your socks to wear them because they will have mold into your feet that is definitely one advantage so the yarns suitable for sock knitting and crocheting from us at countess ablaze are lady Persephone sock which is what you can see behind me

by count of spark which is merino and nylon with a bit of Stellina which is Apollo might the sparkles that also add a little bit of strength but with pomade also been made on and finally our super wash nylon free sock yarn is the blue faced Byron fingering

which is a high twist British blue face Leicester wool I'm also going to pick up the knitting goddess who they do a full I bricked sock which is let's have a look let me just make sure I've got this right it is British blue face Leicester Wensleydale alpaca

and nylon if you are wanting to make socks without nylon when wick mum has an excellent blog series where she reviews different ones and I'm gonna link to that underneath so the reason that I'm telling you this not only originally as a blog post on our website but

now recording this is a vlog for you I feel really really sad at how many stories we hear from people who have knitted socks with unsuitable yarn such as camel silk no no or single ply Merinos again really no simply because it has been sold to them as

sock yarn there needs to be a very distinct difference between sock yarn and fingering weights sock yarn is not a weight in my opinion so really there are times when being very very literal about this is a benefit so I hope this when you go looking through your

stash now as to what you want to make with me make your socks out of then you can choose with a little more thought but seriously don't come crying to me if you make tear Marino's arks they will never work they will never work I promise you know

I will speak to you again very very shortly bye bye