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[Music] we got light of the car and we saw that was speeding and we were gonna stop it for that violation when we got behind it it exited and took a different Road and failed to stop at the soft sign so we we turned our lights on the

car pulled over to the side of the road and we made contact with both the driver and the passenger and as soon as we walked up to the vehicle we can see that they were both very nervous my approach approach the pastor was you know I asked for

his ID and I was like to let him hold it out there for a second and he was shaking bad he was visibly shaking guys doing do you have a license oh so you really shouldn't be driving then you step on the car for me please you're not

necessarily going to jail ma'am but we got to figure out what's going on okay I went up and I got the information from the driver and my partner went up and got the information from the passenger he stayed with the occupants of the vehicle to make sure that

they're not gonna destroy any evidence or pull out a weapon or hurt either one of us and my partner went back to patrol vehicle and started widen up to see if they were you know any violent felons if they were wanted for anything you know check the status

of the license they both knew that they were suspended so I never lost my dog just gave a positive alert to the odor of a narcotic in the vehicle which means you've had drugs in the car recently or somebody you knows don't drugs in the car I'm gonna

find any drugs in the car okay could you see you tell me I'm never done any drugs in the car but you got needles in your pocket off the bat and another one that doesn't jive ascribe it but you know no doctor prescribes injections we're fortunate have a

k-9 on our unit and the k-9 arrived you know within a couple minutes of the traffic stop so while we were dealing with you know run to the people and checking them and all that and talking to our k-9 unit was able to show up and he walked

his dog around a vehicle they cannot alerted to the presence of drugs in the car and when you get that alert you're immediately thinking that it's gonna be inside the car after searching this car very thoroughly we weren't able to find anything illegal in the car so that

makes you think that the the drugs or whatever is illegal is didn't be on the people that were in the car so we we searched both of them and initially couldn't find anything and when we got down to the defendants socks he became real apprehensive and uncooperative he

did not want to take his socks off he's out yeah like take them off on the side of the road taking your socks off it's not unfair yeah won't this pull this foot out here then my clothes officer stop good criminals aren't just gonna hide stuff in their

pockets in their waistband they're gonna hide stuff where where you don't necessarily want to go and feel around and and have to touch but sometimes if if you you know something's there you've got a you've got a glove up and and and do that you pull it again

listen you pull away again you're gonna get slammed on the ground please don't do that so at that point he knew he was caught he knew that we found the drugs on him and after we read him his rights he owned up to everything and he tried to

give a story about his mom that she'd been sick and and she'll be real upset that he's getting arrested in her cars getting towed which rightfully so she probably will be upset but that doesn't change the fact that he's out there doing drugs carrying drugs and going to

jail you know I honestly think those guys you know do that to try to tug at your heartstrings so that you know you're gonna kind of get lazy – all this guy doesn't have something and you know maybe let him go if you find something but you know

you know if he's if his mom's in that bad of shape and he's out doing what he's doing he really doesn't care maybe who had stopped and thought about a little bit and not done drugs tonight you'd be home into your mom they said it going to jail

the car unfortunately because he didn't have a license I can't let him drive it away from here it's gonna get towed all right what's she like at the end of the traffic stop the driver had a suspended license so we went ahead and wrote in the summons to

go to court and the passengers on that went to jail for the drugs you know it's good that you know you think man they gave me that I missed something it's good you know it's good if it's just my little mountain you know they didn't beat you you

got their drugs you put them in jail so it's a good feeling you