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Alright everyone, it's time to talk aboutshoes.

A number of years ago Nike asked us a question:”Is it the shoes.

” To be honest with you, I really think thatit is.

The shoes that have been developed over theyears are amazing.

I'm going to give you a quick introductionto them, talk about wearing them and how to use them.

Hi I'm Pieter Neethling with SmartRockClimbing.


Training you to climb from the ground up.

So to give you a little appreciation for rockclimbing shoes, the first shoes were literally metal cleats that people would take up onlong climbs.

These are definitely not the shoes that youwant to take anymore.

We've come a long since then, so now mostrock climbing shoes have a type of rubber that's super sticky and is able to stick tothe rock amazingly well.

To be honest with you, I am consistently impressedwith how well rock climbing shoes perform on the rocks.

If you're not convinced, I encourage you tostart climbing with some rock climbing shoes and then try climbing with some sneakers, some tennis shoes or some other form of shoe.

In that moment you will gain such an appreciationfor the gear that's been created for rock climbing.

Most rock climbing shoes are created in Italyor other parts of Europe and so, because of that, they just use the European sizing.

So to help you with figuring out what sizeof shoe you should wear, here's a universal size chart.

Depending on the shoe makers, some shoe sizeswill be a little bit smaller or some will be bigger.

In the different reviews that you can findon different rock climbing retailer sites, you will be able to find helpful informationto find the perfect size for you.

One thing to let you know is that a lot ofrock climbing retailers are amazing when it comes to return policy.

So if you think “Oh, this might be the rightsize for me” and then you find out “Man, this is just a size to big” just let the retailerknow and you can usually send the shoes right back.

Whether the shoes you get maybe has Velcroor maybe laces, the goal is to have them feel secure.

A lot of people may feel like rock climbingshoes feel super tight when they're climbing.

To tell you the truth, that secure feelingcan feel a little bit tight.

But I'm telling you, you want them to be niceand snug when you're up on the wall because that will make a big difference in your climbingskill.

One thing to take into consideration whenyou're trying to get some shoes is what your goal is.

Most climbers, are just out there to havea good time and not do the most aggressive climbs.

For that, I suggest using a flat pair of shoes.

But if you're interested in doing some aggressivebouldering or some unique techniques, there are shoes with a more aggressive downturnthat are able to help you for those particular problems.

To be honest, rock climbing shoes do not lastforever.

One thing you can do to help you if you'rein a situation when you're looking at your shoes and you're like “I don't know if I cando this, ” is you can get your shoes resoled.

Now there's a variety of sites that you cango to to resole your shoes.

In the description below, you can find a couplelinks that can help you to resole your shoes.

A typical resole costs somewhere around $45.

Though that might sound a little bit expensive, it's definitely cheaper than getting an $80, $90 $150 pair of rock climbing shoes.

Now for the debate: Shoes I wear socks, orshould I go sockless when I'm rock climbing.

To tell you the truth, it's really up to you.

For some people, they like to feel a bit moresnug so they will wear rocks, for other people they like to feel a little more control ontheir footwork when they're rock climbing.

For me personally, I like to go sockless.

I like having a little bit more extra controlwhen I'm climbing and it doesn't really bother me climbing without socks.

The one thing I've got to let you know aboutwhen you start climbing without socks, your shoes will start to smell a little bit quicker.

There's a variety of different methods forhelping you clean your shoes from Febreze to dryer sheets, to hand washing them.

In the future I'm going to be creating additionalvideos to talk more about shoe maintenance.

But if not really interested in repairingshoes or dealing with smelly shoes, you could always go Gollum style and climb without them.

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