Soft Cozy 2pack AloeInfused Socks

an offer going on just for today were you $5.

00 to ship your entire Christmas deck the halls' purchases wow that's a big deal especially if you're buying multiple items keep that in mind let's talk about these socks let's talk about it they get a multiple I didn't realize it was two pair and they're not just socks I want you to see you decide if you want the pewter where you get a striped and a solid or we have the dusk where it's gonna be more like a denim color where you get the stripe in the solid or you have a dusty rose again striped and solid one size fits most but it's not just a pair of socks and not just a pair of comfy socks these are actually infused with aloe o so when you put them on your feet you are getting that nourishment that moisturizing that softness that we love from aloe on every part of your feet and I don't know about you in the wintertime especially my feet are freezing cold I love to sleep in socks like this how about doing that and at the same time you're actually getting a benefit on your feet because and when the weather's cold and everything is dry we're running the heat you think about your feet I think your feet take such abuse all year long this is a great way to add some softness and some coziness that's true and these are the kind of gifts I think that are easy to give to everybody because you know most of us we we can never have enough of yeah pairs of something really cozy and snuggly but the fact that these are aloe infused just makes them even more like you said beneficial and you're getting two pair and they're $9.

99 well and what I love about things like this if you're giving it as a gift it's a two pack so maybe you can keep one for you that way I know you had the same reaction these are awesome I who would love to get aloe infused socks especially at this time of year your feet are cold you can even wear these inside your boots I would totally they're not a really totally thick as a lot of socks are really so thick that you couldn't do that that's right these have a softness and they have a little bit of texture but they're not too heavy that you could actually wear them in your in your boots and these are not as you can see they're not holiday themed so you can wear these year-round yeah you know this is like a little spa gift and I think sometimes that's hard to achieve there's a lot of people I know on my list that I want to give something to but it's maybe not in the budget these are really affordable and it's that nice little happy you know it's like I thought of you I want to make you feel pampered this is a great way to do it and at the same time you're getting two pairs no is better and because it's one font size fits most you don't need to know what size is gonna be right for them which once again takes the stress out of shopping you've got four flex if you want to use the four flex these are two dollars and fifty cents to get home if you lose that four flex they're only $9.

99 so if you don't want to use flex at all okay no big deal you wouldn't even notice this on your credit card bill you've got an HSN exclusive price I mean I'm sorry HS an exclusive item so you're not gonna find these in particular anywhere else and it's soft and cozy we love soft & cozy from the throes from their late you know good blankets the angel wrap and now you can have soft and cozy on your and these are brand-new again you're the first to see these as well and just from the outside you can feel I mean these are so soft and once you put them on they feel so good I want to mention also these are machine washable we do recommend line dry okay the only difference so you don't have to baby these you can put your lotions and stuff on inside them as well and the aloe infused is still Oh infuse is still there and you can feel it it's that smooth and if that softness that moisturizing against your skin it feels really good I also like socks not only as a little happy gift but also if you are a gift card giver this is a great way to add a little personal something with it just lifts the Govardhan inside it the little in that just a cute way to package things and you're not breaking the bank and it's personalized and these are great gifts too if you have that college student there's teens and tweens and green kids that you don't know what to buy for this is perfect gonna say because you know they want cash but you don't want to just hand you know something with it that's right and this just allow you know it really allows you to have a really nice gift without breaking the bank without having to try too hard or think too hard everyone will receive it wonderfully and I would and I love the fact that you're getting your choice of three colors so this is the dusty rose this one is called pewter and this one is called dusk and it's like a denim color just like a denim blue and you're getting this stripe and the solids it really it's like getting two gifts yes honestly I love it 6 2 4 9 0 2 is the item number to get that home so.