WEB EXCLUSIVE: Having Sex with Socks On

[MUSIC] Welcome back to The Real, andhello, my YouTube friends.

It's time for another exclusive girl chatsegment just for you, because, girl, we're not done chatting yet.

[MUSIC] Okay, so listen, listen, listen.

Did you know that those socks thathelp keep your feet warm can actually heat things up in the bedroom? That's right.

According to Elite Daily research showsthat couples who keep their socks on during sex has had a 30%increase in reaching climax.

>> [LAUGH]>> Really? >> Yeah.

I don't know where these people->> I agree 100%.

>> How is that so? >> The study also found that socks tend toboost the female sex drive because they help women feel safe and secure.

>> [LAUGH]>> So ladies, I wanna know which one of you all at this table is knockingthem boots with the socks on? >> [LAUGH]>> You know what? I believe whoever made socks->> No.

>> Hit me with this.

>> No.

>> Who studies with socks on? >> Yeah, your man's supposed to make youfeel safe and secure, not your socks? >> [LAUGH]>> I would just feel hot, you know what I mean? My feet would sweat.

>> [CROSSTALK]>> Toes on your toes.

>> Me too, I like feeling toes.

>> Yes.

>> [LAUGH] >> Plus when you're having sex, sometimes your feet justkind of end up in the air.

And when you've got socks on like that, it's never sexy.

>> Exactly.

>> Right? >> Somebody has some ugly-ass feet, came up with this.

>> I know! >> They had to keep they socks on, cuzthey was [CROSSTALK] growing fungus and they have nasty feet.

>> Yes.

>> I have a nice pedicure, I like to show my toes.

>> Yeah, [CROSSTALK]>> [APPLAUSE] >> Red toes, >> Don't you? >> Nice don't you all like to grip too with like your feet->> You'll slide in the socks? >> Wait wait wait.

>> I'm just saying.

>> Hold on, you know what I”m talking about.

>> What you talking about, what kind of a position is that? About no I don't know what you're talkingabout, pterodactyl Tam, what do you mean? >> [LAUGH]>> Come on Adrian you know what I'm talking about when you were, when you were->> [CROSSTALK] >> Let her say it.

>> No I'm thinking of my kids, guysseriously I'm thinking of my kids when they watch YouTube so I'm gonna tryto do this the classiest way, okay? >> Do it girl.

>> Okay.

>> So it's just like when you're on top of your man.

>> I can do it, I ain't got kids, let's do it.

>> [APPLAUSE]>> You're gonna talk with your man, I'm sorry, my feet, yes, Lonnie.

My feet has to grip the sheets.

>> Yes!>> Your feet have to grip the sheets.

>> And if you got on socks, you gonna slip.

Yeah, Tam, okay.

>> And I'm sorry, butI need your socks off, cuz your toes could tell me ifI'm doing it right or wrong.

>> [LAUGH]>> When they be pointing up, no difference.

And when they point->> [LAUGH] >> When your toes start throwing gang signs, I know I'm doing something right.

>> Toes throw gang signs.

>> Yes.

>> I love it.

>> But what is it that you'dlike to keep on during sex? That's a question there.

>> If I have to keep something on? >> If you had to keep something on.

>> I do think tights.

I think when women have pantyhoseon that you keep your tights on, I think that's hot.

>> They just got to cut the crotch out? What are they gonna do? >> No, girl, no.


>> You know what Ilike to keep on I've actually had someone, when you're in there, and you get excited, you just take those pantyhose and you [SOUND].

>> That's sexy>> It is hot.

>> You think your man ain't strong, and then he's like.

>> I like to keep my bra on.

>> I'm sorry.

>> You know I like to keep my bra on, and then let it get hot andthen let him start.

>> [LAUGH]>> That's hot.

[APPLAUSE]>> Or when you just keep your panties on and you just move it to the side.

>> [APPLAUSE]>> [CROSSTALK] >> Slide to the right.

>> Done that, too.

>> Yes, that's enough for today, ladies.

>> That's all for today.

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