What's The Ideal Sock Height? | GCN Asks The Pros

– The UCI's rule book.

How we'd all love to just rip it up and throw it away.

Well, there is one rule whichwas recently introduced, and that was all about sock length.

Let's ask the riders whatthey think about that and also what the idealsock length should be.

(techno music) – (laughs) Triathletes, be careful.

– (laughing) (air whooshing) You are a stylish man, I've got to say.

Now the UCI was got a ruleabout the length of the socks.

(laughing) What's the perfect sock length? – Now the question is the shoe cover, because also on the trackthe shoe cover is back, but yeah, always at the limit.

So, the good tips isdo a sign on your legs about your alpha part of the legs and yeah, put the socks at the limit.

– Maybe a tattoo on the leg? – Probably a tattoo, but I'mnot sure about how cool it is have the tattoo there.

(laughing) – Are you a fan of people, essentially looking like triathletes or footballers on the bike or not? – (laughs) Triathletes, be careful.

(laughing) – Yeah, sorry about that.

– Yeah, I think there istoo long, there is too long.

Actually, I have these one pair of socks I used them quite a lot in the Giro and they just got longer and they just stretched and stretched, now are too long.

– Oh yeah.

– Yeah, yeah, that's true.

And that was too long, yeah, I think it can be too long, that's definitely.

So I don't like to go above the UCI rule.

This is the only UCIrule I like to respect.

– (laughs) So how long is too long? – How long is too long? If it goes above your calf it's too long.

– There we are, nice and simple.

– I think, it's like, ain'twe look at it and think it's a big rigmarole allover something quite petty when you look at some of the other issues we face in cycling.

But I guess it has to be, you know, in cycling is this funnytraditional that we have to still, like bicycles still look like bicycles like they did back in the day.

They're not, they don't look like, sort of your equivalent of going from a ToyotaCorolla to a Formula One car.

You still have the sortof basic silhouette of a bicycle in there, and they now want to keep the cycling tradition alive.

So I can see that.

It just has to be, you can't have peoplerolling off the start line pulling up their socks aftergoing through the check and then podium.

I mean that sort of thing is quite brazen.

So maybe some leniency.

I mean it's quite, the whole UCI check, when it first came about was quite funny.

Obviously they've got afancy old jig for it now, but you'd kind of measure.

We'd be out in the bus before measuring the distance betweenour ankle bone and our knee and then you'd draw a littleline two centimeters above where the midpoint is.

And say to the commissaire “That's, yeah, I measured it myself, that's the line.

” And he'd be like “Oh, okay you've done my job for me.

” Obviously I never did that.

– Obviously.

– But yeah, all those, that's all gone and done now 'cause they've got that realfancy jig which is it.

So the only way around it isto just pull your socks up after the start round.

– What's the ideal sock length then? Is there one? – I mean for aero it'sas high as possible.

For tan lines it's ankle socks.

For your day to day stuffI'd say a centimeter gap below the bottom of your calf muscle and the top of your socks.

– There we are.

Today though well you've gota totally different look, haven't you? But you have got yourown personalized sliders.

Pretty jealous about those actually.

[techno music] – There are definitelyother things I worry about so if at the start linesomeone's coming over and pulling my socks down, then fine.

– (laughing)- Seriously.

– I would love to see that.

Someone comes and pulls your socks down.

– Yeah.

– There's bigger things inthe world to worry about.

– Definitely, definitely.

Not only in the world, but even in cycling we could.

We have different things to worry about.

– I'd say it's secondary to a bunch of the rulesthey should be enforcing.

– Good man.

And what's the ideal sock length for you? – Whatever they give me.

– I love this guy (laughing).

– I'm absolutely clued up and I think it's allowed to be half.

Half way between your ankle and your– – Your knee? – Top of your tibia.

I don't know.

– Yeah.

– Whatever.

What I think, to be honest, if you're having them half way up it doesn't look too good anyway.

So probably optimum length for aesthetics is going to be a bit lower anyway, and then I've got no idea ifit's faster to have aero socks.

And from what I've been toldit makes almost no difference, so you know if they havea rule that's saying it has to be half way, I'd probably have it alittle bit less anyway just to not look silly.

– And what about today then? Are you rocking the perfectlength do you reckon? – Yeah, I don't know.

Yeah, these are pretty good.

We've got on the DeFeet socks.

So I'd say I'm pretty happy with that.

And they could be a bit longer for me, just 'cause I've got quite long legs, but I wouldn't say you wanttoo much higher than this.

– You're going to look tanned aren't you? Plain white socks likethat here in Australia.

Can't beat it.

– Going to look tan? Not yet.

I've not seen any real sunfor about three months.

So so far it's just been on my hands.

Plenty of suncream on somaybe in a two weeks time when we leave I'll have a tan.

– Yeah, I can't talk about burning.

Look at the state of me.

All right, cut.

(laughing) – I haven't really thought about that.

I mean, I guess in a wayit's probably better than everybody riding aroundwith tubes and stuff, just like knee-high socks.

Which would technicallybe more aerodynamic as I understand it.

I don't think that would be very nice when you go to the beach.

It looks horrible already as it is.

No, I do like sort of high socks, and if it was just for thesocks I don't really care.

But if people try to take an advantage and ride with that compression stuff.

In a way the rule's the rule, and I don't really care too much.

– Okay, is there an idealsock length for you though? – Well I'd need to be fairly long, not like these ankle socks.

– No.

– I'm not a big fan of that.

But yeah, sort of like basically this sort of height.

I've got to sort it out properly.

But that's kind of good, I don't mind.

Just underneath the calf.

– I reckon that looks good.

Well I've got to say that.

– Well thank you very much.

– He stood next to me.

I've got to say that.

– Yeah, I'll wait to see the video to see what you say afterwards (laughing).

– No I'm nice to you.

– Yeah, all right cool.

– It's the other guys.

– Yeah, no that's allright I know them too.

– I think first and foremostthere's probably other rules they look into before theyworry about sock length.

But yeah, you know for me, I'm kind of like a nottoo high, not too low kind of middle ground kind of guy.

And yeah, if some guyswant to go super high, some guys want to do super low doesn't really bother me.

They just don't look good.

– Now speaking about socks, at the Olympics were youone of the no sock brigade, or not? – So funnily enough forthe games we actually ran no socks for the wholeyear before the Olympics.

And then funnily enough alot of teams started also wearing no socks.

And then when we got to the Olympics then we brought the aero socks, and they were still ridingaround with no socks.

So it was a bit of a game to be honest.

But no, for the gameswe all had aero socks.

– Whoever thought socks could be such an interesting conversation? There we go.

The pros thoughts on sock length.

Basically it shouldn'tbe up to your knees, and it shouldn't be at your ankles.

Somewhere just in between.

And also the UCI shouldworry about other rules instead of one about sock length.

And I kind of agree on that.

Let us know what your ideal sock length is down there in the comment section below.

Should the UCI enforce this rule anymore? Get involved in that comment section.

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And I'm going to go andput some more suncream on.

And pull my socks up probably.